Demagoguery Conduct Manual

 By Xibalba of Dark Ages

The purpose if this manual is to give existing and aspiring demagogues a view into their duties and how they should act in accordance to their station. This document is incorporated into Mileth law for informational purposes, and is not in itself a law. As such, violations of these rules are not necessarily violations of law. Burgesses are members of the demagoguery, and as such all references to the duties of demagogues will also include the burgesses.  

Demagoguery Duties


It is the responsibility of all demagogues to know the law. You cannot very well discuss passing amendments or new laws unless you have a working knowledge of the existing laws. Listen to the people. The duties of a demagogue are not limited to passing laws; they include the improvement the community for the welfare of all citizens. It is your duty to represent the citizens. There are also official duties that demagogues must perform as stated in article 1 of the Mileth Town Charter. The boards must be monitored in accordance with the Board Use and Abuse law. Any inappropriate material must be removed immediately, a report posted, and if necessary a guard informed of continued board abuse so that action may be taken. The following format should be used when posting offenders of Board Abuse: --------------- Title: Posts removed List the names of offending aislings, the number of posts removed and the reasons for removing them. Sign it as a member of the Mileth Demagoguery --------------- (Example) Posts Removed  Bogedi (1) BA, P Litos (2) H Senej (1) BA   BA - Board abuse, P - Profanity, H - Heresy  Drake Duvon Demagogue of Mileth (2)
  It is also an official duty to attend the regularly scheduled civics meetings held once a double moon. ((Currently these are held Tuesdays at 5pm PST.)) No laws need be proposed or passed at these meetings, they merely serve as a basis to keep all the members of the demagoguery current on issues. The meetings are held and run in accordance with the Mileth Official's Code of Conduct. When in attendance, speak your thoughts, constructive criticism leads to better-written laws. Perhaps the most well know duty of the demagoguery is voting on prospective laws. All proposals will be posted upon the Demagoguery Board for review at the next civics meeting where suggestions for improvement and possible amendments can be heard from the assembled body. If you do not vote upon a proposal within the set time limits put forth in the Mileth Town Charter, after it has been reviewed at a civics meeting, your vote will count as an abstained vote in accordance with the Mileth Official's Code of Conduct.  When voting on a law, post on the demagoguery board using this format: --------------- Title: Vote on (law proposal title)  State your vote on the proposal and any amendments attached to it.  Sign it as a member of the Mileth Demagoguery --------------  Laws will be passed in accordance to Article 1, Section C of the Mileth Town Charter.  

Exiles and Sgath Summons


Sometimes it is also necessary to carry out an exile or even a Sgath Summons. Because guards do not have these option in law enforcement, it is the duty the demagoguery to carry out exiles or summons in accordance with the orders of Guard Captains or Judges as stated in section 5 of the Laws of Punishment. The demagoguery duties consist of legislative matters only. So when performing these actions, the member, or one of the members of the Judiciary branch whom ordered the punishment will assist in carrying out the punishment. It is not a Demagogue's place to take matters of punishment regarding the law into their own hands.   These are the steps to take when performing an exile:  1)     Review the order for exile and see that it is accordance with the law. 2)     Speak to Cedric about Mileth Political Execution and carrying out an exile. 3)     Use an approving official for assistance in carrying out the exile whenever possible. 4)     After the completion of the exile, post that the order was carried out and who assisted the action as per order of what official(s) on the Justice Cases Board. Also include the Terran date and time the exile was carried out (in brackets) and the length of time for which the exile was ordered.   An exile will remain in effect until it is lifted. There are two conditions under which an exile should be removed: One is that the term of exile has been served. Only documentation proving the term of exile has been met need be utilized to carry out the lifting of an exile.  The other reason to lift an exile is that a judge orders it as a result of a review of the exile.   These are the steps to take when removing an exile: 1)     Ensure that the term of exile was served as stated on the Justice Cases Board document posted at the time of exile, or that a judge has ordered the lifting of the specific exile in a post there. 2)     Speak to Cedric about Mileth Political Execution and removing an exile. 3)     Use an assistant who has also reviewed the documents regarding the exile. 4)     After lifting the exile, post that it was lifted due to whatever circumstances were specified, and include the Terran date and time (in brackets).   A few things to keep in mind regarding exiles: -         Make sure you are able to remove the exile as per the Persistence of Authority Law. -         A Demagogue can not lift an exile performed by a Burgess. -         A member of the Demagoguery can perform only one Political Execution per Temuairian day   Sgath Summons, or Shadow Hunger, is the taking of the evil within an aisling and using it to kill him. The Sgath Summons will only be utilized as per section 5 of the Laws of Punishment. When called upon to perform a Summons, three officials (or one burgess or judge) will carry out the punishment in the Mileth Sgath Pit. This is located in the second set of stairs leading down into the Mileth Crypt.   These are the Steps to take when performing a summons: 1)     Ensure that legal documentation has been posted upon the Justice Cases Board ordering the Summons. 2)     Speak to Kieran, keeper of the pit, about Sgath and condemning an aisling. If using three officials, the officials must speak to Kieran within minutes of each other. 3)     Once the offending aisling has been summoned into the Sgath Pit, talk to Kieran a second time about summoning the Shadow Hunger. 4)     After the punishment has been carried out, post upon the Justice cases board that the punishment was completed. Be sure to include the names of the participating officials, the officials who ordered the Summons, and the Terran date and time (in brackets).   Keep in mind that illegal Sgath Summons are the equivalent of murder, and punishable as a Crime of the First Degree as declared in section 4 of the Laws of Punishment.   The following format should be used when posting the completion of an order for an Exile, removal of Exile, or a Sgath Summons: --------------- Title: Carried out (action taken) of (aisling) State who carried out the order, who assisted, and who ordered the punishment, or removal of punishment where applicable. State the Terran and Temuairian time that the action was taken (in brackets) and, when applicable, include the length of time the punishment was carried out for. 

Sign it as a member of the Mileth Demagoguery.


Burgess Duties


A burgess is head of the demagoguery. If there is no burgess in office, the head demagogue will assume the role of burgess where possible. Burgesses are subject to all the duties of a demagogue plus a few additional duties. As a burgess, one is responsible for determining misconduct as stated in the section Demagoguery Misconduct, and then taking steps to correct and possibly remove the offender.  It is also the responsibility of a burgess to preside over the civics meetings. They bring the meetings to order, inform the other members of the demagoguery of current proposals or news, and then preside over the meeting by keeping order. During these meetings, they must also appoint another member of the demagoguery to take the minutes to be posted on the demagoguery board. (Take the attendance and give a brief description of what happened during the meeting.) This is so that absent members of the demagoguery may review what was discussed at the meeting.  

Proposing Laws


Proposing laws is not necessarily a duty of demagogues. In fact, you need not even be a member of the demagoguery to propose a law. When it comes to passing laws, the demagoguery is merely the approving body. This is a suggested format to be used when writing a law. This format will be broken down into separate sections and paragraphs. Its purpose is to provide quick and easy references for guards and a common format to make reading and understanding the laws simpler. --------------- Title Introduction - The introduction tells what the law is about and states what it is meant to prevent. It should also declare references to related laws when applicable. Section (l) - This section should be a clear and concise definition of the law. If the law has more than one part, it will be broken down into separate sections, or paragraphs. (I.e. Para 1, Para 2.) Also, when using examples, end the paragraph and indent 5 spaces and start the example but stating it as such. Section (ll) - This section will refer each section of the law to the punishment law, or state any extenuating circumstances relating to punishments pertaining to that law. Conclusion - This section will summarize the law into a few statements. It will also provide an area to state any extenuating circumstances that do not fall into another section of the law. Documentation - Signatures will be listed followed by the author of the law, and any assistants or editors in conjunction with the writers work. It also will list the date the document was passed into law. ---------------   (Example) Heresy This law is a description of the act of heresy. All members of the community are expected to remain within the limits of the world of Temuair when going about their lives. Section (l) The act of heresy can be broken down into two categories, actions and words. These sections will define each (Article 1) Actions - heretical actions are defined as... (Article 2) Words - heretical words are defined as any words referring to an area outside Temuair (not of this world.) These words are detrimental to the community because... (Example) words such as "my other character", or "my rogue" Section (ll) If found guilty of an act of heresy by word or action, one will be punished as defined in the Laws of Punishment under Misdemeanors. The act of heresy by word or action is punishable by all members of the Mileth judicial system. One committing heresy...   Passed into law by: Drake Duvon Levan Al'Mara   Written by: Drake Duvon 5th moon, 23rd sun, Deoch 18 ---------------

Demagoguery Misconduct

As a member of the demagoguery it is your obligation to be a role model citizen and perform all your duties in a proficient manner. Failure to maintain your bearings or perform your stated duties will be taken into consideration by the other members of the demagoguery and in accordance with the Mileth Official's Code of Conduct. Upon determination of misconduct a member of the demagoguery will be put on probation from a demagogues duties until such time as their term of office has expired. Further misconduct under probation will be cause for removal and possible barring from office. Criminal misconduct, (the actual infraction of a stated law) is not acceptable as an official of Mileth. If convicted of a crime, an official will be removed from office in addition to Punishments carried out as determined by Mileth Law. In certain circumstances, determined by the current demagoguery and the crime, the official may be barred from taking office as well.