Finding   the  Elusive  Mentor

A  Field  Guide


          Through the streets of Mileth Village, in shops, in taverns, and in temples I go in my quest.  Where is this elusive creature I have heard so much about?  I can find Vipers, Wasps, and the Mantis in the Wasteland, I have walked the trails of the Enchanted Woodland, I have even been in the Crypt and seen Rats, Spiders, and the dangerous Centipede, so why is it I cannot find a Mentor?

                              ~  Trillynia

                                  Deoch 18



    Much has been written on Mentors carefully reviewing their perspective students.  Making sure that they are not temporarily interested in their path and leave, wasting the Mentor’s valuable time and energies.  Or their mentoree  will act foolishly or rude to fellow Aislings making the Mentor look bad in front of his peers.  But what of young Aislings looking to find their own way on their chosen path, and not being able to find someone to aid them?  This is why I have put quill to parchment and wrote this guide for young Aislings looking for a Mentor.


    No matter yer chosen path- Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, or Wizard, ye will eventually want to find a Mentor to help ye along yer journeys.  This can seem to be an easy enough task, in the beginning.  Since there are all these Aislings around ye, one surely can have the time and energies to be yer Mentor.  I recently; in the last two Deochs; found my perfect Mentor (Evee), and still have my search fresh in my mind’s eye.  It was an enlightening quest, with highs and (to many) lows.  But in the end it was all worth it to find a Mentor that would take the time and effort to aid me.  Not to mention the patience for all the questions I can come up with for her to answer.  This said, remember this:  It will be difficult to find someone ye can trust and respect; and has the time, energy, and patience to put up with all your young Aisling quests.


    Here is a beginning to the things I believe can help ye on yer search for a Mentor.  Start by visiting your local shop where ye can purchase items for yer chosen path, usually more experienced Aislings will be there trading items and chatting about the daily events.  Here is a table to help ye find your local shops:


    Observe yer perspective Mentor in this environment.  Look at their names, legends, and how they interact with other Aislings.  Beware though, do not judge an Aisiling by only their clothes.  As some young Aislings go around in ragged clothes for sympathy, begging for items and gold; others get expensive clothing and items to look more impressive.  They do this to lure young ones to them, then use these youngsters for their own gains.  So be careful.


    Names are important.  A Mentor’s name becomes part of yer legend.  Do ye really want a name like – BunnyWhiskers, IDidntDoIt, AbCdEfGh, or #%*&)@# attached to ye for the rest of yer life?  Names show if they are part of the lands, not some strange alien from another world.


    The legend of yer possible Mentor is also important.  It will show if they have ever menotored before, ever researched, ever went on an important quest, and gives ye an idea of what type of Aisling ye would be going to for guidance.


    The conduct of an Aisling shows their temperament, and willingness to help others with questions.  Do they seemingly ignore questioning Aislings, push them out of the way, or yell at them?  Or do they ask how they can be of assistance, or say “Excuse me” when moving about a crowded place.


    If all the above areas I have discussed are looked into by ye, and ye feel comfortable about this Aisiling being your Mentor, go up to them and begin a conversation.  Start by being polite, say things like-“Excuse me.”,  “Do ye have a moment?”; and say “Thank ye”, “Please”, and “Ye are welcome” when appropriate.  Always be gracious, even if the answer to being your Mentor is “Nay.”  Then ask if they could recommend someone, or find out where else ye could look.  This Aisiling might not be able to mentor ye, but they still could be very helpful on yer quest for the elusive Mentor.


    Once ye have found an Aisling that will consent to be yer Mentor, ye must find out what type of style they will be using.  Will it be more casual or more structured?  Casual would be a Mentor who is available whenever the need arises.  One who does not mind answering yer whispers and mail promptly.  Who is usually in the lands more often than not.  That will meet with ye in person if needed; but does not have a set schedule for ye to follow.  They suggest on how to proceed with yer studies.


    Structured would be a Mentor who sets a schedule to meet with ye on a regular basis.  They expect ye to arrive promptly for yer studies and stay the required time.  They may also ask ye to raise specific secrets or skills from one meeting to the next.  They also will answer your whispers and mails as soon as it is convenient for them to do so.  They do not always stay in the lands, and may not be as available as a more casual Mentor.


    My Mentor Evee is both.  She is casual or structured as my needs arise.  Evee is structured because we have regularly scheduled meetings, every double-moon to study at Dar’s. She is casual because when she is not too busy; hunting, questing, or helping another youngling; she answers my whispers promptly.  (Even when doing the for mentioned things, she stills answers me with an “Aye, is it important?” to make sure I am not in any serious troubles.)  Not only offering me advice, but asking if I would like to meet in person for a discussion.  Sometimes we just meet to chat about the days events and how we are progressing in our separate journeys.  She has not only helped me on my chosen path of Wizardy, but aided me in all aspects of being a respectable Aisling.


    I hope these written words aid ye on your search for that elusive creature known as Mentor.  The things I have discussed should help ye track and find your Mentor, I know they helped me to find mine. 

    I believe the Goddess Glioca was watching over my quest to find a Mentor, and it was the Goddess that lead me to Evee.  May the Goddess smile on ye and yer quest,



     Deoch 20