The Pacifist's Guide to Insight

By: Seara NicCiardha in Dark Ag

This is not a comprehensive guide to quests. It be a guide for those Aislings who seek insight in other ways then hunting. Much of what I have listed here are quests. However, there are many ways to gain insight in Temuair without performing one. I will not sit in judgement of why an Aisling attends mass, mentors or goes to college, nor or will I judge the Ailsings who only look to the kill for their insight. I, meself am not a pacifist. My purpose here, hopefully, is to lead those who wish to be pacifists on their way.



Mothers Love:

Many of the mothers in Temuair have ailing children. Some suffer from viper bites, nightmares and wounds. Depending on what be wrong with the child will determine which potion is needed. The cure will be one of three potions. Betony deum for nightmares, personaca deum will cure poison, and hydele deum for wounds. It is wise to speak with the mother first to see what ails her child or to go to her with one of each potion. Any herbalist can make ye these potions. The following is a list of the mothers that may seek your aid.

Oona in Mileth restaurant

Runa in Abel Inn

Aud in Abel restaurant

Alleen in Piet restaurant

Damara in Undine restaurant

Viveka in Suomi tavern

The insight reward these mothers will give ye be so random it cannot be predicted. I have received anywhere from 1000 to 50000 for helping them. They will also give ye gifts. Ye will get one to five jars of honey and sometimes, when the mother be really grateful. she will give ye a purple flower. Fortunately for the males of Temuair these flowers can be given to Blanchefluer, who I will speak of later. What be a mystery to me is that once ye help one of these mothers they all seem to be happy! Ye can do this quest once every four Temuairan days.

The sick child in Loures:

This child is very ill, and has a story to be told by Paulin in Loures. To cure her you must seek the much needed Sevti blossom, which lies deep in the Muhadi swamp. I highly recommend that the first time you attempt this quest ye be of at least the 41st insight and group with someone who is familiar with the maze. It is a very dangerous quest, but for those who can return the blossom to Paulin will be greatly rewarded.

Ye can fetch one flower every four days. Be aware though that there be three different flowers that can be picked. It is the white blossom that ye be seeking. It is the only one that can cure her. Paulin will tell ye, after each Sevti that ye return, until the fifth, that the child is looking better. After the fifth Sevti is returned the child will be cured and a mark of this deed will be put on your legend. Ye will also receive 5 clout. If the flower is fetched for ye the reward is less and ye will not get the mark on yer legend, no matter how many ye return. For Paulin to mark your legend ye must retrieve the flowers yourself.

Nila blossom - Black, or "dark" -5000

Sevti blossom - white -150000

Tulsi blossom - golden-10000

Ye can continue to get the blossoms even after ye have cured the child but Paulin will only reward ye 25000. However, ye will still get the 5 clout for every fifth Flower returned.

Having the Undine children:

To do this quest ye must learn the "Goblin secrets". To learn them your talents must be recognized by the mundanes as either a historian, lorekeeper, bard or philosopher. However, an Aisling that has any of these recognition’s can teach the secrets to ye. First ye must speak to Kalliope at the tavern in Undine. Speak to her about the Goblin secrets and then, after ye have learned them ask her about the children. She will tell ye a sad tale and it be up to ye, if ye agree, to free the captured children of Undine.

The children are being held in Astrids by the goblins. They are in the third part of Astrids and ye can tell the spot by the sound of moaning coming from within. It be a fenced area with a kobold standing within. Ye must rescue eight children. But unfortunately, only one child can be saved every four Temuairan days. After ye have saved all eight children a mark shall be put on your legend. Kalliope will gratefully give ye a 20000-insight reward for every child that ye return home.

Reconnaissance run:

To start this quest ye need simply talk to Kalliope in Undine and tell her ye wish to perform recon- naissance for them. She will tell ye how much time is allowed and what ye need to do. Ye must seek out three corners of one of the two roads in Astrids. The two roads overlap each other and form a six-pointed star. I suggest ye be of the 41st insight, a rogue with hide, a monk of the whitebat form or an Aisling who be very swift on yer feet to do this quest. There are traps and beasts with terrible magic that will do everything in their power to put a stop to ye. If ye get lost or only find one or two of the corners fear not. Kalliope will still reward ye for your effort

Three corners- 32000

Two corners -16000

One corner -2000

((Many have told me that they have recieved less then this for the recon run. However, these numbers have stayed constant for me, at whatever insight I performed it.))

Flame licked:

Saskia, who runs Piets Inn, has a mother who has been burned in a fire. She is in need of speckled wax (ancusa cier) to help relieve her mother’s pain. Ye can offer the rum or honey but Saskia will only frown with disappointment when it fails to do the job. For Saskia to reward ye with the 10000 ye must offer her the speckled wax. Speckled wax can be obtained from an herbalist. It would be wise however to offer the herbalist the raw wax needed to make the ancusa. It will speed ye on yer way to helping Sakia’s mother and save the herbalist some time. Ye can perform this quest every six Temuairan days.

