To See With Eyes Unclouded

by Rookerin in Dark Ages

Author’s Note : Prior to reading this piece, I strongly recommend reading To See With Clouded Eyes - By Thayer - as this piece is the conclusion to it.

Realize that all events in this story are true, and not fiction. -

Prelude -

Thayer died.

Never again would he see the light of day, breathe the air of night, touch the stars with ambitious lust. He could not journey to Kadath - his dream quest came to an end.

“Rookerin, do you remember praying to me?” said a distant voice amist the sea of darkness which was death’s gate. “You begged every God, before you died for help, you said “ 'I have things I have to do.' ”

“Yes, I remember.” my soul whispered. I tried to look about the absence of light - but I saw nothing. I flailed about with my hands - but I touched nothing.

“Rookerin, stay still. This is a dream. You prayed to every God, yet I answered you. Do you know who I am?” said the voice from the tendrils of darkness.

Rookerin tried his best to discern the voice, but it had no noticeable qualities, it was simply “words being spoken”. He scrambled to think of all the Gods he may have named. “Cail...Sgrios!” He mumbled, saying God after God, “Deoch, Glioca!” he continued saying each of the Gods, yet the darkness did not respond.

It was a few minutes later, that Rookerin remembered the last God he blurted out for help, the last God he asked for safe passage in his campaign, the one God he asked to spare his soul.


Rookerin lived.

Rookerin huddled against the fire, gripping his chest, breathing slowly. The cottage they rested in was small, but cozy, a small trail of blood led from the cot in the house, to the door of the home - showing the path that Rookerin had been carried. “I really am alive, aye?”

A smile crossed the man’s lips sitting across from Rookerin. “Aye, me ‘n Hollie saved yous - heh.” He chuckled, leaning back in his wooden chair. He was a man with a strong medium build, his body wrapped tightly in muscles. Totem was a warrior, there is no doubt. “So, Rooks, where ‘ave yous been dis past Deoch? I didn’t expect ta find yous any time soon, ‘specially not face down in the dirt, heh.”

Rookerin smiled slowly, shaking his head. Oh how he had missed Totem. “Thank you for saving me friend.” Rookerin slowly looked across the room, seeing a young girl, alone, staring at him. “H..hollie, is that really you?” A grin touched Rookerin as he remembered the girl he had so long ago taught the ways of a rogue to. “What’re you doing with this old man, Totem?”

A slight smile crossed Hollie’s lips, her eyes narrowing slightly seductive. Hollie was a beautiful lass. Her hair was a soft purple that hanged low to the small of her back. She started to speak, about to answer Rookerin’s question but slowly dropped her hands in her lap, remaining silent.

Totem quickly spoke up. “Rookerin, wes jus’ been worried ‘bout you - don’ne mind Hollie. Right now yous need to rest!”

Rookerin nodded, laying his hand down against the rug on the floor, staring into the fire.


Rookerin quickly sat up, fighting back the pain growing in his chest. “No, wait I can’t rest! Not now.” He coughed a bit, the gentle taste of blood still on his lips. “Totem, do you see anyone around me when you found me?” Rook’s eyes darted from Totem, then to Hollie, hoping to God one of them had seen the guard.

“Can’t say I did” said Totem, “But we can talk ‘bout dat in the mornin’, you’s got a story for us Im sure anyhow!”

Rookerin shook his head, tears building in his eyes, “No! You don’t understand, I don’t have till morning! I was attacked last night, someone stole something very valuable to me!” he dug into his pocket, feeling the empty space that the conix fragment should have called home.

“I saw someone, Rookerin.” whispered Hollie, slowly, timid to speak. “He ran in the shadows, his eyes, I -- saw red, that’s the only color I saw. He was moving north, towards the path to Kadath.”

Rookerin slowly stood, shaking, his knees beginning to buckle. Totem quickly dashed to his side, gripping him about the waist and held him up. Rookerin looked Totem in the eyes, and they spoke silently to each other. Rookerin’s eyes were wrapped in fear, and Totem understood his need. “Le’s get packed up Hollie, wes gonna go where Rookerin wants us to.” said Totem slowly.

The guard threw Ayshilin on the side of the road, shaking his head slowly. “You did good, Ayshilin. I thank you for your help in finding Rookerin.”

The two of them had traveled for hours after the death of Thayer. The guard walked at a brisk pace, having carried Ayshilin all the while, never letting on he was tired. His arms folded about his chest as he regarded her. She was absent, her eyes lost - she seemed dead, yet still breathed.

“You have served your purpose, I thank you.” Slowly the grinning guard freed his dark steel from its sheath. Ayshilin served him no more purpose, and thus he meant to end her life. His brought the sword back, swinging it in a low arc at her -- the blade never hit its target.

A Deep aura of white surrounded Ayshilin, a sphere of energy deflecting the sword. The guard scowled, backing up a few steps, whispering..

“Damn..Tuatha De Danaan.”

With a scowl of rage he turned upon his booted heel from Ayshilin, continuing down the path. paying no more attention to her.


They traveled for days. Stopping only to eat, and rest there feet. Their eyes were swollen with a lack of sleep. The campaign was hard, Rookerin was still badly injured, bandages were wrapped tightly about his chest, and he had problems breathing - but he was finally able to walk again on his own.

