The Truth of the Adosa Circle under Loures

By Alaister in Dark Ages


Aslings your days are numbered! The anaman pact will be reborn and Chadul
will come again! Until recently I was like you duitifuly fighting back the
darkness and actually believing that we might win. Then I discovered the
Adosa circle and performed the rite of Stone. For all of you who don't know
loures castle is built on an ancient site of power, the site of the original
conix stone. Before of course I did not know this. I knew of the conix
fragments and I had heard that a place existed underneath the castle where
they could be traded for knowledge. So carrying some of the stones with me
I went in search of this circle. Slipping through a hole in the floor
underneath a bed I found a dungeon and eventually the Adosa circle. As I
soon learned, however, the circle was not the oldest nor the origanal source
of power at this site. You see after performing the ritual I was granted
knowledge knowledge first of the conix stones and the circle and later of
the future. As we all know the conix stones were once a part of a larger
structure. When used by the gods the fragments can summon creatures but no
one really knows what the origanal stone could do. It has been said that
the stones only allow the gods to manipulate their powers in a different
way. I am here to tell you that this is false the summoning power is in the
stones themselves but since they are fragmented they are weaker and so the
power of the Gods has to combine with the stones for them to work. When the
stones were together they were immensly powerful they needed only the
thoughts of mankind to operate and during this time it brought forth a
terrible power a power of which Chadul is only a shadow. It then took
control of the stone so that it might not bring forth anything else out of
the imagination of mankind. Before it could complete it's take over however
the Adosa discovered it and the place from which its power originated. And
so they placed a circle on it and performed the first conjuction. The adosa
Combined the power of fire and compassion and created a power of light and
love. This ritual broke the stone into pieces and scatered it to the far
ends of temuir. The first power however fooled them for though they thought
they had they hadn't destroyed all of the stone a core of it remained.
Using the power in this core and drawing power from the circle, the barrier
that keeps it out of our realm, it began reform itself. Chadul and the
dubhamaid and even sigrois are reflections, but only reflections, of this
power. That is why Sigrois can summon even before the stones were
discovered, he has accesses to the core of the original stone that remains
under loures. The power of light however did not sit still, with the help
of Deoch who was once part of the dark power they repeated the ritual of the
first conjuction and re-banished part of the first power. They were not
strong enough however to banish it all sigrois and a scattering of the
dubhamaid remained. All this the circle told me when I dropped off my first
batch of Conix fragments. Having to know more I found and dropped off some
more. The power is not going to be as stupid the second time. When it
comes again it will come at its full power. When this happens there is
nothing in this world that can stop it. The power of light that the adosa
created was never strong enough and it weakend itself tremendously by
reforming the seal. In 200 years enough of the power from the seal well
have been absorabed and the power will break through. We might be able to
hinder it but we can not stop it. We do however have another choice. When
we drop off the conix fragments here they are remelded to the remaining core
of the conix stone. This increases the base that the power has to draw from
and will hasten its entry into our world, which will happen however,
regardless of our actions. Most of the world will be destroyed when the
power returns but those who have helped it will be kings and weild power the
likes of which they can only imagine. I know which path I am going to
choose. Find me and perhaps we can go down it together.