Nodes needed

While ye be in Piet go visit Appie who runs the magic shop. He seems to be in need of one of the four elemental nodes every four days. He will grant ye a 10000-insight reward for returning what he seeks. Appie will only ask for one of the four nodes, which be fior athar, fior srad, fior creag, or fior sal. The nodes can be obtained from a wizard elementalist. To save ye a trip ye should either go to Appie with one of each node or ask him first what node he be wanting.

The Alliance:

There is a war going on inside Pravat caves, and the goblin, Bahadir or the grimlock queen, Phailen will reward ye well for your allegiance to them. Both are asking for such items as the calling stones, polished gems and your god items. Return any of these to them and ye will be rewarded.

The calling stone, also known as the dark rock, or conix stone can be found inside the caves, just above the pools of water that ye can find on either side of the cave, to the left or right once ye enter. The pool that lies to the right is predominately grimlocks and much easier to access. Few goblins will ye meet on yer way there. The pool on the Goblin side however is a little more difficult. Even if ye have allied with the goblins the grimlocks found there tend to be much more difficult to deal with then the goblins ye may encounter on the grimlock side. Either way ye should be at least of the 26th insight if ye travel alone. Ye cannot inter Pravat caves until ye have reached the 12th insight.

To pick up the calling stone ye must know the conix lore, or have someone there with you to show you how to get the rocks. This Aisling has to have been recognized by the mundanes for their talents as a historian, bard, lorekeeper or philosopher to be able to learn and teach the lore. The lore can be taught in the Loures library and once ye have learned the lore ye will retain the knowledge for one moon. If ye be shown how to pick up the stones inside the caves ye will not retain the knowledge of the conix and will need to be taught each time ye enter the caves.

The amount of stones ye get will very from day to day. I have picked up as little as one and as many as fifteen of the dark rocks. Once your mind reels your ability to pick up any more is gone. Ye can pick up the dark rocks once ever four Temuairan days as long as ye have the knowledge. After ye have all the stones ye can hold return them to the leader of whichever side ye allied with. They will reward ye as follows.

Calling stones - 10000 (per stone)

Polished gems - 500 (per gem)

God items - 5000 (per item)

There appears to be no limit of how much the grimlock queen or goblin will accept for any of these items, and for as long as ye keep the supply coming they seem to be happy and will reward ye.


lanchfleur resides in the castle of Loures. She is heartsick for the smell of fresh air and the scent of flowers. Only a male Aisling seems to be able to give her what she seeks and that be the purple flower . This flower can be, if ye be lucky, received as a gift for helping a mother and her ailing child. I almost omitted this because the majority of these flowers be dropped off of dead critters in 15 woods and higher, and that not be the pacifists way. If ye have this flower return it to Blanchefleur and she will reward ye for your kindness with a 50000-insight reward

I must tell ye from talking to a few male Aislings that she seems to accept the flower at varying times. Some say that they have taken it to her every four Temuairan days and others say once a moon. Perhaps her need depends on the time it takes for her last flower to wilt.


Thibault be the handsome knight that stands loyaly close to the king of Loures. He will glady grace ye with his prescence and protect ye while in the castle. However, he feels that his weaponry is perhaps not good enough to do his job well even though he will honor his position. What will make Thibault a very happy knight is if a female aisling offers him a good stilla. For this weapon, Thibault will grant her a 50000-insight reward, and a charming blush. Ye can offer Thibault the stilla once every moon. If ye do it befor this time has passed he will simply take the weapon and put it with the other that ye gave him. Ye can purchase a stilla at Marlon's smith shop in Loures, and then seek a rogue to smith it . As with the flower for Blanchfleur, the good stilla can be found amongst the corpse' of dead beasts. But it be preferable, as a pacifist , not to acquire it in this way.

Suomi fruit picking:

Harvesting fruit in Suomi can be great fun. It be a wonderful pastime for the lower insights, and a decent reward for those who be of the 11th insight and under. Goran is the Suomi cherry farmer and for a mere 1000 gold ye can pick 3 dozen of his cherries for a 500 insight reward per half dozen. After ye are done there head down to Alvar’s grape farm, He will let ye pick 18 of the best grapes in Temuair for the small fee of 100 gold. Ye will earn a 500 insight reward per 2 bunches of grapes. If me math be right ye have just earned yerself 7500 towards yer insight, a great meal, and ye can sell what ye picked!

Non quests

The following are a list of things that ye can do in Temuair that do not require ye to return something to a mundane. They are things for ye to do that will feed the flame that Deoch has put in yer belly. These things be at the heart of Temuair!


