Psychology of the Classes

by LatentAura in Dark Ages

As in most societies, certain races or classes of people consist of similar psychological makeup. The class structure of Temuair, does not vary from this. Like most societies, there are gentle, quiet folk and there are barbarians. Upon analyzing the makeup of the classes in Temuair, I've drawn certain class distinctions.


Priests of Temuair are the meekest of this society. They are loyal and easily accepted. Their healing skills and ability to make the beastiary of this society make them a valuable asset. Although probably the weakest class, they are sought out by hunting parties for their intelligence and savvy. Unable to fight much in hand to hand, they assist from the shadows. It is my view that those that choose to be priests must be patient and accepting.

Throughout the many moons of Temuair, priests are sought out for religious guidance by their fellow Aislings through a religious mass. They enlighten and enchant the masses that attend. Many times they have to contend with rudeness and Aislings that do not understand what it is to have faith in the God they choose to worship. Good priests take their time to teach these wayward Aislings the light of the God they represent. They also enable Temuairian society to receive gifts from the gods by enabling them to come together and worship. Although not recognized much, priests are an essential part of the Temuair society, especially for warriors. Priests can call upon the gods that they worship to bless armor to aid Aislings. They do not receive as much recognition as they should.


Monks are the naturalists of Temuair. They learn from nature to create potions that can both heal and harm. Unlike priests, monks can survive in combat, however, they cannot use weapons or wear much armor (unlike Warriors that have items to cover every inch of them). In order for them to be combatant, they rely on their hands and feet, which can become monotonous. Upon deciding on the ways of the monk, an Aisling must choose a form in which to take. These forms are based on several beasts of Temauir (i.e. Scorpions, White Bats, and Draco).

During a hunt, monks are invaluable, because they can heal certain poisons that effect their fellow Aislings. They can assist a priest when necessary. Monks, because they cannot carry weapons, usually hunt with their own kind. