Community Service:

A Guide to the Office of Respected Citizen

by Angelique DeWinter in Dark Ages


The office of Respected Citizen is an important office to be held. Without at least one term as one, you cannot proceed further in Politics. This important stepping stone in politics has a great function in society as a whole. A Respected Citizen is a member of society who has earned the esteem of his fellow citizens, mundane and Aisling alike. So, you may ask, what does this mean for me? It means a whole new exciting world in which you have the opportunity to aid your fellow Aisling!

Before you begin any job, it is good to know what tools you will be able to use. The powers of the Respected Citizen are as follows: Admit Citizens, Regionally Tailor Clothing, and Enter the Tutorial. Let us look at each of these powers in detail:

  • By using questions similar to these, you can rest assured that any Aisling you admit will indeed be an Aisling. This tool of the Respected Citizen can only be used while in term.
  • Now, that we have discussed the abilities of the Respected Citizen, let us move on to the more important issue, that of the expected actions of the Respected Citizen. As an exemplar member of Society, it is only natural to expect exemplar behavior from a promising Respected Citizen. As the pillars of society, they are expected to be law-abiding, and to work in concert with the other officials of the city. A Respected Citizen should report law breaking, heresy, but on the same hand, should also commend displays of Aislinghood ((Role Playing)), and seek to help heretics combat their problems.

    The term of the Respected Citizen is short, lasting two double moons. As an Aisling, you do not have to have much political sway to enter office, only the words of a few ((10 clout)) community members who feel you are an excellent example of a Citizen of the town.

    Once the office of Respected Citizen is behind you, it opens a whole new arena of political challenge. After being recognized by the mundanes as a Respected Citizen just once, you are eligible to be pressed into service as a Guard. Or, for those who wish to serve their community in other ways, the office of Demagogue can be attained for being recognized four times.

    Most importantly, the Respected Citizen can make a difference in the community. With the growth of awareness of city politics, you can find all kinds of groups and causes to join. So, I encourage each and every one of you to try out this office, and help make Temuair a better place!

    Respectfully Yours,

    Angelique DeWinter