The mundanes are always asking for songs, poems, histories, and yes, even your life story. They are suppressed by their lack of imagination and crave some form of entertainment. They will reward you greatly if your story pleases them. And ye can even earn some clout. Use the spark that lights your soul, and give the mundanes something to lighten their daily, doldrum existence! There be four levels of awards given for those who can.





((You can find what the awards are, clout received and a list of what the contests require at the Dark Ages website ( under "community"))


The Mileth College offers such a variety of classes for those who want to learn. The classes be held by Aislings who have been recognized for their talents by the mundanes. ((The instructor must have won an award for one of the contests I spoke of previously)) Ye can learn about the classes and schedule from the events that are posted by the mundanes.

Class uses the majority of your labor so it is wise to have at least four days of labor if ye plan to attend. Insight rewards for attending class vary. The reward depends on the instructor’s level of recognition and the student’s insight. The least I have received for attending class was 24000, and I was of the 14th insight at the time. I have heard that others have received as much as 50000 for attending class.

Ye can find no better way to fuel the spark that Deoch has put in your soul then by attending classes. There is so much to learn, and the classes can be a lot of fun and full of stimulating debates, and it be a great place to make new friends

The college be just below, and slightly to the right of the Gliocan temple There be a small, brown patch, just to the left of Mileths exit. Many times the mundanes cannot keep up with all the classes and schedules so I advise ye to enter into each classroom and there ye should find the most recent class subjects and schedules posted on the gray slates.


entoring can be the most rewarding and frustrating thing an Aisling can do. Ye need to be patient and knowledgeable before ye endeavor to do this, and then ye must have a student who is willing to learn. The long-term insight reward can equal a good amount. However, ye must be dedicated to your student and set a certain day and time each double moon to mentor. Find a time that be convenient for the both of you and stick to this schedule. The rewards for this are not only good for ye but also yer student. Ye can get gifts (rings) if ye be a dedicated mentor. The insight reward for mentoring is based off of the mentors insight. The maximum reward of 75000 is reached at the 40th insight .


Aislings produce some of the finest merchandise and potions in Temuair. Many of these things cannot be bought nor found anywhere. I know many an Aisling who has sacrificed their education so that they may offer their wares to others, and most of these Aislings never ask for pay . So show your gratitude when ye have yer armor tailored or when that skull above yer head disappears after ye have been given a drink of beothaich deum!

All Aislings have a skill that they can labor with. Some have more then others but the insight reward, when the labor time is used, averages about the same. The reward for much of what you labor depends largely on the level of your skill. Your ability (skill level) also determines the quality, and many times quantity of your product. The average insight reward for five days of labor used is 20000. The following is a list of the skills each path has.

Priests: Herbalism, beothaich (red potions)

Rogues: gem polishing, blade smithing, higgling, hairstyling, tailoring

Wizards: Elementalism, wizardry research, herbalism

Warriors: Tailoring

Monks: herbalism, tailoring


Mass in Temuair is serious business. Even if yer only motivation to attend is insight ye should be respectful to all present. I could lecture ye endlessly on the importance of faith but will refrain. That is not my purpose here. But ye should however research all of the gods and seek a faith that best represents your own views and beliefs. Mass can be as short as one tenth of aTemuairan day and as long as half. That is why it be important for ye to be interested in the faith that ye choose. Otherwise ye can spend yer time feeling bored and then start to fidget, and perhaps even get rude to the priest. Be wise in yer choice!

Ye can attend mass once every double moon. But be aware that ye are in a trinity. This means that there be two other gods that yer god be aligned with and ye can also attend the mass for these. Therefor ye can attend the mass for each individual god once in a double moon. That being three masses. The reward for each mass depends on the presiding priest’s faith. If the faith be high the reward is 50000. If the priest’s faith be low the reward is half of that, and sometimes even less.


This brings me to the end and I wanted to mention a few of the things I omitted and why. The first of these are what I term the "fish and chicken" quests. These quests require the death of a beast to acquire the item that the mundane seeks. There are three of these kind, Dar's "dark things", Cian's "A little bit of that", and Devlins "honey". Ye can justify doing them by having another fetch the items for ye, but know that some poor beast died for it.

The second are two things that be pretty much limited to one path. Alatar worship and consecrating. Both of these can only be done by a priest. Aye, it be true that any can be blessed by the gods at the altar, but the insight reward is much less then that of a priests, and no legend mark will be recieved.

The third is the "conjunction", also known as "the heart quest". Although the insight reward for this is great it can only be done once. It be my intention to guide ye into obtaining insight on a regular basis, ye cannot do that if it be a one time thing.

The fourth and final is "The Terror ". As a pacifist there is no way around this one. Ye simply have to destroy the beast to get the insight reward!