To See With Clouded Eyes
by Thayer in Dark Ages

Authors’ Note : Prior to reading this piece, I strongly recommend reading the Biography of Rookerin, as his biography preludes the events of this tale.

Realize that all events in this story are true, and not fiction.

Prelude -

Slowly he unfolded the parchment, smoothing out the creases. The parchment was rough and torn with premature age. His hand shaked slightly as he brought it before his eyes, reading it silently, as he had done so many times before.

My brother, Rookerin,

I implore your help. Forgive me now, I put you in danger for asking this of you. I am being hunted. I dare not write more of this, for if this letter is stopped before it reaches your hands - or if they know you’re my brother, then you are as good as dead.

The most I can safely say is - I went on a campaign of great danger, and I knew death, or the result of me not returning were very much a reality. If you’re receiving this letter, I
no longer have the freedom to complete the campaign I began. Enclosed with this letter is a parcel, a dark stone. It is a conix fragment. I gained it from the Isle Of Man, but no more will I speak of that. The stone holds great abilities and powers, which you will see when you complete my request :

Return it to Kadath.

It is where it belongs, where it was born. This is my obsession, please! For Chadul’s sake, do this one request for me, so I can live, where I am, in peace.

With my soul, I do write.

Kraven, Son of Keefe.

He folded the parchment up, slipping it into the folds of his robes as he stood, tears filling his eyes. With eyes downcast, he ran, as if trying to escape the words that he read. As he ran, his hand fell into the pockets of his robes, absently caressing the dark conix stone.

“Thayer! Are you listening?” Yelped Aerston, as he smacked the table.

Thayer shook his head, dark-blue locks falling before his forehead. He smiled a bit, nodding, “Yes, of course I’m listening” - he lied. His mind was in other places,
thinking of lost memories, and tall mountains in the north. A non-existent attention span was that of Thayer, but he had his reasons for being here, for being a Demagogue. He didn’t care what any others wished, his one goal consumed him, and all others be damned in his presence.

Thayer’s eyes glanced about the table of Demagogues, noting all those present : Etienne, Dartanian, Aerston, Ayshilin, Quipper, and Maerista.

Silence held the room for the longest of time before Aerston again spoke up. “Well, if you were listening, then you’d know it was your turn, Thayer, to speak your mind of new laws and regulations -- didn’t you have a few requests?”

“Yes I do.” He said gently, his hands gripping the side of the table. He was timid naturally in the presence of the most powerful people in Mileth, but his convictions and reasoning pushed him to continue. “As many of you know, trade between the mundanes of the cities of our land is very sparse.” he said with a slightly mumbled voice. He coughed, clearing his throat, trying to speak with a stronger tone. “The main reason for this, is there are no adequate trade routes.” Thayer continued...

Thayer was prepared for them. He had practiced this moment for many moons,
deciding exactly what to say, and how to convince the officials of his law. For hours he debated with the Demagogues, requesting an open trade market, with routes opened to the whole of Temuair. He begged the roads be open to all aislings and mundanes, and with a tongue of gold he finally convinced the majority of the Demagogues of his ideals.

All seemed well - the quill was handed to the first Demagogue to sign their agreement to the law. It was then the question Thayer did not prepare for was asked,
“Oh, shouldn’t there be a clause against the routes to Kadath being opened? It has been against the law for quite some time to travel to Kadath. We wouldn’t want aislings and mundanes parading around there!” said Aerston with a smile.

Thayer froze completely at the question. “Damnit, they found me out!” he thought. He trembled a bit, sitting down, fighting back the expression of terror that he knew must be evident. Composing himself, he quickly retorted, “I wouldn’t worry too much about that, Aerston, its been many Aeons since we’ve had any problems with Kadath, plus its my understanding the minerals near Kadath would be great for trade, and thats why we’re making this law, eh!?” Thayer gulped, smiling as he spoke thinking to himself, “Will they see through me?”

A smile crossed Aerston's face as he nodded, “Good point...I suppose its about time we allow citizens to have free access to travel wherever they please. Quick with the quill, before I find another possible problem.” The room filled with laughter, as they signed the agreement. It was done, Kadath was again open for travel.


Thayer stepped into the crisp air of the afternoon, a smile crossed his lips with the heaviest of glee. His law had passed, and everything was falling into place. With a deep breath he slipped his hands into the folds of his robes - just as the grip of delicate fingers touched his neck. “Rookerin...” a gentle female voice, touched by anger whispered.
Thayer cringed, being pulled behind the Town Hall.

The women released her grip, dropping her hands at her hips. Thayer faltered over, falling back on his rump as he rubbed his neck, looking up at the women. She was a slim figure, her eyes were the deepest mauve, which stared into ones soul. Her hair was a dark purple, lightly curled and fell across her shoulders down her back, her bangs crossed about her cheeks, giving her a slightly seductive look. A symbol of beautification she was. Her name was Ayshilin.

Ayshilin slowly narrowed her eyes, whispering to Thayer, “Rookerin, what has happened to you? Why do you pretend to be something you’re not?” she whispered as she touched his hair, rubbing it with her fingers. The blue was dye, and rubbed off with the slightest of contact. She pushed his hair back, noting the black color of his roots.

Thayer was Rookerin. He had been the guise of Rookerin for over a Deoch,
ever since he first met one of the guards of the Isle Of Man...

The Guard stood before Rookerin, his eyes glowing red with anger. “Kraven’s brother, at last we meet! Pray that Sgrios is more merciful then I.” He whispered in a deep tone before freeing his blade, lunging at Rookerin with inhuman speed.

