Dark Seduction

By Seara in Dark Ages


Grey shadows danced on walls where no light fell,

And darkness lolls

Whisperin’ softly dance with us

O’ dance the dance that time recalls

Out o’ the dark, ‘neath the shadow’s sway

A hand did touch me…. bade me stay

Dance the dance that needs no light

Nor sanction from the moons dim light

So I danced.

O’ power deep and darkly strong did sway me to and fro

Could this be wrong on this I did not know

The dance went on.

The shadows led me to a great, amorphous room

Where skeletal faces leer’d from walls of deepest gloom

I embraced the song that fell abruptly on me ears

O’ come, it sang, young Aisling, come and lose yer fears

Be strong it said, the pow’r will entwine

Be strong it said, and dance, and soon you will be mine

I danced on

The lich’s song did shroud me in the knowledge from Tagor

Then he leaned over grinnin’, and whisper’d in me ear

“This pow’r holds a price my child so dance no more”.

 And I danced.