A Call to Duty

Life as a Mileth Guard

Dryst in Dark Ages


Occasionally while traveling about Temuair you may stumble upon another Aisling who wears a dark green garb known as a tabard.  Do not ask this individual where you may obtain such armor because it is not in fact armor but rather a uniform.  Insight alone does not give the Aisling the privilege of this uniform.  It is not only a privilege however, because with the uniform comes a duty to serve and protect the citizens and community of Mileth.  The uniform signifies that the Aisling is a Mileth guard and is on duty to help citizens and passerbys alike.


Becoming a Guard
Before making the decision to become a guard familiarize yourself with Mileth laws and customs so that you will be ready to resolve disputes and keep the peace in a manner consistent with Mileth Laws.  There is a bulletin board at the entrance of Mileth that has the laws of our fair city scribed upon it.  Once you have familiarized yourself, start your campaign.  To become a guard there are two requirements.

    1. At least one or more terms served as a respected citizen

    2. 25 political clout

Clout may be obtained in one of 3 ways

    1. Winning a mundane hosted contest ((details at www.darkages.com/atavism))

    2.  Gaining support through votes from other Aislings*

    3. Receiving endowment from other Aislings*

*A note concerning this
    It is not proper to randomly whisper Aislings for votes it is in fact illegal so do not attempt this as a campaign strategy.  It is also not proper to approach random
    Aislings seeking votes, although unlike the whisper it is legal to do so.

The best way to campaign is to set a good example as a citizen and let others know you are running for the position.  Seek support from among those you already know that are your friends in the community.  To announce to all citizens that you are running there is a bulletin board directly outside Mileth Hall.  This is the proper board for such an announcement.

Once you have the requirements met speak to the mundane who operates Mileth Hall, which is located just north of outskirts of Mileth.  If you have not already done so tell him that you wish to seek office and tell him that you seek the office of guard.  Then you must tell him once again you seek it to notify him that you have completed your requirements and at that point your term as a guard will begin.


Duties of a Guard
Once elected you will serve as a Guard for a the term of 2 double moons ((2 real life weeks)).  Your duties include

    -Being available in the village regularly
    -Preventing crime
    -Settling Petty legal matters

The first thing you should do upon your election is report to Mileth Justice Hall, located directly east of Mileth Hall.  When you enter two bulletin boards will be on your left.  The closest board to you is where you should report for duty.  State your term and when you will be available.  It is the duty of the Guard Captains to organize the Guards so this board is to keep them informed.  The other board will be used during your term to report your official actions.  Since Guards have the power to banish citizens, when you exercise such power you must scribe a report justifying your actions in case a complaint is lodged against you.


Advice concerning being a Guard and to those who seek help from a Guard

To those seeking assistance
-Guards on duty are not there to assist in crafts, hunting, oaths, and other daily activities that will detract from a Guard's ability to perform their duty.  Please do not ask them to do so. -Guards on duty are there to listen to complaints concerning harassment and heresy.

To Guards on duty
-Public heresy and begging
    -Dealings of this kind should be swift.  A warning should be given first.  If the heresy or begging does not desist than give a second warning, which indicates you intend to banish the Aisling.  If this does not work then proceed with banishment and scribe a report of your actions. -Private disputes and harassment
    -Dealings of this kind take time.  You must gather all the information you can from both parties and any witnesses.  You are to act as a mediator.  Banishment should not be considered an option unless the dispute escalates into public insults or heresy.  If the parties are unable to resolve the situation you should report the incident to a judge or burgess to be dealt with. -Also if any of those involved in the dispute happen to be personal aquaintences you must act impartially.  If you do not believe you can do so then refer the case to another guard.
-Emergency situations
    -Emergency situations are incidents such as a succubus summoning.  In such a case, guards should be organized and try to protect the pubic.  To protect does not necessarily mean to fight the succubus.  Guards will also be needed to control and calm crowds to prevent a public insurrection and mass disorder.  Such    emergency situations call for swift actions to prevent the situation from escalating into a massive problem.

Being that I am still humbly serving my first term as guard I hope that this brief outline has still been informative.  I have based it upon personal experience and advice from others.

Humbly yours,
Dryst Ravenshroud
-Mileth Guard