The Song of Gods
by Miray in Dark Ages

In her eyes dwells a loving gaze,
That fills us with her might.
The Lady Danaan we shall praise,
Her sacrifice for light.

His fight is not to slay his foe,
But to defend the art of peace.
Lord Cail knows not the art of war,
Though battle is his geas.
A battle joined as sword strikes shield,
And warriors sing of glory.
Lord Ceannlaidir shall never yield,
For all are shown his fury.
As battles raged and fires burned,
And darkness took our light.
Lord Deoch in his passion turned,
And joined us in our fight.
With speed akin to dagger's gleam,
And pockets lined in treasure,
Fioshad the Swift his eyes are keen,
His cunning is his pleasure.
Compassion is her gift to man,
And hate is not her wish,
Lady Glioca guides the hand,
Of those who know her kiss.
His ears are sharp, his voice is low,
His eyes see every flaw.
Lord Gramail his ways are slow,
But his honor is our law.
With opened eyes, his gnosis shines,
So does his wisdom flow.
Luathas the Wise shall guide our minds,
And let our knowledge grow.
His silent terror fills the dark,
The death of light his goal.
Sgrios the Damned shall grasp the heart,
As his scars tear out the soul.
A blackened void of evil calls,
He laughs as others weep.
Lord Chadul waits as darkness falls,
And smiles within his sleep.