Positioning Tactics
Positioning Tactics
The ever elusive hunting strategy

Welcome, Dear Reader, to my explanation of something so logical you would expect everyone to use it, yet so rare to see on an actual battlefield. This marvelous way of thinking can turn the tide of battle, change relentless slashing into an art form, ease your nerves, and most importantly, save lives. It is so simple in its nature, so easy to execute and so remarkably effective you would think that every Aisling in Temuair would use it in every battle they fight. Unfortunately, the truth is in fact the opposite. If any Aislings actually know this already, it's certain that they do not use it - for in all the battles I have fought, I would say that about 10% of my companions, at best, have applied these tactics.
As you may have guessed, that is the reason for my writing this. If only half the Aislings of Temuair would apply these strategies to their hunting, Sgrios' scarring would be reduced tremendously.
So what are these strategies so good for, I hear you asking by now. If you consider the most frequent causes of deaths on hunts, you will find that they are either due to reckless solo-hunting, the appearance of the lag beast, or a group being ambushed. There is not much to be done about solo-hunting - should an Aisling choose to go out on his own, he should also know of the consequences. The lag beast seems to be too powerful for Aislings to avoid, so we cannot do much about this either. However, ambushes we can do something about.
Normally the problem would be that, when ambushed, the Warriors and Monks of the group would be hit from multiple sides, quickly demolishing what little health they had to begin with. The Priest can't possibly keep up with this and soon the group will find itself cornered and wounded. The obvious solution would be to stop the other aggressors so the Warriors and Monks could concentrate on one enemy at a time, but how to do that without an efficient Rogue in your group? To have the Priest lead the enemies around, at the cost of his concentration and time? No, in the long run that doesn't work in the more dangerous ambushes… This is where Positioning Tactics come into the picture.
In this work of lore, I have attempted to describe some of the most common ambushes each craft will run into and how to efficiently scatter them.

This was meant to provide you with the inspiration you need to effectively use Positioning Tactics. However, there are endless examples of ambushes with endless amounts of group combinations… far too much to cover in a single guide. To truly increase your hunting potential, a certain degree of creativity, foresight and overview is needed. With enough training you will be able to work out the perfect counter-plan for any ambush, making up the strategy as the battle progresses. However, it does require practice.

"Never assume you have nothing left to learn - if you do, you have learned nothing at all."
Sungam Chad
Warrior of the 5th Deoch