Light Discovery
from Light Discovery Part 4

Spoken through the mouth of - Firemace - Unprecedented devotee of the Wind Element, in Dark Ages

Can you feel that child?

The holy wind that shall vanquish darkness from the depths of all hell. The glorified elements of light which only through it can one the touch the spirit element.

What is that?

You wish to become an artist of the light you say? No Child, I will not let you, for those who befall the ways of the light may be vanquished forever into the depths of darkness, for it was light which was spawned from the furious flames of darkness. Light shall and will, because of its great mysterious power, which only the first oracle can contain, destroy its creator. The light was found by the holy Templar oracle. "MAGUS" was his name. He now can be found in disguise as a master of the darkness element for what he does not know about darkness he cannot know about light. Magus does know every art however, but he dwells in teaching darkness for light is his only one love. He wishes to know everything about the dark element to better understand it when the judging shall come. The dark forces shall mistake him for an ally and he shall vanquish all that do and wish to behold the element of dark.

How does he know of but every element you say?

Child, you are my best pupil but the must learn more for I have already told you. Only light is the element that can touch spirit and only spirit is the element, which can touch all elements. Magus has seized but only a fraction of this power and shall soon know of only half of its knowledge. He does know all of the arts yes, but little of them indeed, for he knows little of the spirit element.

I wonder, child, if I should be telling you this for I could be vanquished into the depths of hell for all eternity if this had spread around. The holy disguise of magus would be broken and his true hideous form would be released. I have not seen his dark form but that is his own eye only. Although he may have a truly hideous physical form he beholds the most beautiful spiritual form ever known to the Gods.

I should get back to the subject, for my babbling could get me beheaded or thrown into the dark realms. Magus was the first one to touch the element after learning the element of earth for quite some time. He was known to masters of the earth element for he was the most talented they had ever seen. He soon had surpassed the histories and working of the Earth element and could not receive or give any more from it. He was the true master of that element. After having his lifetime lengthen by the gods for showing them the true meaning of the Earth he started to dwindle the Wind element. Soon he did the same for Wind ad his life was lengthened by the gods so that he may discover the Water element. For every element he became master and for every element he had received life gifts from the gods. Although after learning the 4 known elements he was satisfied he saw but a drop of another, undiscovered element in each one of these elements. He saw this time after time and started to go back through the elements one by one searching for this new element until one horrid day when he found it.

"DARKNESS" was unlike any element anyone had seen before. It wreaked havoc over everything it touched and was found in the fire element. I believe that if Darkness had been found in any other element it would have killed us all but because it was found in fire, fire could keep it at bay with it's flames which seemed to illuminate this and kill darkness.

Magus saw this and trained many more people in the way of fire so that darkness may not rule but darkness was swallowing the flames more and more each day and was combining with the fire element. Magus grieved for the Fire element and sorts its retribution for him. He searched never sleeping day after day, night after night, until he found it, A SPARK.

He realized then that this was the exact same thing he had seen on all the other elements but had not noticed it. He had found the element of light. He knew once then and there that light was strongest in the fire element so he looked in the fire element, which was combined with darkness. He gave his soul to everything darkness had in order to kill it but even though he was the strongest master that ever lived he could only give enough to free the fire element form darkness' clutches. He became the element of light hoarding off darkness until it was vanquished.

And here we are today. I believe that if it were not for Magus we would have certainly died in the darkness and flames. Magus has saved us and to this present day has been given immortality from the gods, because even they fear the element of darkness.

Magus spends hours each day just practicing the element of darkness, sifting through its secrets wanting to know what makes it so powerful. The gods have faith in him for he has just found a new element: The element of spirit, which can control all elements. That is their dangers and their pleasures.

Magus was the founder of all basic elements and the he shall be mentor of all new elements. He is our savior and shall not die for he is the master of every element and discoverer of all.

How did he get to fire? HAHA child, never stop-asking questions do you... It all began with Nature... normal nature which you see around you every day. From nature he found dirt which was made from Earth. He had found the element of earth.

From EARTH soon came the wind that blew the dirt and from the air cam WIND.

From EARTH to WIND and from wind came the clouds, which dropped WATER.

From EARTH to WIND to WATER to Water's enemy FIRE.

I have told you the rest from fire.


Oh yes child... Every light may cast a shadow, but the shadows shall destroy themselves through Magus's hands.