“Aisling Hunting Mentalities”


--A study of aisling psychology--



    It is a true thing most aislings hunt some point in their lives.
But why do aislings feel compelled to participate in this activity?
I intended to study and observe the most basic roots of aisling
hunting mentalities and how they relate to an aisling’s overall 
psychology. I discovered one’s psychology could be described 
by three distinct,but conflicting entities.

Three basic factors to an aisling’s psychology

Id :
	This consists of an aisling’s most primitive urges
 and drives it has since birth; including: hunger, thirst, comfort,
 and faerie love. This factor can be deduced as a raw, 
pleasure principle.


Ego :
	As an aisling develops and matures in temuair, 
his or her id grows to become in synchronization with the 
circumstances of the real world. The ego is created to relate the 
desires of the id with these circumstances. An example could be 
an aisling whose greed temps him or her to steal the experience 
from another’s kill. The ego would identify the possibility of 
punishment, benefits, and as well as morals.The ego could be 
deduced as the reality principle.


Superego :
	Also, as an aisling grows, he or she adheres
to the morals, values, ethics, and judgments of a guide, mentor, 
and society itself. The superego is one’s judge of behavior, 
deeming what is good or bad, ethical or unethical. 
It can be deduced as one’s conscience.

 Summary of Principles

The ego represents an aisling’s actual day-to-day behavior 
in society, the face on presents to the world of temuair. 
The id and the superego are factors that influence the overall ego; 
the id  temps the ego toward pleasurable urges, while the superego 
enforces judgments, advocating “correct” behavior and ethics. 
These forces dueling in the subconscious, cause internal conflicts.

How psychology principles relate to hunting 


	Through observation over many deoches, 
I could deduce where each principle fits in with the three 
most basic hunting mentalities.


Barbarians--- (id)---


	These aislings are dominated by a raw instinct 
that enjoys to slay other beings. Barbarians usually take great 
pride and glory in combat victories. While this mentality
 is generally associated with the warrior class, that is not 
always the case, it has been known of even humble priests to 
fill with vigor in war. Barbarians could be deduced as having 
the true hunting mentality of Ceannlaidir.


Status Seekers--- (ego)---


	They seek fame and attention of society through 
conquest to gain experience. An aisling dominated by this 
hunting mentality hopes for fortune and to be recognized in 
the higher ranks by his or her peers, this mentality in the 
most raw form, could be associated with self desires, yet still 
civil to society. Status Seekers could be deduced as having the 
true hunting mentality of Fiosachd.


Helpers--- (superego)---


               These aislings are dominated by the hunting 
mentality to serve good. This spark of kindness lies within all 
aislings as we continue our ongoing battle against Chadul. Helpers 
hunt to force creatures of darkness to bay. This hunting mentality 
could be deduced as the true mentality of Glioca.



               Aislings’ will to hunt has persisted pass many 
deoches. For many of us, it is a combination of the three most 
primitive hunting mentalities, however, in some aislings one of 
the three dominates over the rest. In conclusion, these three 
distinct components control the hunting mentalities of our aisling 


~Scribed and published for use of the Loures Library~


Good fortunes of Fiosachd,