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The priests can gain favor from the gods. A priest can choose to follow a god without help of another; while the aislings of any other path must use the help of a priest to be initiated to a godís temple. It is a wise move if a priest can begin to serve his/her favorite god as soon as possible. To do this, s/he needs to go to the temple of the certain god, talk to the lady in pink about the fellowship of the god. At first, s/he can choose to be a probate/initiate of that god, when s/he gains enough faith of the god, s/he can come back and ascend to priesthood. If a priest is under 11 insight, s/he must do this with a friends of higher insight, because the god will grand him/her the prayer necklace, but you need to be at least 11 insight to pick the necklace up. If s/he canít hold it at the time s/he joining the fellowship, the prayerís necklace will be placed under her/his feet. To avoid the loss of the necklace, you should ask someone to hold it for you until you can do it by your own. It may sound troublesome, but every time an aisling attends a mass, s/he can get 50000 exp, which is fairly important for young aislings.Once you join the worshipper of a certain god, you need faith to pray to the gods. A main method of gaining faith is attending mass of the gods in the trinity. The priest of a certain god is able to accumulate more faith than other people by deconcentrate an item of that godís enemies if this priest is above 11th insight. Each god of temuair has two allies and two enemies. The priest is able to concentrate an item of the god s/he follows too, but this will cost a lot of faith. A priest of a certain god will be grand power over others, s/he is able to banish or excommunicate an aisling from that godsí temple and fellowship. S/he is also able to admit worshipper, give geas, and do many other things through the hand of the god.†† It is recommended that s/he do not abuse the power. For more information about gods of temuair, please refer to Lore.


Besides serving the god, priests need to help aisling in hunting. Most priests are physically weak; hence it is difficult and unwise for them to engage in hand to hand attack. But a priest is more and more vital as his/her insight become higher.A priestís main jobs lie in two categories, protecting his/her group and increasing the damage to monsters. A priest can protect the group by either strengthen the defense, remove bad effects from harmful monsters or healing.†† Common defensive spells include archmad, Naomi aite( beag, normal, mor or ard) and ultimately mor dion which makes the priest invincible to physical attacks as the spell lasts, (unfortunately it only protect the priest who cast it, although it is strategically important). Most spells which remove bad effects have an Ďaoí in theirs names. They include ao cradh, ao poinson, ao dall and ao suain. This function makes a priest highly desirable; cause aislings can find a substitute of other functions of priests easily, such as loures aite and ard ioc deum. Use Ioc spells to heal aislings if they are low in health. There are four version of ioc, which are beag, normal, mor and ard. In addtion to those, there is divine healing, nuandhaich, which can increase health by a huge amount.Another reason that contributes to the popularity of priests is their ability to increase damage to monsters. One thing priests can do is cursing the monsters so that increase their armor class. That makes the monsters receive more damage and be killed easily. The group can kill a monster with ard cradh several times faster than those arenít cursed. It is best to curse the monsters ahead if the priest has done main protect works to their group. How well a priest can curse the monster somehow determine how fast the group gain experience from the hunt. Priests can also use beannaich and fas deireas to make her/his group membersí attack stronger. The only spell the priests can use to actually kill a monster directly is deo saighead, which causes a pink lightening to strike on the monster. It is effective when you have your secret at high level and get a good weapon like a zeus or Diana. There are other spells that disable monsters, such as pramh and suain. Under the effects of these secrets, the monsters will be put into sleep and cease to harm aislings until they are awake. Wizards can double their damage to a pramhed monster.


Path of Priests is the most sophisticated path among the five paths an aisling can follow. No aisling can handle all the secrets available to priests. Be aware that aislings have 3 points in their attributes at insight 1, and gain 2 points that they can resign freely at every insight till they are 99th insight.A priest needs a good plan of their future from the beginning of his/her journey. A list of secrets available is provided for this purpose. ((The stats are correct, but other information maybe inaccurate, I will put unknown at where I have not investigated.)) That will be very frustrating if you borrow a lot of items to get the stats and find you need to practice more or get another secret first. So ask elder priests politely before getting a spell. As a priest, you may find a luathas set (every luathas item increase int by 1, corol earring +2 int) very helpful since you may choose to increase wis a lot at beginning, you also need some ceandaliar (every ceandaliar item increase str by 1, gold earring +2 str) or fiosca( every fiosca item adds 1 dex, some boots give you additional dex ) items now and then, a friend who cast ceandaliar str entreaty (+3 str) will be good. A signet ring can add 1 to 5 attributes, but they are rare and valuable. Not all aislings have one or two for use. You may wish to keep many gems in bank and get some rogue friends, because you will need a lot of rubies and beryl to get most spells of higher level.



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