An Aisling's First Day in Temuair:
A Guide

Awakening from mundane life can be a confusing and traumatizing event, but it need not be. This guide is intended to make your first day as an Aisling in Temuair a pleasant experience. I will hopefully be able to remove some of the confusion and anxiety caused by being thrown into this brave new world.

The Light in the Inn: ((After the Tutorial))

You gently awaken in the Mileth Inn from a strange dream where you learned many things about life as an Aisling. A bright light surrounds you and you suddenly feel... different. You feel as though a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to you, as though you have started on a new path in life.


As you quickly dress, the first thought that comes to your mind is to rush downstairs and share your wonderful new experience with Riona, the innkeeper. As you relate to her your story, she explains to you that you have left your mundane life and become an Aisling. She tells you that you now have the gift to forge your own destiny and that you should go out and explore the world... but first you should find yourself a guide.

Riona will also give you the option to remember your mundane birth. By doing a little research on your life as a mundane or by delving into the memories of your childhood, you can tell Riona the date and town of your birth. She will permanently record these memories in your legend. Be warned however, should these memories prove themselves to be false they will take their toll on your mind when you change them ((-100 000 experience)).

A Choice Must be Made

With Riona's blessing you are now free to explore the lands of Temuair, but what should you do first? Riona suggests finding a guide, but you may wish to gather a little insight and discover the town of Mileth before attempting to find someone who will guide you down your chosen path. Many guides, including myself, will question your knowledge of the world before they will accept you into their path. I therefore recommend that new Aislings visit all the Mundanes of Mileth and glean what insight they can from them, they will have much to teach you!

Now, as you exit the inn you might be bewildered by the size of the town. Where should you go? Where can you find someone who will help you?

A good place to start your exploration is the Mileth Blacksmith shop. All Aislings will have to hunt at some point their lives, so learning about some basic weapons and armors is a good idea.Weapons By speaking with either Callough the weapon smith or Torrance the armor smith you can learn about weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, and even a little about magical artifacts. Be sure to listen carefully to all they have to say for you will surely gain some valuable experience.Armor

Your First Quest

While you're at the weapon smith's, you may wish to embark on your first quest by asking him to spare you a stick. Callough is not in the habit of giving out weapons for free however and he will request that you find him five sturdy branches Branch with which he may craft you a stick.

Where to find such branches you ask? The two large trees next to Riona's Inn are a perfect place to look. It may take you some time to find them, but with a little perseverance and a lot of walking and searching you will surely succeed.

Once you return to Callough with your branches, he will reward you not only with a stick but a sturdy wooden shield and a few coins as well. Now wasn't that worth the effort!

A Visit to the Dark Wizard and the Alchemist


Although you have all the equipment necessary for your first hunt, there are still many things to learn in Mileth. Your next destination should be a visit to Dar's, the dark wizard, and to Cyan's, the alchemist. They are both in need of special reagents for their spells and potions and they will ask you to seek these components out for them. Dar requires either scorpion's Cyanstings, bat wings, spider eyes or spider silk whereas Cyan will ask you to find either mold or a variety of rotten foods such as baguettes, cherries, grapes, apples, vegetables or tomatoes. All these things may be acquired from the various monsters of the Mileth Crypt though some are harder to find or can only be found in the deeper levels, such as the scorpion's sting. Should you bring the requested items to them they will reward you with some valuable insight. You may also wish to sell some of the reagents you find to earn a little money. In addition to the items already mentioned, they will purchase centipede glands, viper glands, bee stings, and mantis eyes.

AingealTime for Lunch!

By this time you might be feeling a little hungry, so why not head down to the Mileth Bakery and Tavern for a refreshing drink and some tasty treats? Aingeal the barmaid will serve you some fine rum or brandy. She may also take care of some of your political tasks such as voting or renouncing your citizenship. Drunk and DuanaSit down and enjoy Duana's dancing as you drink but take heed of the old drunk for he will try to harass you for your hard earned money. However, a gift of 1000 coins may well be worth it in the future should you have two companions with you willing to face the perils of the Terror.

Next door you will find Oona the baker. She offers a variety of foods such as vegetables, apples and baguettes for a light meal or chicken and beef for a heartier one. Her daughter is often wandering in the enchanted garden and sometimes gets bitten by vipers, or suffers from nightmares or worse. Perhaps you can help her by finding an Aisling herbalist who can give you the proper medicine to cure her ailment?

OonaWhile you are here, either Aingeal or Oona may speak to you of a friend who has lost her love... would you be able to help mend a broken heart and find the missing love letter?

Services of Mileth

CassidyNow that you are full from your meal it might be a good time to explore the various services that Mileth offers. Next to the Tavern and Bakery you will find the Mileth Bank. Here you may deposit for a small fee your money and items. Withdrawal is free of charge. You may also labor for another Aisling by speaking with Cassidy, the higgler who runs the bank.


