Priest Hunting for Dummies

By: FalconZero of Dark Ages

As many priest and I know, it is very hard for a priest to go off and hunting solo. Priests are known to be the defense of temulair, not the offense. However there are ways that priest during hunting can be the most valuable of all in the group. Priest must know that for each different type of class, hunting techniques must be taken differently as well. The one obvious class which can not be hunted with is another fellow priest. In this lore you shall see the numerous ways one can strategically gain an advantage against an enemy during a hunt with all classes (excluding priest).

Warriors- This may sound pretty basic, but thus must be done correctly otherwise the warriors life is at stake as well as your protection. Before you go into battle start by charming your warrior. Charm him with such spells as Armachad, beannaich (Use Mor Beannaich if accessible), and Aite(if you have it) When warriors start an attack they go off with all out slashes and skill attacks. Your job is to be about 3 paces away from him. Leaving enough room for him to escape if an emergency, but enough room so that you wont attract attention from other creatures of the dark. Many people know how dangerous it can get when attacking one goblin and then the next minute due to a large amount of movement you attract many other goblins, thus attacking you with more spells or even trap you. So once in medium range from within your target, the first thing to do is follow by the order of curses. If you have any of these place the most strongest. The order goes by the following: Beag Cradh, Cradh, and Mor Cradh. If this is done instantly then the warrior will have more powerful attacks towards the creature, therefore making a quick and easy kill. The next thing to be worried about is the attack on the goblin. If one has the benefit of obtaining Fas Deireas, then he should quickly apply it to the warrior. Remember the object of the whole hunting process is to start of with as much firepower towards the creature from the beginning. The quicker, the better. Once all that is done your only focus from there on is the health of the warrior. If low health is seen then quickly heal the warrior with your best healing spell. Healing spells go as the following: Beag Ioc, Ioc, and Mor Ioc. It is always best to try to keep the partner at least at his green colored bar. Never below yellow. This is because of so many spells which are cast by the enemy. All advantages must be take for, and no exceptions should be passed.

Monks- Monks are very much alike to the strategies which are taken when hunting with warriors. Remember to keep you 2-3 paces away from the monk. Remember to cast the most strongest curse available. And remember to charm his with as many advantage spells as possible. Don't forget to keep your eye on his health bar. It is your responsibility to make sure it is always green. If you believe you do not have the mana required to heal the person to a complete safety then let him know, that way he knows the stakes that are at hand. Remember that many monks have different forms. Ask the monk(s) which form they apply to that way you know what they are and are not capable of. If fighting with monks of the white bat form, you will know that they can disappear and walk to safety but using White bat stance. If they are Draco you know that they are capable of delivering the fierce Draco quick however remember that when that kick is applied it may damage other around him, thus probably attracting other creatures which means double the work or a possible trap between the monk and the enemy. When fighting with the Scorpion form you will know that you might have a more slighter advantage because of the beneficial Sting attack which causes the enemy to become poisoned. Finally when hunting with the Kelberoth be aware that his Kelberoth strike causes great damage however in return it inflicts damage to the monk as well, so be ready to heal.

Rogues- I have found hunting with rogues the most easiest and probably the most quickest way of insighting to the next level. It is pretty basic, all you got to do is let him be in front of you always. He is the one that gets the attention at brings in foes in his traps. Your only job is to be healing him when he is attack by a spell because it will be very rarely when he gets slashed at due to his far range of placing traps. Another way which you can help is by also placing the curse spells on the enemy. That way when they pass through the traps it takes less time and traps to kill the target. When rogues learn hide you will see that their safety wont be as much as responsibility as other classes, because they can disappear from the enemy and your only concern is yourself. Keep caution that you always keep communication between you and the rogue when he is in hide mode. That way you know where he is when you need him or need to know where he is.

Wizards- I personally don't like hunting with wizards because they have a tendency to miss? lot! You must be always waiting for their mana to recharge when needed and pretty much hold their hand the hold time. Their defense it terrible and there offense isn't that impressive when in low insight. If it is absolutely necessary to hunt with a rogue just worry about yourself first then the wizard because both of your lives are at stake when he starts shooting elements.

Combinations of Classes- When hunting in different combinations of classes can be very useful not to mention fun, however it can be frustrating as well. If the group is larger than 2 they will all be relying on you to heal them when they are at critical status. You obviously do not want to be blamed at for the deaths in all the aislings in you group. The only people that should be looked at for healing first are the warriors. They are the ones that are doing all the Elbow grease? and the spit and shine? They are always first priority healing. This is because some monks can use white bat stance and some rogues can use hide. If wizards are defenseless tell them to immediately back off and stay behind you. You will act as a wall of defense and the enemy will have to go around you to attack the wizard. All he has to do is simply walk around you while you take care of the offensive people.

Be aware that you are a priest and are also responsible for having Beothaich Deum. Besides you're the only one capable of making them by casting Beothaich Deum and dropping a coin underneath you and walking around while holding atleast 2 cherries and 1 bunch of grapes. If all of these tips are placed into the heart of battle I will assure you that your chances of dying are very slim. Good luck and happy hunting.