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After the discovery of the Sapphire Stream by a little and brave monk late in deoch ???, several aislings of the path of the martial arts sought this area and found new training grounds, borne by 9 mundane monks, the so called first sabonims. Those teach the way of the new skills and spells, how to learn them and - most important - they teach you balance and patience.

Although only because of the patience and understanding of balance they teach i should have taken an interest in this monastery, i wrote this lore in favour of all children of cail, the monks.

Since i am a part of the cail clergy, many young and older monks asked our fellowship and me about more information and tips and even prayed to cail for help in the sometimes hidden rules of the sapphire stream monastery.

I hope this written lore will guide those unexperienced ones, at least give an overview over almost all aspects about how to get well trained in there.


The main goal of this monastery is to build a community of monks, by teaching some esprit de corps and by steeling both body and mind. Almost all skills and spells you could learn there are martial art skills, which empower you to fight without weapons. With some of them you could be able to even defeat the most powerful warriors. The rest of those skills and spells improve your ability to tailor, to see unseen, to heal even, etc.

The monastery is parted into hubaes - mentees, who learn certain grades, the so called dugons - and sabonims - mentors, who teach the dugons.

Every monk can be a hubae, if his/her insight allows it (insight requirements are minimum requirements):

dugon insight
white 11
green 22
blue 33
yellow 44
purple 55
brown 66
red 77
black 88

To successfully complete a dugon grade, the hubae has to fulfill a quest, given by the first mundane sabonim at the sapphire stream. This quest includes killing a monster (show your bravery and strength) and to meditate at the meditation cave (show your patience and balance). You will have at least 1 temuair day to kill the monster. If you fail to meditate youll lose all your time - labor.

At the beginning of the monastery, the meditation procedure was even more dangerous: you died if failed. After many days went by, finally the mundane sabonims found a way to meditate more savely, thus no monk will have to die anymore (this mentioned in rememberance of those who died but afterall were able to help other monks with very useful information on how to meditate right).

Once the hubae fulfilled the quest, s/he will be able to enter the dugon caves, where you can learn new skills and spells and where you can create a colorful head band (called dugon like the grade itself) which, if transformed into a silk dugon, gives the wearer several improvements of her/his abilities.

To learn spells and skills and to create dugons, the hubae will have to bring many rare items from all over temuair. The items, that are needed to learn skills and spells never differ, but those to create dugons may differ everytime you ask the mundane sabonims for them.

At last, the dugon quest as well as the dugon creation requires much experience, which will be lost, as long as the hubae does not have a sabonim.

Any monk, that completed a certain dugon grade is able to be a sabonim for those hubaes, that want to get a dugon grade of the same grade or of a lesser grade of the sabonim's grade. The sabonim takes the role of the teacher to this hubae, getting a legend mark if his hubae succeeds and saving much experience for his hubae, which will be lost otherwise permanently. In addition, the sabonim is able to help his hubae to create a dugon band, saving much of his students experience too. For example a yellow dugon monk can teach white, green, blue and yellow grades and will be able to create a dugon for his student.

Important to know: only this sabonim can help you create a dugon, who taught you the grade of which you seek a head band. Because your legend marks forget your old sabonims when you learn new grades, you should not forget your old sabonims if you plan to create more dugons of your former grades.

A sabonim is able to teach grades to more than one hubae, as well as a hubae is able to be taught by different sabonims. But you can only once learn one grade in your life, so be careful in choosing your sabonim. (any sabonim can disband his/her circle of hubaes s/he collected by disgracing them, s/he will lose hubaes and grades by that, but also his/her students will lose their grade they made with his/her help. but no hubae is able to disgrace his/her sabonim)

To successfully start and complete the dugon grade procedure, the hubae has to have full labor and the sabonim 3 days of labor (only the sabonims time will be lost after completion). To create a dugon band, both sabonim and hubae have to have at least 4 days of labor. To turn a dugon band into a silk version, no labor but items are required.

The hubae starts the procedure by saying the words 'Sabonim, please teach me the <grade> dugon' once to the first mundane sabonim and after s/he killed the monster s/he has to say that again to prove his/her success.

After that, the hubae has to enter the meditation cave, find the right stone at which to meditate at, then react right to his/her surroundings by expressing his/her state of breath. For example if the hubae seeks the green grade and s/he notices a peaceful mountain in his/her mind while meditating, s/he should keep his/her breath and show patience. Then the meditation will be successful and done.

The words 'Sabonim, i understand the <grade> dugon', spoken to the first mundane sabonim again, will complete the dugon quest finally.

From the blue grade up to the black dugon grade, a hubae has to have several hubaes by himself to learn new grades. At last the black and ultimate dugon requires to have taught dugons to at least 128 other monks.

dugon hubaes
blue 4
yellow 8
purple 16
brown 32
red 64
black 128

Although this number of 128 sounds almost impossible to get, at the time this lore was written 2 monks of great knowledge and ability of teaching reached and completed the black dugon: Aztaroth (master monk of draco form) and Trinity (kelberoth monk).

When the monastery was discovered by aislings, many were at very high insight already and some of them did not have (although they were able to complete certain grades) the abilities ((stats)) to learn the new skills and spells and because of their high insight they were not able to train themselves ((get more stats)) to fulfill the skill requirements.

Therefor, if the librarian allows me, i will add a pergament which allows all aislings, if young enough, to plan their training with more wisdom (including even scrolls about the other paths). I hope you will be able to freely choose the skills and spells you want to learn in the future and to adjust your abilities to those skills wisely.

This lore was written by Melian, the only dark cail cleric in temuair, and was greatly supported by the knowledge of Miriel, the nicest but sometimes meanest monk (especially after she learned this ANNOYING wolf fang fist skill).