Guide To Being A Thrifty Priestess

by Lira OíCaoindealbhain of Dark Ages

as told by Keyne OíCaoindealbhain

Everyday I am surprised at the growing amount of young priestesses that beg at Milethís city limits. I have composed this guide for them to help them along their journeys.

Starting Out

Before Riona sends you on your way into the bustling town of Mileth, you are provided with several useful items. The first of them being a small spinel and a small emerald ring. These are excellent to increase your health up until at least your eleventh insight. Another item you will find upon you are a pair of lovely blue boots. These boots are made of a very sturdy hide and can serve a priestess well all the way to her ninety-ninth insight, if she chooses to take good care of them. You will find that you have also been given one thousand gold coins. Take care not to spend these coins until you really need to. Once you proceed out of the inn, you may begin your search for a mentor to guide you to your path of a priestess. Make sure to be kind and humble when approaching an aisling, and show good humour if it takes a while to find someone available to help you. Once you have found one, take heed of their words and make note of the small wisdoms they provide to you. If you prove to be a good student, they may provide you with your armor and other small necessities to help you along your way. If they are unable to provide you with armor or answers to many of your questions, once again be humble, for they have taken a good part out of their day to help you. Thank them and go along your way, exploring the various mundanes homes for their wisdom. If you are in need of armor, stop by the Mileth tailor and pick up a Gorget gown for eight-hundred gold coins. At the end of the day you may even be able to find a tailored gown on the floor of the tailorís shop, due to a forgettful apprentice tailor. Another very important item overlooked by young aislings is a belt. At a low insight you are unable to wear a leather one, but if you are able to find a kind monk with time on their hands, you may ask them to make you speckled wax. This wax is very strong against creature attacks. Also, donít forget to stop by Darís and Devlinís shops to check out what spells and skills are available to you. Itís always a good idea to write these down for future reference.

Once you have picked up a spell or two, start practicing them. Most spells will get stronger the more you practice them. In the Mileth crypt or East Woodlands, you will find many other young aislings of various paths hunting. Being a priestess is very important to a hunting party, so you may be approached to join them. Always be humble and kind, and take care of the party as they depend on you greatly. And as you hunt, pick up items that others leave behind, such as spiderís eyes, silk, and mantis eyes. These items may be sold at Darís and Cian, the wizard that resides beside Darís house. Any extra money that you may have can be deposited at a bank in any town. This is an excellent rule to practice your whole aisling life. Saving money is a sure-fire way to start your future investments.

Insight Eleven Through Forty

Once you reach your eleventh insight, many new items will be available to you. Your first priority should be your armor, the Mystic gown. This gown may be purchased at the Loures counselorís office on the top floor of the Loures castle for eight thousand and three hundred gold coins. While there, resist the temptation to buy a hat. Hatís are very fashionable, but for the thrifty priestess are extravagant and are used for nothing but appearance, as they do not provide protection during battle. The next important thing you may want to take care of are the next rings that you may wear, the spinel and/or emerald rings, which increase your health by 500 each. After two temurian double moons, your aisling guide shall mentor you once again and you will be provided with a couple rings from the process. Also if you wish they may guide you once again and if you have proven to be a wise hunter, Glioca may see fit to provide you with a few rings . There are a few other items that are not necessary but you may want to save up for. The first of these items are coral earrings that may be equipped as early as your eighth insight. Coral earrings add to your intelligence and can be purchased from the Mileth smith for eight thousand gold coins a pair. If you have happened to befriend a wizard along your journeys, the wizard may be able to make you a pair of these earrings using just a piece of raw coral, thus saving you the eight thousand gold coins. Now, you must be very thrifty to afford jade rings, another item that you may wear at your sixteenth insight. Jade rings add 300 magic as well as 150 health apiece. Alas, these rings cost one hundred thousand coins each. They are not necessary to have, so you may just want to save up for them. When it comes to belts, be advised, the speckled wax does the trick, so do not be tricked into buying a belt by a cunning merchant. During hunts you will find many, and if you perhaps have the time to scope out a field left devastated by strong hunters. The other thing you need be aware of is a staff. Staffs may be carried at the nineteenth insight. Staffs may be purchased from fellow aislings, since they are only found during hunts. There are many available to you, the best is a holy diana, which decreases the length of majority of your spells. However, it may be difficult to acquire one of these staffs at a low insight, especially at a reasonable price. If you are unable to purchase a holy diana, it is recommended that you then use a holy hermes. The holy hermes decreases the length of your healing spells, which are by far the most important spells for hunting. Check the merchant boards in Mileth and Rucesion banks daily for aislings selling staffs. Explore the other towns and mundane houses for new spells and skills you may acquire. Prioritize these and set goals so you may accomplish them.

It is also important to start working on your reputation at this insight. Take time out to help new aislings and guide them along their chosen paths. By gaining the support of ten aislings and sponsorship by a political figure, you may seek the office of respected citizen, and higher offices. With enough support you may become a guard, demogue, or even a burgess. Speak with current political heads and find out what it takes to be a good leader.

Insight Forty-One through Ninety-Six

At your forty first insight, if you have reached the office of respected citizen, you may tailor your new garment, the Elle. This can be done at any holy temple. If you are not able to make the garment, you may speak to another priestess insight forty-one or above to see if they have the time to make it for you. Always remember the rule of the priestess, be humble and kind. Other aislings will respect you and will be more willing to help you. Through out your forty-first thru ninety-sixth insight, it is good to collect certain items. A good collection of finished and uncut gems (beryl and ruby), and coral earrings is imperative to learning new spells. If you wish to acquire your seventy-first insight armor, the Dolman, you will need to have a holy kronos staff. This staff is often found in the East Woodlands, or in the Mehadi Swamp. At your eightieth insight, if you are brave enough, you may attempt the Nightmare Quest. The reward for completing this quest is a beautiful gown donned by even the Goddess Glioca, the Morrigu Disciple Pellison. Make sure to bring a strong warrior or monk with you for protection if you wish to attempt this quest.

A very expensive item that becomes a necessity the higher insight you become is a dark belt. These can be found in the Dark Maze during The Heart Quest, or can also be purchased from other aislings. A price for this belt ranges from five hundred thousand to as much as one million gold coins. Unfortunately, it is required if you wish to hunt in the Cthonic Realms, due to the strength of the creatures you will hunt there.

Reaching Ninety-Seventh Insight Through Ascention

At your ninety-seventh insight, you are able to make your final armor, the Bansagart. Many ways exist to make this garment, tailored in the twentieth area of the East Woodlands. If you have gained aisling recognition throughout your journeys, you may make it using just a single piece of hybrasyl, thus becoming an Aisling of Hybrasyl. Hybrasyl can be found scattered along the ground in the Cthonic Realms as well as in Kasmanian Mines. You may also become an Aisling of Mythril by making your armor after mentoring two hundred times. The last way to make your armor is to become an Aisling of Talgonite. By using twenty-four pieces of finished talgonite and sacrificing fifty million experience, you may tailor your armor. But beware, if you do not make your armor by your ninty-ninth insight, and you are not an Aisling of Hybrasyl, you will have to sacrifice one hundred million experience to make the Bansagart.

A Final Note

By practicing a these methods, you will find your journey to be easier on you. Always practice the rule of the priestess, be kind and humble. Look out for your fellow aisling, and when you reach your ascention, be patient to the young priestesses as well as all other aislings.