Medicines and Cures of Temuair

Written by: Jennifer Lacour Emrys.

Being a priestess myself, I have learned quite a few remedies in my time. Here are some of the diseases inscribed into this scroll and the possible cures for it. Although some do not really have a cure, I'm sure this will prove useful to scholars in the near future.

---------------------- Part I: Diseases ----------------------

I. Poisoning

Since a few monsters in Temuair enjoy sinking their toxin fangs into your back, there is a chance that during hunting you will be struck by poisoning. The side-effects are dizziness, hallucinations, or fainting. There are only two cures: Getting a priest who has learned to cure this ailment, or drinking the potion persocana deum (just add a few white wild herbs and mix gently). These two remedies always work and never have failed on me or another once.

II. Blindness

Whenever hunting deep in a forest, there is always a possibility of losing focus. Usually whenever this happens, the person will become unable to see. The only known cure for this is the priest spell "ao dall" cast upon oneself. This spell usually works if casted carefully without haste.

III. Exhaustion

After one's stamina is gone in battle and strength is all used up, just take out the potion hydele deum (also nicknamed "browns" for their colour) and take a large draught of it. Getting a nice cure by a priest works too, but it usually takes longer and not always guaranteed to work perfectly.

IV. Fainting

Sometimes an aisling grows weary and is nearing his last breath. When the aisling is about to faint, just splash some beothaich deum onto his body, and he will be instantly revitalized. Make sure he is either cured immediately and brought to safety though, because he will not be totally recovered stamina-wise.

V. Curses

Cursing is the most common effect that monsters gleefully cast on incoming hunters. It is quite bothersome, and is always being repeatedly casted even though it has been cured already. The effect is usually lower attack power and a weakened defense, which is very bad for knights. The only known cure at the time is a priest casting an "ao beag cradh" spell, which incinerates the cradh spell quickly. (There are also other types of powerful varities of curses which can be cured by an even more powerful countercurse: ao cradh.)

-------------------------------- Part II: Potions Glossary --------------------------------

I. Persocana Deum- A brown/orange coloured potion that cures poison sickness. Can be made if knowing the skill Herbal Lore, or usually by contacting a monk since they are skilled with plant and herb knowledge.

II. Beothaich Deum- A completely red potion made by the mixing of two cherries and two bunches of grapes. Also nicknamed "reds", these potions are essiential. Since these are the most popular potions and are in demand, it is usually very easy to find a few. They cure fainting quite well.

III. Betony Deum- Known for their exquisite taste, these potions are common. It is possible to find Betony growing everywhere in gardens, but they are otherwise hard to find anywhere else. They provide heavy armor and protection and help while encountering many vicious beasts while hunting.

IV. Others: Fior srad, sal, creag- Offensive spells in the form of potions used by wizards only. Do nothing to help with health or magical consumption.

------------------------------ Part III: Priests abilities ------------------------------

When having a priest at hand, some of these abilities might come in handy whenever you need assistance. Just ask a priest to cast them on you. Be polite, though, because priests can use these spells to their own free will and might not be willing to help if asked rudely.

I. Ao Dall- Ask for this spell whenever blinded or out-of-focus.

II. Ao Puinsein- Spell used to cure poisoning. A popular request.

III. Ao Beag Cradh- A spell that can cure any curses laid upon you.

IV. Ao Cradh- The same, except cures different varities and types of curses.

V. Beothaichdeum- As the name implies, it as an easier way to make beothaich deums without having to walk all the way in the enchanted garden (see part IV: Potion making)

Remember, there are also some potions that can cure these ailments. If your only in desperate need and have no potions or abilities to help, ask a priest. Other than that, your well on your way to recovery if you keep different potions in stock.

---------------------- Part IV: Potion Making ----------------------

To make potions, you usally have to either follow the path of a monk or priest. Since priests are good with curing and monks are exceptional with nature's properties, both paths can easily mix ingredients to make different types of potions. Here are some of the ways of making potions listed in case you are interested in obtaining some.


I. Beothaich Deum- This is about the easiest potion to make. Just pick some grapes and cherries in Suomi (the ripest possible, rotted fruit does not work) and head back to the Eastern Woodlands. Enter the enchanted garden, and stand next to the Blessed Fae Tree. You cannot miss it, it is just the first tree standing by an aclove of sweet-smelling herbs to the left of the entrance. Cry out an incantation of "beothaich! beothaich!" when you reach the tree, and if succesful, some fresh beothaich deums will be made. Another way to make this potion is to learn the spell beothaichdeum, but it takes a large consuption of your energy away while executing it.

II.Betony Deum- To make this potion, you must search in gardens for a beautiful plant covered with white flowers. Pick some flower petals, and put them into a nice rounded bowl. Then mix some wine solution with the flower, and crush until is made into a liquidy form.

III. Hydele Deum- Hydele Deum is often high in demand, so it is important for a beginning herbalist to know how to make some. First, search around gardens for a plant covered with huge red flowers. Take a few of it's seeds, and carefully place them in your mixing bowl. Then take the root sap and pour the liquid gently on the seeds and a few scattered flower petals. After that, crush the imgredients and mix with wine. When the mixture begins to turn brown and liquidy, pour it into a potion jar.

IV. Fifleaf Deum- It is a rarity to find this herb. If you do come across one, you are very fortunate to find it. Usually the fifleaf grows wild in Mileth. The plant looks a very ordinary green, but do not let looks deceive you. Put leaves of the plant into a bowl and crush until made into a soft mush. Then mix with some fine wine, and wait until the fluid turns into a beautiful emerald colour.

V. Persocana Deum- An uncommon potion used for curing poisoning. The plant of Persocana is a small green plant with strange pink and white speckles splattered on it. To make this potion, one usually chops off some leaves of it with a dagger and cuts them into small pieces which is sprinkled onto the bottom of the bowl. The pieces then are mixed with some wine until the mixture smells sweet and appears orange.

VI. Hemloch Deum- A dreaded plant, Hemloch is a weed found suffocating crops in Suomi farms. To make this poison, take a knife and cut off the root (they usually are stringy plants with a bland green colour). Then, make a thin slash against the middle of the root and you will notice a gooey yellow sap oozing from it. Place this sap into a bowl and mix with some wine. The potion will appear a disgusting pea-green colour and will smell a foul stench. I warn you, aisling: Never make this potion.

VII. Ancusa- The Ancusa plant is a wet, spongy moss grown on wet rocks throughout different villages. Ancusa can be made into a fine Speckled Wax by mixing the plant with some raw wax from a bee into a bowl. When mixed together, the ancusa and wax will form a hard substance called Ancusa ceir. It can be worn or sold for several different prices.

------------------------ Part V: Conclusion ------------------------

I am sure that these potions will be useful later on in your travels. Make sure that you remember the lore I have taught you, so you can teach these remedies and cures to a later generation of aislings. Perhaps one day this will prove useful to amazing discoveries and medical advancements in the future of Temuair.