Never once on the journey did Totem or Hollie question Rookerin’s motivations, pure trust and honor were about them as they traveled with their friend.

In time they reached the base of Kadath. The tall mountains with their snow covered tips reached infinitely high into the dawn’s sky, towering above all things. The glare of purple light hugged the sky about the churning ether of the mountain’s peaks.

The three began their climb, and in the distance, high in the mountain they saw a dark shadow hugging the rocks of the mountain path. Two red ovals stared at Rookerin and company, begging them to turn back - but up the mountain they went.

For days they traveled, led by Rookerin’s convictions they stopped never once. The rocks and pebbles of the mountain side became boulders, which in time became snow, as they reached the highest point of Kadath.

Alone, three stood, at the top of the Kadath, the home of the unspeakable horror - the death of Asoda. “We made it Rookerin.” whispered Hollie, huddled tightly in her furs, breathing out gentle puffs of warm air.

Rookerin turned to Hollie and Totem, “Yes, this is Kadath. Look with eyes unclouded, by false truths,” he said softly, looking about in thought. “This was Kraven, my brother’s obsession - he dreamed of the peaks, but why! Why these peaks! What do they hold?”

The sound of a pebbles tumbling down the rock-face caught Totem’s attention as he looked down to behold a rock that had fallen near his feet. He leaned down and picked it up, running his thumb over its smooth surface. “Wow, dis be a pretty stone, heh.” He smiled as he held it up to Rookerin and Hollie.

Rookerin snatched it out of Totem’s hands, his eyes huge, his body shaking. “By Danaan this is the Conix Fragment!” He shrieked back, glancing about, fear growing in his huge eyes. How did it just ‘appear’ here? Last he remembered the Guard of the Isle Of Man took it. Rookerin drooped his head, placing the stone in his pocket. “I believe we’ve been tricked.”

“No, you were not tricked, Rookerin,” a familiar voice whispered. The three companions looked up in unison, meeting the gaze of red eyes. Not three feet away stood the guard of the Isle of Man, their harasser, the bane of Rookerin. How did he get so close to them, without them knowing? There was little time to think of that, as the guard quickly freed his blade.

Totem quickly pushed Hollie behind him, unsheathing his blade, glancing at Rookerin who had already fallen to a crouching position, taking up his throwing knives from his boots. Rookerin mumbled, “By Danaan what kind of monster are you? We wished to return this stone to Kadath, why can’t you just leave us alone!”

The guard slowly shook his head, drooping his sword at his side. “Rookerin, why do you think you did not die with Thayer,” the guard said absent of expression. “It was my masters doing, he gave you life, so you could continue your quest to Kadath. You must now listen to me....”

For over 7 Deoch’s now, I have been searching for the True Aislings. Your brother, Kraven, was one of them. As you know, all aislings carry a spark of Danaan in their eyes. A spark from when Danaan gave her soul to those of our land - that is what made the mundanes aislings. But there are a few, that have become aislings, without the touch of Danaan. You are one of them, all three of you. None with the spark of Danaan could reach this height of Kadath without going mad. You are the true aislings, as you are free to choose your destiny, avoid the control of that which is light - as you are untainted by the spark of Danaan. It is your gift, you posses the ability, to see with eyes unclouded. Kraven sent you that letter, as you could learn the bliss that he did when he found out he was free of the destiny pre-ordained by light. He wished you to make the same choices he now makes -- and thus I ask you now - My name is Anaman, the unspeakable terror of the League of Darkness. Form my pact. Form the Pact of Anaman. The failures of the past League of Darkness are evident, as they were clouded in vision by the light - you do not suffer such weaknesses.

Terror would not fully explain the expressions on the face of the three. They had the ability to choose their own destiny, Anaman had said.

Rookerin was the first to sink to his knees, closing his eyes and nodding agreement. He had signed his soul to Chadul by asking for his life, and thus would follow his master - willingly, as his destiny was his to decide.

Hollie could not bare her mentor leaving her behind. She had loved him with all her might, though she dared not speak it. She fell to her knees, nodding in agreement, she would sign the pact, and follow the League of Darkness - willingly, as her destiny was hers to decide.

Totem was the last. He paced, anger in his eyes as to why he had to be one of the true aislings. To be free of light, was the truth. “I coul’ live me life, free of all ideals, I would be a true aisling, why would I want to choose a side?” Totem looked down at Hollie, and Rookerin.

Rookerin looked to Totem, whispering, “To release Chadul, is to awaken all aislings from the lie they live, Totem.. please, pledge yourself so others may see with eyes unclouded.”

Totem slipped to his knees, bowing his head to Anaman. He had always felt in his heart he was different, and saw the lack of control others held, as they followed the will of Danaan secretly. He wanted all to be able to choose their path, and thus nodded slightly, closing his eyes, submitting himself to the will of Chadul - willingly, as his destiny was his to decide.

Anaman whispered for the Conix fragment and Rookerin quickly handed the stone to him. The stone was held tightly in the gloved fists of Anaman, who made all three touch it at once. “The League is formed, may it grow. In 1000 years we will renew my pact.”

Thus, the Quest to awaken Chadul had begun.