Aithne im-cànain àrsaidh
(Lore of the 'Old Tongue')

by Galadriei Altariel, 'Lady of the Light', Sal Mage of Temuair 

During transcribing the ancient scripts i discovered a lot of words in the 'Old Tongue', which were used by people of the first ages. Because many of these words are still used by the mundanes of temuair although most aislings do not know their meanings, i decided to put a few of them (i hope i got the most important ones) into this lore.

Unfortunately mundanes forgot the right pronunciation of some ancient words; they speak some kind of 'temuairian slang', simplifications of the ancient words. I put all together in the following tables with a translation into common language, spoken by most aislings.

To further imaginations of certain meanings, i added some drawings.

Old Tongue
Temuair Slang
aisling dream
àite aite place
ao not
aonaran hermit
aois-dà aosda age-two
àrd ard high, great
armachd armour
athar air
baiseach bais heavy shower
beag small
beannachd beannach blessing
beatha life
beathach animal, beast
beothaich kindle, light
breisleach breisleich confusion
càil cail vigour
callaid-bhròin elegy
ceannlaidir obstinate
cha-dùil chadul no-element, no-hope
còmhraig fight, combat
còmhla comlha together
cràdh cradh torment
creag rock
dachaidh home
dall blind
daonnan danaan always
deireas deiras injury
deò deo breath
deoch drink
deur deum drop
dhuit dhat to you
dia god
dìon dion protection
dorcha dark, dusty
dubh-ainmhidh dubhaimid dark beast
fàs fas grow
féin fein self
fiosachd divination
gar near
gliocas glioca wisdom
gramail strong, vigorous
ìoc ioc cure
ionad place
la day
lamh hand
leasaich improve
luathas swiftness
manach monk
math good
meall lump
mór mor great
nàdur nadur nature
naomh holy
nochd night
pràmh pramh slumber
puinneag beat
puinsean puinsein poison
rath prosperity
saighead arrow
sal sea
seun charm
sgrios destroy
slàn slan healthy
spìon spion pluck up, pull, tear
spiorad spirit
srad fire
strìoch strioch streak, line
suain sleep
tìr-mùir temuair earth-sea
tuatha people

Some few words i discovered are of certain dialects: reannán (used was reannan) which means 'star'. Also two words in some of Lethalia's works, which do not have a direct representation in 'old tongue': lioarlan which means 'library' and ynsagh which means 'knowledge'.

If you ever find any further words in ancient language i did not mentioned, tell me and if they are important enough and not too few i will write a second part of the Lore of the Old Tongue.

((ooc:  all words in 'old tongue' are in fact scottish gaelic, reannán is irish and Lethalia used manx gaelic. if you have comments to the translation, please tell me at least a different root or link to a different gaelic dictionary))