With the nimble reflexes of a rogue, Rookerin bolted back, moving far enough away to avoid the blunt of the attack, his shoulder only slightly cut by the Guard’s blade.

Fear held Rookerin’s face as he ran, ran with terror. He ran and never returned,
leaving only a shadow, a shadow he named Thayer.

...Since that meeting, Rookerin had stopped his work for Kraven. The work could not be completed by him - not with people hunting for his life. Rookerin gave the work to Thayer, his other persona, his shadow. Reaching Kadath was no longer a goal being followed at his brother's request; it had become the obsession of his shadow.

Thayer pulled back, annoyance in his eyes. “Ayshilin, love, you wouldn’t understand. Look, I have things I need to do,” Thayer exclaimed, a sigh touching his lips as he forced himself to stand.

Ayshilin looked at him in utter disbelief. “Who are you? Do I even know you anymore?” her fist were white with anger, pressing hard into her hips. Her slim form shook with rage building up inside her breasts.

Thayer shrugged a bit, not answering her question, “I have things I need to do..” He hushed himself, trying to hold down his thoughts. How could she do this to him? Why must people always try to get in his way? Thayer found his own form filling with anger. All that mattered to Thayer was his obsession - his date with Kadath and a dark stone. “Will you just leave me alone?” He whispered, his expression was perplexed and confused as to why she would bother him.

“B.. but, you are my husband..” Her voice trails off. How he had changed! He had lost his soul, and she couldn’t see Rookerin anymore. “Rookerin, was my husband Thayer.”

Thayer shooked his head, slightly confused. Slowly, he slipped the band of marriage from his finger, looking it over, the soft Ivory and Jade forming its delicate figure. He handed it to Ayshilin, setting it in her shaking palm. He whispered softly, “I’m sorry, I can’t anymore, I’m sorry -- I have things I need to do..” Thayer dropped his hand and turned about, walking away from Ayshilin, leaving her eyes in tears.

“I have things I need to do.”


Ayshilin ran. She didn’t know where to go, why had this happened? The only option was to run. Through the streets of Mileth, her eyes lost and confused. “Rookerin has to be here somewhere, please!” She refused to believe he was gone, that Thayer stood in his place. Her eyes were blurred with tears - so much so that the large man standing in the middle of the road, blocking her aimless dash wasn’t seen till she hit him head on.

She toppled over, whimpering “I’m sorry sir..” she forced herself to stand, fighting back the dizziness in an attempt to hold herself as a lady.

After a few moments she finally regained herself and beheld the man before her. He was a stout man, adorn in a dark-blue guard tabard, with the symbol of the Isle Of Man on his arm, a non-recognized government of the castle Dubhaim. He wore a steel helmet,
letting only his eyes peer out at Ayshilin - his dark, red eyes.

Ayshilin blinked a few times, her mauve orbs noticing a figure beside the guard -
or rather , kneeling beside him. He was obviously hurt, and breathing heavily with blood running down his forehead. It did not take her long to realize the man beside the guard was Rookerin's elder brother, Lucien

“Oh my god! Lucien, what has hap..” Her words trailed off as she finally realized the situation. The guard gripped the neck of Lucien, pulling him slowly up off the ground. “Seems you are no longer of any use to me, Lucien. Thank you for bringing me to Ayshilin.” a slight grin touched the guard’s lips, unseen through his helm. He slowly squeezed Lucien’s neck, crushing it with his inhuman grip.

The guard released his hand, Lucien’s body tumbled to the ground before Ayshilin. She stood before the guard, her eyes wide, complete terror working through her body. The guard was not human, his aura destroyed all her defenses; she felt helpless.

With a bellowing laugh the guard swooped Ayshilin under his arm, falling into the shadows.

“You’ll lead me to where Rookerin has been hiding.”


Thayer tossed the last bit of supplies into his backpack. His purpose as a Demagogue had come to an end. The law was made, and now for the next phase in ascertaining the completion of his obsession - The journey to Kadath.

The moon had already peeked the horizon, and the sun had begun its journey into the ocean when Thayer stepped out of the inn of Mileth to begin his campaign. He licked his lips, letting them taste the night air as he began down the path, head slightly downcast.

The night grew darker as he walked. His booted feet trudged against the ground as he looked north, as those of Asoda did so long before. “Finally,” Thayer whispered,
“My quest is coming to an end! It has seemed like a dream, so unreal. Finally the cycle comes to a close, my dream-quest is coming to an end.” A gentle laugh parted his lips as he whispered his nonsense. It had seemed like he lived for this exact moment.

He smiled, gripping the conix fragment held tightly in the confines of his pocket. He reached the edge of Mileth, smiling all the while. -- It was then that it happened. Everything froze, like in a dream, where you awaken in a cold sweat.

A shadow formed on the bend of the road. It was not human. It was twisting,
moving alive with darkness. It came at Thayer, and he recognized its eyes. It was the guard from the Isle Of Man. No one else had orbs of such pure red rage that could glow against the dark night sky.

The shadow moved with unmatched speed, lashing out at Thayer with the cloak of night about its form. A cool steel blade burrowed a home deep in Thayer’s chest.
Thayer’s eyes opened wide in pain - he saw everything at that moment. Green and purple tendrils of hair bellowing about as steel mixed with flesh. He flailed his arms, begging any god to save him, to preserve his life, to allow him to journey to Kadath..

Thayer’s body slumped to the ground, blood flooding down his sides, creating a small pool of red liquid about his form. He gasped for air, over and over, none coming to his lips. He hardly felt the strong hand dig into his robes, taking the conix fragment from him. With the last of his breath, Thayer whispered...

“Please, I..I cannot die! I have things I need to do.”