In the tradition of "A Peasant's Introduction to Temuair":
Duplico Duccleiche Presents...

  The Peasant's Guide to Roleplaying  

This manual is intended to be a basic introduction to roleplaying, containing suggestions from me from observations I've made on how to make your character Come Alive For you.  I suggest you view this full screen, in 800x600 mode, or, preferably, both. This book is titled "Peasant's," only to provide a tie to my previous piece, in an attempt to begin a series. This is suitable for anyone, not just Peasants, who wishes to obtain a greater background in roleplaying!

It is seperated into five nonlinear sections, designed to be read in any order. The individual pieces contained here are as follows:

"Who are you?" - a simple questionaire in an attempt to show you who your character is. and provide a small background. I suggest you read this first.

The World
- This piece includes ways I suggest to tie your character into the fantasy world of Temuair. These kinds of things are most notibible; includes several law citations and "don't"s. It is second in importance only to the things you learn on your own from "Who are you?"

Using the Old Tongue
- This gives advanced suggestions into using Gaelic, the Old Tongue, to make your character's speech more authentic. This also gives suggestions in the use of accents.
- This is intended as an appendix for reference, not reading like the others. It gives you roleplay phrases to mean out of character ideas, to help you avoid the use of the double parenthesis.

I hope you find this humble tome to be more than what you need. Important facts you will find in boldface. Vital vocabulary will be found in blue. Happy reading!

All material is property of Duplico Duccleiche, as assured by Temuairian Aisling Property laws. Please adhere to these and refrain from plaigerism.