T'was Merely a Jest


Recca in Dark Ages



Please sir goblin I am a humble squire

I did not mean to burn with fire

I will replace thy garments

and mend thy dents

t’was merely a jest, a simple and harmless jest


I did not mean to poke your eyes

I was just swating at flies

they are plentiful around this season

all in all tis a very good reason

t’was only a jest, a careless yet harmless  jest


Oderous ha! Don’t make me laugh

 I was not speaking on thy behalf

sturdy and solid is the persona thou portray

there is no way a mere asling can stand in thy way

t’was merely a jest, a friviless yet tolerable jest


I beg thee sirs souround me not

the day has been too long and hot

I’ve tried so hard to keep my composier

but if thou cometh any closer I’ll have to leave thy closier

t’was only a jest, a simple yet fruitless jest


Waraxe and club in hand, oh dear

i’m in a bit of trouble I fear

straight for the forest I start to bolt

with a twist of my wrist I startle to a halt

t’was merely a jest, a simple yet har%&$!?!? THUD!?!?!…..


I smell the scent of dead wood and moss

accompanied by the Underlord Sgrios

I fail at my attempt to make new friends

to skin their hides and make my ends

next time I’ll conserve and know what to do

goblins won’t make me into Asling stew

they will relize the nature of my quest

a painful, unforgiving, yet well deserved jest