The Philosophy of Power



Power. What is it? How do we obtain it or know if we have it? And how do we know if we are more powerful than someone else? These are the questions that I will try to answer.

The theory of power is a strange one. It is known to exist and we know that the more powerful we get, the more pain and damage we can inflict upon our enemies. But how is it measured?

First let me say that there are many types of power. Five to be exact. There is one type of power for each class. I will give to you the information that I possess and explain about the different powers for the different classes.


Monks are aislings of deep thought; they battle with a great Inner Fire so as they get hurt, their health regenerates, and the essence of life flows through them. They have no need for weapons as they are well trained in the ancient Martial Arts. Their power lies in their health. Cail, the god of the monks empowers them with items to improve their health. Over all a very powerful class.


Wizard are aislings of magic, their power lies in the elements. They can summon forth bolts of lightning, waves of sea, earthquakes, and other elements of power. They can carry staffs of power that make it easier and faster for them to summon their elemental powers. But… They have a weakness… once a Wizard loses the will to summon their elemental powers, they are powerless. If they were to press forwards into hand-to-hand battle, it would be like a viper against a mantis.


These are lonely aislings; their power lies in their ability to set traps. They have many skills of escape, and illusion. They are able to hide, and confuse creatures, sometimes making one creature attack another. The wield special daggers, which they are able to throw at creatures and damage them. But… this class has a weakness too. Rogues are weak of health, as they do not need to depend on hand-to-hand combat to slay their foes. This makes them easy targets if they are blinded or hypnotised into going to sleep.


This class believes they are the Best! That no one can beat them! And that they are the most powerful beings of all. Well… have I got news for you… even thought they may look important and powerful, with all their special armours and their grand swords they have many weaknesses. Strip a warrior of his or her armour and take away his sword, and he is as powerful as a viper when it’s asleep. But… they are Required when hunting in powerful areas as when wielding a powerful sword, they are quite dangerous, and as they get skills that can Rescue other aislings… and skills the can confuse a creature in such a way that they are unable to move and forget how to fight.


A priest’s power lies in his spells. He is trained in such a way that he gains knowledge of the aisling body. With this knowledge he is able to use spells that heal, empower, uncurse, and protect other aislings. Priests also get the ability to curse creatures; this helps the warrior or monk, which is attacking the creature. Along with their spells, a priest power also lies in their intelligence and wisdom, which they use to aid other aislings.

Overall Conclusion:

If you came here looking for the answer as to, which is the most power being to become, then I am sorry, I can’t help you. Read the above parchment and make your own conclusion. All I will say is that all these Classes are like the powers of the elements. A warrior may be powerful against a Priest, but he would not be able to beat a Rogue that has the same experience as himself.

That concludes the first Manuscript On the Philosophy of Power by DoomHealer. Priest of Fiosachd, Third Circle.