You will probably wish to stop by the Tailor Shop and purchase some proper clothing as well. A new blouse or shirt will offer much better protection than the ragged one you currently have. Brody will also lend you his tools to either dye or tailor your outfits provided you have the necessary skill to do so.Daithi

Daithi, the mysterious rogue trainer will help you should you choose the path of the rogue.

ColmMileth offers a wonderful pigeon carrier service. Should you ever wish to give a gift to someone but you just don't have the time to hand it to them in person, Colm will do the job for you. It will cost you some coin however and only non-perishable goods may be sent.


A stop by Mileth's beautiful chapel is definitely a must! Should you speak to Naomhan, the chapel assistant, he can explain to you a little about the mysterious altar that lies before the Mileth Inn. Listen carefully to what he says and you will gain some valuable experience. Someday you may also wish to be married within the chapel.

KeallachThe Fighter Trainer

Now that your exploration of Mileth is nearing completion, you will want to visit Keallach the fighter trainer to learn some basic fighting tactics. He will talk to you about grouping and the importance of having a mix of classes. He will warn you about some enemies you might wish to avoid and how best to fight them as well as give you some weapons advice. Listen carefully if you wish to avoid certain death!

DevlinDevlin, the Fae Priestess

You will find Devlin just next door to Keallach. This faery will teach you about the East Woodlands which lie just outside Mileth. Learn about the Beautiful Enchanted Garden and its hidden Lover's Glade as well as the barren Desert Wasteland. She will warn you not to venture out too far into the woods for there are creatures much more dangerous than the mantis which roam its many paths. Devlin will also speak to you about Honey, a faery's favourite delicacy. If you should ever find some, bring it to her and she will reward you greatly.

Mileth Outskirts

CedrikJust outside the town of Mileth you will find Glioca Temple, the Mileth Town Hall and Courthouse and the Mileth College. At the Town Hall, Cedrik the burgess attendant will attend to all your political needs. The Courthouse is reserved for use by Mileth guards and judges. Hopefully you will not have to step foot there unless it is as an officer of law!

At Mileth College you can attend a variety of courses on history, philosophy, lore or even art! Read the various boards to find out what days and times classes are offered and mark your calendar to attend one.

MaeveenYou should make sure to stop at Glioca Temple to speak with Meaveen the temple assistant. She can teach you all you need to know about the temurian pantheon. Listen carefully to the story of each god and learn who forms their Holy Trinity and who opposes it. This information is a must know for any Aisling and is a favourite source for questions by guides. You may wish to reflect upon the characteristics of each God and begin thinking about joining one of their fellowships. Religion is one of the great experiences of Temuair.

A Final Decision

Now that you have visited all the essential parts of Mileth you are presented with two choices: either go off on your first hunt in the Mileth Crypt or Eastern Woodlands and retrieve the necessary items for Dar, Cyan and Devlin, or attempt to find yourself an Aisling Guide and head to the Temple of the Veil to choose your path.

Mileth Crypt OR Temple of the Veil

No matter your choice, you are well prepared to face all that Temuair has to offer. I wish you the best of luck, Aisling, on your quest. May the Gods bless you!


Moiraine Al'LoranMoiraine Al'Loran
Priestess of Luathas
Tuatha de Deo

Point Form Review

Some Suggestions on Skill Point Allocation ((OOC))

If you already know which path you wish to follow, here are some suggestions on where to put your first skill points so that you can gain the maximum benefits. If you don't know, then you may wish to wait until you have a guide who can assist you in choosing where to allocate your points.

Constitution is a good attribute to raise for any class, though it is most useful for warriors, rogues and monks. Constitution will help you to better develop your health. Each time you gain an insight, you will gain a small bonus to your health for every point in this attribute. Basic Warrior, Monk and Rogue skills will require constitution. (This is the main attribute for craeg [earth] wizards)

Wisdom is a good skill to raise for priests and wizards, though it is essential for priests. Wisdom will help you to better develop your mana. Each time you gain an insight, you will gain a small bonus to your mana for every point in this attribute. All priests skills and some wizard skills will require wisdom. (This is the main attribute for sal [water] wizards)

Intelligence will be a required attribute for all classes' skills but is essential for wizards in getting their first spells. Priests will also need to develop their intelligence throughout their life. Intelligence also gives a slight bonus to a wizard's attack spells for every point that is allocated to it.

Strength is a standard required attribute for Warrior and Monk as well as some Rogue skills. This attribute will determine how much weight you can carry and will give a small bonus to your attack for each point in it. (This is the main attribute for srad [fire] wizards)

Dexterity is a standard requirement for Rogue and Monk skills. For every point in dexterity you will have a slightly increased chance of dodging an enemies attack. (This is the main attribute for athar [air] wizards)

In my personal opinion, constitution and wisdom are the most important attributes to develop early on for they will determine how much mana and health you have later on. They should not be developed however to the detriment of achieving certain basic skills.