Theological Integration of an Aisling

By Artadelanmir in DarkAges


When thy land's high priests and priestess presented to the mundanes a plan for a new class system for the theological worshipping many thoughts arose, as should have in many aislings who have not yet found a true path of religion. Ever since aislinghood I have been unaware of which religion best fits me, or a reason for choosing one over another. Although the gods purposes seem clear, an aisling must seek deep within one's self to find an answer to a great decision that will affect an aisling for the remainder of his life. But don't get me wrong, aislings can always forsake or shift their religion, but this is very undesired and looked down upon to society. Because of my unanswered question I have sought out many aislings, mundanes, and books that discussed these religions and have come to a full understanding of each fellowship.

Important Notices

This article was created not only for the help of an aisling's decision on religion based on his life, but also his way of life based on his religion. I have noticed that if there was anything important missing in Loures's astounding library it would have the significance between the written knowledge and that of an aisling's adventurous life. In order for you, the reader, to understand these integrations it is best that you are well informed on the basic aspects of each Temuairan god. An important thing to notice while reading the following is how the allied fellowships overlap each other in our every day life contributing to previous beliefs held amongst the earliest followers.


The Deoch Fellowship thrives off of the great belief of balance between the uncontrolled evils and holiness of the land as well as the spreading of light and inspiration to new forthcomings. An aisling follower of Deoch would want to take pride in the guidance of new aislings, and spread knowledge of a new way of living (theologically, politically, socially, or gaining of insight). They would seek relationships of others who often take life drastically going through hard times but managing to survive and aislings that have a unique sense of personality with the will to express themselves.


Of the eight fellowships Glioca is probably the easiest to understand, but should never be crossed by any means. Her ways are purely that of light, and if for any reason an aisling has doubts of his life long purpose this fellowship is not for them. This is because an aisling that does not follow his heart fully will show it beyond his recognition through speech on his hardest of times. However, an aisling that truly follows by his heart will know this, and take in many challenges in his life with what appears to be no purpose to the common aisling, that is really an act of kindness that is intended to spread light, similar to Deoch. A follower of Glioca will seek a relationship with someone who has a true heart, although may not show it fully, and will accept their lover for who they are.


An aisling follower of Cail is a very interesting one. They will use the flow of love and the divinity of natural laws to seek peace with the earth. Followers will find their relationship through physical actions as opposed to the mindless chatter they see going on within others, and will also seek respectability in an aisling. Their worshipping of nature allows them to see the truth behind an aislings words, thus allowing them to gain deep and long lasting relationships.


Similar to Cail, Luathas worshippers will seek distinctiveness in their lover that bears something behind the chatter, but in this case it is that of the mind. They live their lives prosperously and should most importantly think before speaking. However, Luathas has exceeded the line of loving and views both dark and light as unimportant unless it takes face within their involvements in Temuair. They basically live off of knowledge they have learned from elders, often written in books. Their laws are embedded within their learned wisdom and knowledge which they live strictly by, manipulating society with them for a greater purpose, commonly committed through conspiring.


Gramail is the strictest within his laws. He is the opposite of both light and darkness, trying to mend either of them to meet the hands of justice. They seek the fortune found within the preservation of society, which they prosper. Similar to Luathas they are involved in conspiring, however with Gramail followers it is usually for the benefit of the people for their own good instead of the preservation and seeking of knowledge. Their relationships are to be sought with another who is greatly involved within politics, having a great desire for control in their own safety to an extreme, and contributing to the balance where they are helping the suffered and punishing the wicked.


His followers have just crossed the line of neutrality into the realms of darkness to the slightest degree. This is done when such conspiring goes on not for the preservation of society, but the preservation of self. These aislings will innocently manipulate others to meet their own needs. Their desired relationship is most commonly that of another who has an obtainable fortune, and not usually a lasting one. However, there is some hope in their relationships when they meet their match where love comes through their competition of each other.


These followers all strive for the lust of war. They love to hunt with others, share war stories, battle in the newly built famous Loures Arena, and compete in any way physically possible. They live by the sword, and shall die by it, all for the love of it. Their lust for wealth is found within the spoils of war, although they love to take heroic stances in battle which is often lead to the romance of new relationships. Although they contribute to death in many ways, they often do not see it as evil because of their strong belief in Ceannlaidir and because they are use to this way of life. Even though they often participate in Politics, they are also nomadic, attending to wars in far off lands for their own recognition to each other.


Some say that Sgrios followers aren't necessarily evil and don't always wish to cause destruction and harm or political outbreaks. However I would not go so close as to believing them, for they too hold manipulative qualities, and in this circumstance are just furthering the acceptance of Sgrios followers in our society. Many of them have suffered a horrible life and thus have joined, to try and take back from society was has been taken from them, leaving their hearts empty. Deoch's ways follow through them in their irrationality and awakening to new ideas, except that in Sgrios the new ways are that of destruction and chaos. Their lovers will come from either a cruel fait in their eyes, or a hope of inspiration and a will to recover their neglected souls.


Hopefully these realities of theological integrations have broadened your thought on the living aisling within each fellowship. I wrote each quality by its truths, and if you have taken offense to any of these then perhaps your place lies within it. For those of you who have already achieved a sturdy bond between your fellowship and yourself should hopefully have increased your knowledge or lead you in the right direction of the culture behind your religion.

At first one must study each religion,
Then one must look down upon himself,
And once more upon his deities' culture.
Once he has acheived a full state of awareness,
Shall he find salvation within his chosen path.

Artadelan Miranthos, Loures Scholar
Spring, Deoch 15th