The following is the manuscript of Act 1 of a play currently being collaborated upon by several aislings.  The play is very incomplete but it is officially being written in the current season, Spring of Deoch 7.  Any aislings interested in the production of the play please contact Sophocles, resident of Mileth.
The Fate of Nations
Act 1 Scene 1
Councilor Cyril chases King Bruce on his way out the chambers
Cyril: Sir! Sir! Wait!
King Bruce: What is it now Cyril?  This better be good I am meeting with advisors to prepare a speech to the people of Rucession concerning the new settlement..
Cyril:  Its Marlin he's gone mad and is causing a terrible commotion across the countryside!
King Bruce:  Mad, what do you mean?
Cyril: He's been ranting to our library patrons about some strange legend and rumors about it are starting to fly about Temuair.
King Bruce: What legend...
Cyril: Something, about shards of ancient Aosdan origin, Conix I believe he calls them.
King Bruce: (looks alarmed but quickly hides it)  Detain him in the dungeon, we can not have civil disorder over some unfounded claims by our librarian of all people.
exit Cyril, King Bruce remains alone, walks over to the window looking out
King Bruce:  So he has unearthed the legend of the Conix.... What now will come of this?  The prophecy..could that frightful hag could have spoke the truth?  No!  I refuse to believe it the demise of Loures will not come of this!  Hmm.. If the shards are scattered about so that no one may gather them all then the full power of the Conix may not be realized, I must act quickly,  my kingdom shall not fall so easily.  Not even the fates can end the glorious power of Loures. 
Act 1 Scene 2
Two Guards appear in the library, on of them attempts to arrest Marlin the Librarian
Marlin:  Fools! Why do you come to stop me!?  The Eye of Truth can not be contained!  Oh yes it is upon us, it has seen me, and only to soon will it see you. Much to soon..mhuahuah, #*$#*  (cackles fiendishly)
Guard 1: (strikes Marlin with the hilt of his saber)  Shut up you old loon!  Cyril has ordered that you not be allowed to speak and besides no one who cares is here to hear your ranting.
Guard 2: I'm not getting near him man... I think he's come down with some kind of fever, no sir I will not go near him.
Guard 1: Hell if you aren't, take him down to the dungeon before I have you thrown in there with him!  By Ceannlaidir you know I'll do it you!  Your so squeamish, you'd have never gotten into the Royal Guard if it was up to me.
Guard 2:  Well it isn't up to you, so stuff it.
Guard 1: Grrr, you better watch it, I'm up for promotion soon and your going to pay for you insolence then.
Guard 2: Whatever, man your just another grunt like me, I'm never going to be taking orders from yer sorry
enter Weisirgar (guard lieutenant)
Weisirgar: (cuts guard 2 off in mid-sentence) What the hell is going on here!  I thought I told you two to take Marlin to the dungeon!
Guards 1 & 2: Aye Sir!
(guards grab Marlin and walk down the stairs)
Act 1 Scene 3
King Bruce sits before the Council
King Bruce: Noble gentleman a crisis is at hand.  Our librarian has created rumors that run amok across our fair countryside and religious factions are now near bloodshed over holy quests for these shards that are nothing more then fairie tales.
Cyril: Sir, I propose we keep Marlin detained and question him on the matter, the rumors across the land will dissipate once they find no such shards that Marlin had been ranting about.
Zifrandi: Aye, I am in concurrence with Cyril's analysis.
King Bruce: No, gentleman Marlin has compromised the security of our fair lands, and there need be no more questioning, we will try him in front of a tribunal within the moon, he is allowed no witnesses.  The penalty for causing civil disorder is the Mileth Sgath pit.  I decree that he will be tried on this grounds.
Cyril: But Sir! You Sgath on a mundane!  It has never been tried.  You could eternally damn his soul...
King Bruce: So be it if he is found guilty.  He will be tried within the moon.  That is all concerning the subject.  There are two more matters I wish to deal with.  I have two parchment scrolls that must be delivered.  These messages are important and I wish you to stop for no one.  Euoglios, deliver this parchment to Bahadir, the Goblin Chief.  Reslepius, you are to take this scroll to Phallin, the Grimlok Queen.
Reslepius: Sir, how does it pertain to the matter at hand?
King Bruce: You need not know now, just deliver them, and do not open them.  Your lives shall pay the forfeit if you disobey.
Reslepius & Euoglios: Yes my liege, immediately.
King Bruce: Leave me now, I have other affairs to attend to.
Exit Cyril and the remainder of the council, King Bruce remains alone
King Bruce: This situation will not resolve itself.  The lesser races will be brought in to disrupt these holy quests.  The rediscovery of the Conix must be stopped.  If the ancient feud of the lesser races can not disrupt the quests then nothing will.  Aisling-kind must be duped into the lesser races beliefs about the Conix, they must not know the truth.  The religions will easily be duped into the lesser races beliefs about them.
King Bruce walks over to the mirror and stares a scar from his youth across his forehead as the lights dim around him.
End Act 1
Act 1, written by Sophocles Tsiari Iscasclius
-apprentice wizard and struggling playwright