A Cook's Guide to the Piet Sewers
by Ariadne Jaelithe

Welcome to the Sewers!

Not too many Aislings ever express much interest in this site, which is a shame, since it is such a great source of certain delicacies not found anywhere else in Temuair. Of course, good eating aside, the sewers hold their fair share of dangers for the unwary. However, I, Ariadne Jaelithe, have undertaken the task to plunge these depths for you and recover this information at great personal risk. In addition to describing the various creatures that live here, I have also included some information on what possible experience you may gain from slaying some of these critters. The usefulness of this information is debateable... for instance, the more insight you have, the less you will receive from these beasts, and if you are in a group you gain even less. Take these numbers then as a guide as to the relative challenge each critter may pose to you.

To reach the sewers, enter Piet and cross the bridge to the west, then head south to reach the southermost point in town, passing the stables on the way. In appearance the sewers resemble the crypts of Mileth, but don't be fooled... the difference will be apparent once you enter. It has recently come to light that the sewers link up with the Mehadi swamp, which is located near Piet, and bear some remains of the reclusive Mukul civilization. Pith helmet and digging tools in hand, I searched high and low but found no conclusive signs of this civilization. However, not even I can claim to have seen everything there is to see down there. (As an interesting note, pith helmets were available from the bank in Piet for 1 million gold for a time... but I spoke at length with the banker and he told me that too many unprepared Aislings were buying these helmets and going to their deaths in the sewers hoping to find great treasures and lost artifacts. This item has been discontinued as a result. There's just something about a good pith helmet that inspires one to feats of Archaeology.)

Very young Aislings will find themselves unable to enter these sewers. Those I have talked to about it are not in agreement on how much insight you need to be able to get in, but the usual answer is you need thirty insight at least to get in. I found this to be untrue, as I have been there myself with Aislings who had not reached thirty yet. But, due to the difficulty of the creatures you will find there I certainly don't recommend going down there with less than thirty insight if you are alone... and even those who have that much may not be safe going more than a few floors down. After you have been in the sewers for a bit, you will notice that the creatures here don't drop much in the way of treasures. Being sea life there's no need for them to really have any, and many frustrated hunters have given up on visiting this area due to the lack of "loot". The beasts here do occaisonally have items of interest, such as gems and consecrated items, but you are better off expecting to receive nothing but the glory of a battle well fought. Also, if you look around you will see signs saying you are in the "Piet Dungeon"... fear not, you are in a sewer.

Well, enough of my ramblings. Below you will find descriptions of most of the creatures I have encountered on my travels through the sewers. I hope you will find them as fascinating as I did. As a last warning, all of the creatures here are fully spell capable... and you will find no 'beag' versions of the attack spells here. Early on, it seems that sal is the spell of choice, but lower down others become just as common. Having a fire attack is also recommended as it seems to work well on these beasts (no surprise, since they are sea creatures mostly). Consider yerself warned...

Ariadne Jaelithe,
Rogue of Rucesion

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