Darkness and the Dubhaimid 
                by Katrionah Rosalette in Dark Ages

    The horrific legends are unmistakable. The look, the very mention of the name evokes upon any face tells the grim tale just the same. The dubhaimid, or dubhaim as some have come to call them, are without a doubt a chilling reminder of the dark days of centuries past. It nearly goes without saying of the fear, loathing, and madness that came with the horrid stretch of discord and insanity that gripped the world for so long.

    It was in these days of chaos and dark, that these horrific beings emerged into the frenzied world. No one has ever been able to honestly say from whence they truly came from. Some say the very bowels of the earth were opened by the cries of restless souls forever barred from the eternal peace of the Hy-brasyl, allowing the dubhaim to emerge into the world and spread their destruction and torment.
    That however, seems an odd solution, one sounding more of myth than fact, one simply built around the story of the fall. Yet who can say for sure? The records of the years of endless dark have been since lost, forgotten, or corrupted though one way or another by numerous retellings.
    What we know even now is but a small amount, to say the least. History seems more apt to describe the exploits of past heroes than past horrors. And anything else said to be historical fact, could simply just be out of speculation adding to all this, a feeble attempt to fill in the gaps of a hopelessly ancient and shredded tapestry.
    However, in the tradition of this speculation, I find it only natural that even I should add my theory to the mix. What can hurt what has nearly been destroyed as it is?



    The dubhaim appeared in the world just as the era of discord began. They seemed to, and perhaps still do, embody every evil and hellish aspect ever known, or to become known. Their look, their movements, their very air radiates with all these and more to this day and generation. Perhaps, they are evil itself incarnate, or whatever other dark aspect that may come to mind.

If one merely observes the ways and appearances of the denizens of this twisted species, they will realize the subtle but significant connections. Smaller, weaker members of this race, for instance, the Fiend Pupa, may be an incarnation of petty disputes of sorts. Those for example being jealously, hate, lust, greed, and countless others it would seem.
    The relation of these emotions and this variation of the dubhaimid, are actually quite simple when both taken in account. The Pupa are what one could call the infants of the demonic race, leaving them the potential to grow and mature to their full horrid expectation with due time. This, ironically, goes just the same as the so-called sinful emotions mentioned before. All of these petty feelings can grow more fervent and consuming, just as the Fiend Pupa mature and strengthen physically as well. It would seem through all this, that the dubhaimid themselves seem to represent such dark human emotions.

    Of course, all mentioned above is only theory, it by no means signifies that is truly the case. The dubhaim could simply be a typical race of monster, just as goblin or harpy. In fact, the dubhaim could easily be written off as just a typical horror as those said there.
    Though history has managed to clearly state that this is not their case. The true horror of this species seems to lie deeper than just their gruesome appearance and violent ways, the mere sight of them can evoke a feeling of terror or anxiety in even the bravest of hearts. Even those who regularly hunt within the walls of their dark castle dominion cannot seem to fully shake these feelings, as if the fear from them has been embedded within by heritage. It goes without saying, that is not a typical reaction to such creatures, only the dubhaim have ever been recorded as having an ever-present air such as this about them. It is an eerily odd phenomenon, yet at the same time, it makes perfect sense.

    No one, unless perhaps mentally touched or deranged, can say they like the experience feelings such as hatred, terror, pain, and sadness. And though feelings such as lust and greed are considered on a different level as those, they are still of course considered wrong and immoral.
    So why is it, that when the Dubhaimid first appeared, that it was just shortly after the world had slipped into its era of chaos? It may not be so curious if the race were to have come about centuries later, evolving into our chain of life just as any other animal, but their ironic, almost symbolic, arrival into the world, cannot possibly be dismissed as a coincidence.
    For that reason, it may very well be true, that the dubhaim were born of our own infant strife of the time, thriving upon the fear and terror they ravaged upon the land. If the dubhaim, if it were even possible, were able to appear during the time of the Hy-brasyl, that could have led the race to simply flounder, and then die out. After all, the era of the Hy-brasyl was that of unending peace, filled with no sorrows or regrets, if they lacked the dark emotions that needed to survive, then it would only be natural they would simply fade away in that time.

    Sadly, that has not been our case, the dubhaim are like a horrible myth turned reality. All the same, they are a reality, and we are left to deal and even contend with them. A simple solution to their dark presence would be to end our years of struggle, and revive a new era of everlasting peace.
    It is not that easy, nothing ever is. The world has finally come to somehow balance the ways of light and dark, though it is a dangerously delicate one. We are better off than in our era of chaos, yet we are far from attaining the harmony as with the Hy-brasyl. Simply put, we can only deal with it. If we must live with these dark feelings, then we must also live with the dubhaimid. Their existences will ever be a grim reminder of the strife we mortals have been cursed with.
    We must still keep in mind that does not mean all is lost in that sense. We have our contentment, though it is sometimes wavering by the presence of the darker feelings, nonetheless it is there, and we need only recognize it. To simply give in to the dark, would be the end of all, which in turn could been the Dubhaim would evolve into a race ten times more horrific than their current incarnations. Best not to look only upon the worst case scenario though, as long as a pure heart remains in this world, the darkness cannot gain total control ever again.

    That seems to be another simple aspect. Perhaps, we do not realize how close we are to being lost within another sea of dark. It could even happen within the next century, the next year, even tomorrow. Only time will tell. So, in that sense, we must never forget the terrors of past years. Instead of pushing them away, we must learn from them in spite of it.
    The dubhaim may even be a small blessing in that sense, their existence means we cannot simply force the memories from our minds so easily. From them, we can learn that history does not have to repeat if we only strive hard to prevent it.

    And so, if true, everlasting peace were to return to the world, would the Dubhaim be able to survive any long? If it ever happens... If complete harmony ever reigns again, only then will we know.
   But besides all that, I am sure you have all heard the old saying... Those who do not learn from the past will be doomed to repeat it.

    Merry Part, dear friends...