Solar Eclipses

By: Callesto

((This is an In-Character explanation of server resets.))

      Every so often, something incredible happens in Temuair. This something was so previously unexplainable that it was sometimes simply ignored by most Aislings. This “something” is called a Solar Eclipse.

     So exactly what is a Solar Eclipse, you ask? Sometimes, our moon passes in front of the sun. The sunlight is then blocked from reaching Temuair, causing complete and utter darkness. All Aislings who are awake at the time then see the darkening of Temuair.

     The darkening of Temuair is then felt by the Aisling spark. As a result of this darkening, all Aislings who are awake lose consciousness for a short while. Upon their awakening, they find themselves unaware of what happened. They have very little or no recollection of loosing consciousness or the Eclipse.

     This side effect of the Eclipse does not effect Mundanes. Mundanes do not have the Aisling spark, and are thus left in the darkness during the Eclipse.

     Another effect Solar Eclipses have on Temuair is how it effects the many monsters and beasts throughout the world. I cannot explain why, as I do not know, but all monsters seem to fear for their life during an Eclipse. They quickly run and hide during an Eclipse, only coming out after being certain it is safe. Before hiding, they collect the many scattered items about the floors of Temuair. It is said that it is for this reason that dead monsters sometimes drop rare and valuable items, and even money.

     Because of Temuair’s location in the Solar system, it is impossible to avoid this amazing phenomenon. It is also nearly impossible to predict when it will happen. However, there is a small sign which can be recognized shortly before the Eclipse.

     The small sign of an on-coming Eclipse is, believe it or not, felt by all Aislings. Your Aisling instincts will kick in, alerting you of the Eclipse. You’ll feel a little dizzy, and suddenly feel very cautious about things. It is not an obvious sign of an on-coming Eclipse, and usually is not realized until it is too late.

     Although Eclipses do cause Aislings to lose consciousness, they do not cause any actual harm and should not be feared. After awakening from an Eclipse, Aislings usually feel and think exactly the same as they did before… usually without even noticing they had lost consciousness!