Tome of the Wanderer: Guide to the paths of Temuair

It has been long since first I saw the path, a worn dirt road, leading to a world unknown. There was a flame that dwelled inside me ever from my blood, a burning curiosity that bid me travel hence. This gentle nudge and tempting whisper soon swelled into a driving force, and no will could hold me thus. These paths for countless years I've wandered, the ancient roads of Temuair I've roamed, ever lost without a solid purpose. And in this aged leather tome I scribed, of the twisting paths, old cobble roads, and towns that I've beheld.

Diermoor, the wanderer
follower of Luathas

Map of East Temuair


The town of Mileth lies in the heart of eastern Temuair, north-west of the Pravat mountains, and is home to many Aislings. Mileth is perhaps the most traversed of the towns of eastern Temuair. One can travel to Mileth through the city of Abel, the pass through Pravat, or the surrounding eastern woodlands. There are several merchants and craftsmen residing in Mileth, including an armorer, weapon smith, fighter trainer, alchemist, wizard, fae priestess, and a higgler.


The magnificent city of Abel is a beautiful location to visit or pass through while traveling. Abel is the northernmost city in east Temuair, beyond which lies a great expanse of crystal oceans. One can travel to Abel on foot from the surrounding areas of Mileth or by ship, both which offer splendid views of the lands of Temuair. The ships in port at Abel offer fair to the grand city of Rucesion as well as the community of Undine. While in Abel, there are many services to be offered, and friendly mundanes who can offer ye rest and warmth for the night.


Located on the south peak of the Isle of Dawn, Rucesion is truly a grand city. The mysterious beauty of this city ever entrances me when my path takes me through this great city. Travel to Rucesion is possible by ship from both the city of Loures and the ports of Abel. Many mundanes call Rucesion home, and can offer Aislings their services. These include tailors, rogue trainers, higglers, weapon smiths, and armoreres.


The great stronghold of Loures is the core of governmental power in Temuair. Loures is located south of the vale below the Pravat mountains, in central Temuair along the deep green waters of the southern ocean. The ships in port at Loures offer travel to the Abel port and city of Rucesion, as well as the ancient House Macabrae. The great halls of Loures are home the magnificent Loures library, as well as weapon smithers, armoreres, and nobles.


The village of my birth, Undine is a peaceful community under the government of Loures. Undine lies in the west of Temuair, and travel to this village is only possible by ship from Abel port. Before you enter the village of Undine, be sure to remove all weapons from your hands, because they are strictly forbidden. The scenery of Undine is absolutely spectacular, with clear lakes, rivers, and beautiful old trees, and I urge any traveler through these areas to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. Undine has several mundanes residing within it, including a wizard, armorer, weapon smith, tavern owner, and higgler.


Suomi, a small outlying village, lies far to the west of the main roads. Suomi can only be traveled to through Undine, since it is far removed from the heart of Temuair. Although the journey is long and may lead travelers through the ancient dangers of Astrid, the destination is well worth it. The vineyards of Suomi are among the best in the lands, and any Aisling would be hard pressed to find better cherries and grapes in all of Temuair. Among these mundanes, there also resides a knowledgeable wizard, rogue master, monk form instructor, weapon smith, and fae priestess.

Luathas, god of Divine Knowledge and wandering souls. The temple of Luathas is located north of the great city of Rucesion, on the Isle of Dawn. Seekers of knowledge and wandering Aislings are welcome.

Cail, Father of All Monks. The shrine of Cail can be found east of Undine, on the road leading into this village. If you enter this sacred temple, it is asked that you show your respect my removing your footwear before you do so.

Ceannlaidir, god of War. The mighty temple of Ceannlaidir lies in the vale south of the Pravat mountains, near the town of Piet.

Gramail, god of Laws and Judgement. Gramail's temple lies on the road leading into Loures from the vale, in southern Temuair.

Deoch, god of the Aislings. The temple of the god Deoch lies outside of the humble village of Suomi in western Temuair.

Fiosachd, god of Swiftness and Wealth, god of swiftness and wealth. Fiosachd's shrine is located north of Abel port, on the path leading to Mileth and the eastern woodlands.

Glioca, goddess of Love and Compassion. The sanctuary of Glioca lies east of Mileth, near the main road and entrance to the town. If you wish to enter, be sure to sheathe your weapons and put down your tools of war, for they will not be permitted in this hallowed asylum.

Sgiros, keeper of Death and darkness. In all my wanderings, I have not stumbled upon this fell place, if even it does exist in the mortal world. Ne'er will I ever search for it long, for this darkness is best left unknown. If you seek the dwelling of Sgiros, I cannot help you, save to pray to Luathas that your soul does not become lost in your delving into such immense darkness. There is rumor of its existence in the ancient ruins of castle Dubhaimid, but that is all I will speak.

The Eastern Woodlands that lie south-east of Mileth are an ever steady challenge for any Aisling adventurer. This crossroads offers many paths, some which may lead to certain death. Others hold such beauty as the fae enchanted gardens. Keep weapon at hand if ever you choose a path to take, for wolves and goblins inhabit these winding trails.

The Mehadi Swamps of the vale, inhabited and tended by arcane druids, are the bane of any young traveler. Within the swamps heart lies a great and dangerous labyrinth, promising of valued flowers at its end. Take caution, fleet of foot, and bring with you a companion, for many have fallen to the fiends that reside in the maze, waiting for a weary traveler to prey on.

The Pravat Caves are home to the ever brewing conflict between the Goblins and Grimlock over the ancient Conix fragments. Beware, though, that dangers lie inside these caves for stray wanderers, and deep within is rumored of the existence of ancient dragons.

The ancient roads of Astrid have been etched into the earth since time's beginning. Once a place of great mystery, Astrid has been inhabited by evil kobolds that plage the nearby inhabitants of Undine. If you enter, keep your eyes on the trails, lest you lose yourself and fall to the hands of the kobolds.

Oh, I loathe the time mine eyes first laid upon these evil ruins. The Dubhaimid Castle is inhabited by foul fiends and undead horrors beyond the imagination of nightmares! Lest ye a strong hand and a pure heart, I beg of you to not visit these dark and haunting tombs.

Writings by Diermoor, the wanderer
Luathas acolyte, and seeker of knowledge