Theory of Hidden Power


by FalconZero of Dark Ages



All aislings have wondered whether there has been a force or something

magical inside them which made the outside world. When one touches a plant

and makes deum, he feels a sense of happiness. When one touches the enemy he

feels pain. When one touches his god or goddess in a holy prayer, he feels a

sigh of relief and faith. What drives these small emotions? What makes us

focus on what is at hand? I believe that every aisling has a hidden

potential. Each inside each and every one of us there is a bit of magic

which flows throughout our bloodstream. I believe that when this potential

reaches high insighted minds and highly skilled people, a aura of energy can

be seen within one if he/she closes their eyes and awakens their innerself.

Not just any self, but a self of strength, intelligence, wisdom, con, and

dexernity. The power hidden potential in one, the more hidden potential that

one can awake. I've noticed this happen many times especially with monks.

This is probably due to the large amount of meditation they go through and

the intense amount of seeing enemies flash before there eyes. Monks attack

with instinct and heart, rather than brute and weaponry.


Another encounter which I noticed of the hidden potential is when I was

walking one beautiful day down Abel. I was interested in selling my goblins

skulls to the local skullmaster. Next to the bank was a monk of a rare

insight. When I passed by him my Holy Diana started to shake ruthlessly and

as if trying to point at the monk. I ignored the sign and considered it just

the wind. However next thing I knew, a creature from the dubhaim flew from

above the sky and fell down to the ground with such fury that I believed the

whole ground shook. As I turned around I saw the monk get into what seemed

the White Bat stance. He instantly disappeared and my eye opened widely to

see what was going on. I knew that the demon was here to attack on any he

sees. Therefore I took evasive action, I cast the Beag cradh on the demon

but it had no affect on him. As the beast came closer to me, he swung his

arm up in the air going for a slash at my chest. I believed it was my end.

When all of a sudden my holy Diana started to move angrily again. As I

looked at it pointed behind the demon. I noticed that the monk seen before

had ambushed the creature of dubhaim and laid a furious punch at the

monster, knocking the demon across from me and hitting a wall in the bank.

When I turned back to look at the monk I saw the hidden potential. My staff

kept twirling and after a few seconds, the monk started to glow in a yellow

aura. He got scared and ran away. As he ran the aura faded and faded till

there was nothing left. My mind was twirling around like a merry go round

trying to figure out what just happened. No monk has the ability to have

that much strength. When I glanced back at the demon, the wall was destroyed

but the demon had vanished.


I've been trying to figure out what happened that day and what could of

caused the sudden increase in insight in a aisling. Thus I figured it out.

After immense study and some praying of my own I was shown a light. This

light made me see that within aisling emotion, one has the ability to

release incredible powers. Since the monk new I was in distress, he felt he

had to do something. Therefore his body, mind, and heart became one. This

made his heart pump a sort of magical blood. This blood must be the source

of the hidden potential. I myself have felt it and seen it. It is because of

that day that I see now powers of amazing abilities exist within all of us.

It is because of that day, that I started to meditate as well. Hopefully

some day when evil triumphs, I will be there to show the pure and the well

hearted how to release and awaken their hidden potential.