Kandolo's Theory of Temuarian Music
and its relation to Elemental Magic


Throughout my time as a composer, musician, and elementalist, I have noticed an ongoing relationship to the power of music and that of the elements. I have frequently explored many possibilities of music being a 7th element, though I have tried to keep those thoughts away from the greater wizards of Temuar, in fear of losing respect as a wizard myself. In these documents, I will describe my reasons on how Music is Magic.

What is Music?

Music is a compilation of the composer's thoughts. The composer uses learned techniques to create progressions from one thought to another, eventually creating a final product. Music can be easily be made by a person with little experience by simply humming a tune, but true masterpieces can only be made by a person who has had years of experience and shows true talent for music.

What is Elemental Magic?

Magic is a compilation of the wizards thoughts to extract the power of an element onto a desired target. The wizard uses learned techniques to properly bring forth the element in the proper way, eventually creating a final full pure blast of the desired element. Magic has many different forms. Beag spells can easily be learned by beginning musicians, but only by years of training and study can one learn truly powerful forms of magic.

How does Music Relate to Each Element?

Srad, or fire, burns with fury. This element burns a victim and scars them.. This scar will always been seen by a person, and the event will be remembered and will effect his life. Music implants itself into your mind, and will effect your thoughts, emotions, and your outlook on life.


Athar strikes down from above in pure bolts of light. From one main beam, smaller beams break forth.. Each beam being of its own, and yet it is still separate. Music varies. Music nearly always conveys one single message, but gives this single message in many different thoughts. All these thoughts come together to form one thought.. The musical piece. Much as every strand of light from Athar pull together to form the bolt.


Creag, or earth, is what we see. The earth is nature: trees, mountains, valleys, and caves.. Earth gives description of your surroundings, and encompasses it with beauty. Music, in the same way, enhances a scene. Music is beautiful, it along can show dark green trees, soaring mountains, lush valleys, and hidden caves..


Sal, or water, reflects. Much like a mirror, looking into a pool of water reflects images. Much like Sal, Music reflects.. But not images - Music reflects thoughts. Music digs into your mind and pulls forth old nostalgic memories.. good or bad. Water imbues the soul, as does music.

      Lightness, Darkness

Light and dark, complete opposites. Good and Evil, Fullness and Emptiness.. These are all represented. In music, such contrasting does occur. In the interval of just a minor 3rd down - only 4 chromatic steps - Music changes from good to evil. Much as just in one half Temuarian day, lightness changes to darkness. But, this can be undone. An interval of just a minor 3rd up - still 4 chromatic steps - music changes back to good from evil, much as night turns back to day. In music and light/dark, the light and dark can intermix. In a chord, by changing the third degree one half step lower, a piece in a major, or "light", key can become like one of a minor, or "dark", key. Just as during the day one casts shadows, and during the night you can light a candle..

The Final Victor: Magic or Music?

That question, I cannot answer. But I can reply that Magic cannot exist without music, but music CAN exist without magic. Music is what livens the soul, brings forth wisdom, and clears your mind from the clouds of evil. For magic to exist, a coefficient piece of music must exist - and DOES (as shown above). When and if magic ever leaves.. Music will remain. Music is not bound by magic, music exists by composers. Composers don't control music, they create it. Wizards can only manipulate the elements for magic. Magic IS music in its own respect.


As mentioned in the foreword, these are radical thoughts - but with supporting statements. To fully understand this you must have an open mind, not to mention some knowledge of music and magic. While it is shown that I am studying the element Sal.. I still secretly am devoting myself to music. Only then can myself, and others, become true master wizards. One must understand that which gives before they can truly take that which is given.