Fae Alphabet

By Whisper in Dark Ages





The Fae Tongue is a Hermetic and Sylvan (Elven) language which is easy to learn, speak and write. The language is intuitive and songlike, and is uniquely crafted by its speaker or author. Its rules of Syntax are flexibly woven.

It can be quickly read, spoken and understood by those familiar with it, and being a sylvan tongue it often posesses an enchanting quality when spoken or heard.

It has an alphabet composed of Magical glyphs. To each glyph is attributed an English letter, several Fae syllable sounds, a major arcana of the Tarot, astrological designations and a Nordic Rune.

The individual Nordic Runes (from the Futhark alphabet) are matched to Fae glyphs which have Tarot attributions of related meaning.





Fae words are formed by taking each letter from an english word and substituting that letter with an appropriate Fae syllable sound chosen from the Fae Syllable Key below.

Study this Fae/English Translated example for a moment:

Ista Artamir gilinarthdae tiros norol uthu!

I A M G L A D T O N O U !

This translates - "I am glad to know you!", and was phonetically spelled (see below) in English as "I am glad to no u !". Notice the Fae syllable substitution for each English letter above. Thus one simply chooses a Fae syllable sound (from the several different sounds designated to each English letter) to substitute for every english letter in a english word. When the Fae Syllable substitutions are spoken or written as described Fae words and sentences are formed.






The single syallable sounds from the Fae Syllable Key below are the easiest to translate into English but are sometimes not as songlike when spoken. Always look and listen for the first letter of a Fae syllable sound, as that is usually the English letter translation of the Fae sound. (see examples)

Two similar letters are not allowed to lie adjacent to each other in Fae words. Delete the extra letter. This aids pronounciation and translating Fae into English.

English words may be spelled as they sound phonetically to shorten the length of Fae words. eg. Know = No. Usually the context of a phonetically spelled English word in a Fae sentence will let the listener know which English word is implied.Speakers should attempt to artfully craft words and sentences which are easy for the listener to translate into English.

If one learns but one or two Fae syllables for each English letter of the alphabet they should be able to fluently speak the language, yet the more Fae syllables one knows the more beautiful thier Sylvan speach shall be. One may always create there own Fae syllable sounds, as well as edit the existing 'traditional' ones. Such is the freedom of the Fae Tongue.




A ~ Arth,Arthu,Artha,Arta,Art,Astri,Astra,Atha,ath,An,Ar,Al

Tarot: 0, Fool / Astro: Primal Air Element / Rune: Sowelu


B ~ Brin,Bor,Bran,Bear,Bel

Tarot: 1, Magician / Astro: Mercury, Air & Earth / Rune: Perth


C ~ Cura,Curu,Cur,Cir,Ciru,Cel,Cal,Curay,Curae

Tarot: 2, High Priestess (also K) / Astro: Moon, Water / Rune: Ehwaz


D ~ Dae,Day,,Dil,Del,Da,d

Tarot: 3, Empress / Astro: Venus, Air & Earth / Rune: Jera


E ~ Elda,Eld,Est,Esta,Eth,Etha,Ev,Eva

Tarot: 4, Emperor / Astro: Aries, Fire / Rune: Teiwaz


F ~ For,Fal,Far,Fin,Fay,Fae

Tarot: 5, Hierophant / Astro: Taurus, Earth / Rune: Inguz


G ~ Gil,Gal,Glin,Gol,Gul

Tarot: 6, Lovers(also J) / Astro: Gemini, Air / Rune: Gebo


H ~ Hil,Hir,Hur,Hal,Hin,Ham,Hiem

Tarot: 7, Chariot / Astro: Cancer, Water / Rune: Thurisaz


I ~ Ista,Isti,Ist,Ith,In,Im,Isa,Ina

Tarot: 8, Strength / Astro: Leo, Fire / Rune: Uruz


J ~ Jem,Jarl,Jay,Jae

Tarot: 6, Lovers(also G) / Astro: Gemini, Air / Rune: Gebo


K ~ Karn,Kar,Key,Kel,Kuru,Kir,Kel,Kal,Kay

Tarot: 2, High Priestess (also C) / Astro: Moon, Water / Rune: Ehwaz


L ~ Lin,Lor,Lis,lon,lor,Lae,Lir,Lay

Tarot: 9, Hermit / Astro: Virgo, Earth / Rune: Algiz


M ~ Mir,Mor,Min,May,Mae

Tarot: 10, Wheel of Fortune / Astro: Jupiter, Fire & Water /

Runes: Raido, Fehu


N ~ Nar,Nor,Nir,Nel,Nae,Nay

Tarot: 11, Justice / Astro: Libra, Air / Rune: Laguz


O ~ Os,Ol,On,Ossa,Or,Oth

Tarot: 12, Hanged Man / Astro: Primal Water Element / Rune: Ansuz


P ~ Per,Pir,Pal,Pan,Pern

Tarot: 13, Death / Astro: Scorpio, Water / Runes: Eihwaz, Dagaz


Q ~ Ques,Quen,Quin,Quil,Quae,Quay

Tarot: 14, Temperance / Astro: Sagittarius, Fire / Rune: Berkana


R ~ Ren,Rel,Ril,Run,Rin,Rae,Ray

Tarot: 15, Devil / Astro: Capricorn, Earth / Rune: Nauthiz


S ~ Star,Sar,Sor,Sil,Sir,Sat,Sata,Say,Sae

Tarot: 21, World / Astro: Saturn, Air & Earth / Rune: Manniz


T ~ Tir,Tor,Tar,Tyn,Tin,Til,Tae,Tay

Tarot: 16, Tower / Astro: Mars, Fire & Water / Rune: Hagalaz


U ~ Uthu,Uth,Une,Uthay,Uthae

Tarot: 17, Star / Astro: Aquarius, Air / Rune: Kano


V ~ Val,Valk,Vir,Vin,Ven,Vor,Vay,Vae

Tarot: 18, Moon / Astro: Pisces, Water & Earth / Rune: Isa


W ~ Win,Wyn,Wil,Wel,Wis,Wen

Tarot: 19, Sun / Astro: Sun, Fire / Rune: Wunjo


X ~ Xava,Xav,Xay,Xae

Tarot: 20, Judgement / Astro: Primal Element Fire / Rune: Othila


Y ~ Yis,Yin,Yid,Yir,Ya,Yil,Yor

Tarot: 8, Strength (also I) / Astro: Leo, Fire / Rune: Uruz


Z ~ Zeth,Zath,Zil,Zor,Zun,Zae,Zay

Tarot: 21, World (also S) / Astro: Saturn, Air & Earth / Rune: Mannaz