Hemloch is an ancient plant with many uses. It has great medical potential yet, is highly poisonous to consume in pure form. In far away lands it is used as a method of execution for their criminals. Other then medical purposes, Hemloch has some interesting conscious altering abilities in aislings. In this lore I shall do my best to outline the useful remedies I have found in the forgotten tomes, or in some cases, completely by accident.

Hemloch has tall, thick green stems with small white flowers. It usually grows in clusters near iron fences or brooks. It has small leaves at the top, and larger, more potent leaves near the bottom. When bruised it produces a distinct, unpleasant odor. I have found Hemloch in only two regions of Temuair: Suomi and Undine. There is a clear difference between the two. Suomi Hemloch, normally found in the cherry fields is rich in color and seems to be a bit more effective then its Undine counterpart. Undineís Hemloch is pale green and is much weaker in potency. I suspect the vast difference of the regionís Hemloch has to do with its care of the soil. The cherry farmers of Suomi go to great lengths to care for the soil. Whether or not they eat in the winter depends on this. The soil of Undine is cared for by none, It is left to its own cycles of fertility.

Harvesting -Hemloch is best harvested in the late summer, this seems to be the time when itís strongest. The larger leaves near the bottom of the plant are very useful. Two or three of the smaller leaves near the top are roughly equal to the bottom leaves Its tiny white flowers look pleasant but have no practical use. The liquids in the stem contain the highest potency. It could be called the essence of the Hemloch. Consider the amounts of this liquid you use carefully, twenty small drops are enough to send a man to Sgrios. The root has much lesser concentrate of poison, although it has a few uses.

Dosage - Iíll refer to different kinds of drops in this lore, Normal drops and Concentrated drops. A normal drop is the unchanged liquid from the stem of a Hemloch plant dripped from the point of a dirk. The concentrated drop must be conjured by means of a spell. Chanting the words ď focai beartaich ď over exactly nine normal drops will cause them to condense into one concentrated drop. This is useful for transporting large amounts of hemloch essence, but not necessary. When only certain parts of a hemloch plant are available, conversion may be needed. Below is a table of conversion from normal drops, concentrated drops, leaves, or root to any of the other forms I just mentioned. One normal drop can be substituted by 4 leaves, One root can be substituted by 1/8 of a normal drop, etc.

Table of Conversion Leaf(Leaves) Root(s) Normal drop(s) Concentrated drop(s)
1 Leaf = 1 2 1/4 1/36
1 Root = 2 1 1/8 1/72
1 Normal drop = 4 8 1 1/9
1 Concentrared drop = 36 72 9 1

Pain reliever When mixed properly Hemloch is a strong pain reliever. It can be combined with various substances to augment or decrease this innate property. Care must be given in preparation, If too little Hemloch is added the remedy will be ineffective. If too much Hemloch is used, Hemloch poisoning and/or paralysis could occur. Hydelle blossom seems to neutralize the effects of Hemloch. Iíve found that small amounts can be used to dull the Hemloch. Very small amounts of Hemloch (about half of a crushed leaf or 1/2 of a normal drop) and one Hydelle blossom in wine acts as a fairly effective remedy for minor ailments and pains. A stronger mixture may be required for more serious aliments. Be sure to counter every 3 normal drops used with roughly one and a half Hydelle blossoms. When attempting to alleviate great pains from massive wounds riskier mixtures are needed. Rum replaces the wine as a base. Exactly 4 concentrated drops from the point of a dagger are to be mixed with every 1/4 bottle of rum and two fists of Hydelle blossom. The proportions for this last mixture must be exact. It is the maximum concentrate that Iíve found relatively safe to use.

Sedative - Hemloch can be used as a powerful sedative. Whether it is for sleepless nights or removal of diseased limbs, it is a useful tool. Five normal drops of hemloch mixed with wine or brandy should be enough to send a normal sized person to sleep within the hour. Anymore then 9 normal drops mixed with brandy will put a person under almost imidiately.

Bite of mad dog

Many wild dogs and wolves wander the forest. When their spirit becomes polluted they begin to act in odd manners. Wandering into town and eating children for example. If one finds that they suffer from the bite of a mad dog they must act quickly. Hemloch thinned in betony deum cures the ailment if administered within one moon of the bite. (2 concentrated drops mixed with every 15 betony leaves) After one moon the effects of this mixture is minimal. All that really can be done after the moon has passed is to feed the sufferer hemloch leaves, and hope Sgrios welcomes them.

Painless Ratri cure

Hemloch, Sevti, and brandy mixed produces a light green/gray liquid. (One and a half concentrated drops for every Sevti blossom) The Sevti, as always cures the Ratri while the hemloch alleviates the pain that normally comes as the disease leaves the body.

Cough of the dead.

Those who practice necromancy, or for some reason or another are frequently around those who do seem to develop chronic coughs. This can be extremely painful. A Hemloch and brandy mixture has worked reasonably well in all of my experiences. Inhaling hemloch vapors is also helpful in dealing with this foul cough. Hemloch tea may prove useful as well.

Hemloch poisoning

As I have already written, Hemloch is highly poisonous to consume undiluted. Death by Hemloch poisoning is long and agonizing. The afflicted will notice a slight loss of sensation in the hands and feet at first. A few hours later they will find that they can no longer more their arms and legs. The paralysis will progress all throughout the body within four or five hours. Death from Hemloch poisoning is usually results from asphyxia. The time between completely losing motor control and respiratory failure is what I believe to be the most interesting part, when all you have left is your mind. The commonerís belief that wine will flush out any the poison is false. Any type of alcohol slights the blood and will only speed the progression of the poison. Hydelle blossom is the only known cure for Hemloch poisoning. Hydelle deums with the purpose of curing Hemloch poisoning obviously must be made with water, instead of the usual wine and brandies.

Cooking with hemloch - As much as people like to blame their stranger actions on the hemloch cookies, I doubt they have much to do with it. Any attempt to cook hemloch at higher temperatures destroys it completely. It is however entirely possible to add hemloch to food after cooking and still retain all of its effects. Ground Hemloch leaves and rood produces a fairly pleasant spice.

Beverages - The beleaguered warrior and the weary framer alike seek some form of refreshment after a long day. Hemloch is often used to add a bit of bite to wines and brandies. A few normal drops added to a drink should produce the desired assault on the senses.

Rucesion surprise - Mix 3/4 bottle of rum with 3 concentrated drops, then fill the remainder of the bottle with the local fountain water. X_X

Conscious altering abilities - Hemloch has a wide range of conscious altering abilities. The most frequently experienced is the perception of a boost of health and vitality when actually you are much weaker in health then before the mixture was consumed. The rarest are the intense hallucinations and perhaps even increased mental capacity that come with hemloch poisoning just before death. This heightened state of awareness is easily obtained, and very often fatal. Just about any insanely large amount of hemloch will bring this on. Never attempt this if you wish to see temuair again...

These are just the few mixtures and cures Iíve been able to make sense of. I doubt Iíve barely scratched the surface. Hemlochís uses are as plentiful as smooth stones in a brook. I hope you have found this lore informative, I certainly learned much of hemloch in scribing all of this. Good luck in your journeys. May you find your own use for the Hemloch, or the Hemloch find one for you.

-Enclave Irislich of Rucesion