THe HeXaGRaM : THe iNVeRSioN oF BaLaNCe

"aS eXPLaiNeD By PHiLoSoPHeR aND THeoLoGiaN


(Formerly Lord Grim "The Grimlin" Asmodious)



Within the universal map of creation we find several simple and quintessential elements that define the very pattern that is existance. Within the very defined and simplistic hexagram we can better illustrate these properties.

1)The six basic elements (and their individual effectual energy projections) of creation and world energy are as follows in no particular order:

Light : Blessing, Summoning, Positive, Good, Life

Darkness : Cursing, Summoning, Negative, Dark, Death

Earth : Positive effects, Protection, Invisibility, Haste, Enchantments (weapons, armor, clothes etc...)

Air : Negative Effects, Paralysis, Confusion, Illusion, Teleport

Fire : Damage, Rebirth, Poison, Enchantment (weapons, armor, clothes etc...)

Water : Healing, Illusion, Teleport, Enhance (Body, Mind and Spirit)

As you can see on the attached diagram, the more positive and progressive aspects of nature can be seen as the first trinigram. They deal with the more uplifting aspects of nature and her forces of influence. They also point in an upward manner and ascend through the hexagram as will be explained later.

The more negative and degressive aspects of nature can be seen as the second trinigram. They deal with the more abrasive and descending aspects of nature and her forces of influence. These point in a downward manner and descend through the hexagram as will be explained later.

Within the Hexagram itself is the Third and perfect trinigram, the aspect of man. This trinigram sits within what is referred to as the dual inverted trinigrams or hexigram. Sitting within the main intersection shows mans place in the middle of nature and his focus as the balancing factor that manipulates the forces within a balanced and neutral existance. Without man to manage these powers all chaos would break loose and existance would turn into a paradox of constantly changing non-existance.

As we look at the Hexagram we can see that even though water and earth are part of the upper and first trinigram they sit beside and surrounding the point aspect of the dark trinigram. In literal terms these two forces are the most chaotic of the 4 minor elements (Light and Dark being the Major elements). Within them is randomness and derrision. Fire and Air sit astride the point aspect of the Light trinigram showing a more leniancy towards the Lawful aspect of the trinigram. How can this be you ask? Here is where the inversion of balance comes into play. I will not attempt to explain all the woprkings of the trinigram at this time. That will be addressed at a later date. What I wish to explain in this tome is the balance within all the forces that surround us and the fact that without one another, there would be no perfect balance and that each force must work within and in laterality to the others in order to function within the sphere of existance on this plane. Man sits within and encompassed by the six elements of completion. Man may manipulate and move these forces as far as they will allow and may create several cross aspects within the layout of the patterns within the hexagram which can be displayed as circles within the seal. man must keep this in check however for he has the ability to push the balance in one direction or another, but, as the laws of reality would have it, when one force rears its head an opposite and equally powerful and able force arises. Man has the decision as to which way to bend, the forces just ARE...

As confusing as this all may be, you can see with the diagram and simple inspection that the intertwinement of the pattern lines and the layout of the forces suggest a weave that plays upon itself and connot exist without all parts, for, if the pattern was to ever be broken, the stability of existance would crumble...I have found in this simple explination the fact that was must fight against the uprisings of either side whichever may be migher to keep the balance. One side is not right and one side is not wrong, they both are equally important and if the time arises where man must take upon himself the aspects of "evil" and "choas" to keep the balance then it is justly so. We, as aislintgs and creatures of the creation have the responsibility of the balance. I fear the time is at hand when the forces are becoming unbalanced and man must take action. I will write more at a later date if required, for now these eyes have seen sites that tire not only the mind and body but the soul as well. Be well and wise...see you in the after...