The Aosdic Glyph: Its True Prowess

The Eldritch mark...The Glyph of Destruction..the Fatal Aosdic Glyph..all of which refer to one mysterious spell, Mor Strioch Pian Gar. Many thought it weak, some thought it was laughable. until now!



On my recent journeys within the Cthonic Remains, this ancient aosdic glyph gave me many a shock. I thought I would conduct an experiment of some sorts, so I brought all of my necklaces, each of which posessed a different element.

      Fire               Water                Wind                 Earth

I wore my necklace embued with the element sal, and wandered into the Second Yard of the House Macabre, and asked a young Rogue to tell me the element of the first creature I saw. I began to chant, and with all of my might, cast this dark mark, and to my surprise, the creature's flesh vanished. All that remained was its wrotting, fleshy corpse.


I thought my eyes had decieved me, as I'd heard many tales about this spell, all of which I thought I had just proven wrong.

I, once again, found another creature, had its element identified, and cast the eldritch mark. Sure enough, the creature remained as a bloody corpse.


I thought again that this was a mistake, as I have never been thought of as powerful, so I conducted another test. I used the opposite element of srad, Athar.


Not too astoundingly, the creature survived, so I replaced my necklace with the latter, sal, and blasted, and sure enough, the creature perished.


I tell this lore to aid many youthful aislings who may still learn this eldritch mark, as it is very difficult to understand.

A wise Kobold once told me,
" If it is this mark you seek, all of your traits, you must peak. Your strength, wisdom, and intelligence must bear, the same as dexterity, and constitution shall bear. All of which shall be peaked, at a minimum of forty." His words proved very useful, as they helped me to understand the power of the ancient glyphs.

((Note: All of the strioch spells have requirements that effect ALL traits, each spell, its cost, and its mana requirement, are listed in the table below.))
Spell Name Minimum Mana Required Required Traits ((stats)) Item Cost Monetary Cost
Strioch Bais 3280 25/25/25/25/25 6 Finished Ruby
12 Finished Coral
3 Coral Earrings
Mor Strioch Bais 3280 25/25/25/25/25 6 Finished Ruby
6 Finished Coral
6 Finished Beryl
Mor Strioch Bais Lamh 6560 (10,000 to cast successfully without failure) 30/30/30/30/30 6 Finished Ruby
6 Finished Coral
6 Finished Beryl
Mor Strioch Bais Meall 10,000 35/35/35/35/35 6 Finished Ruby
6 Finished Coral
6 Finished Beryl
Mor Strioch Bais Pian Gar 600 40/40/40/40/40 6 Finished Ruby
6 Finished Coral
6 Finished Talos

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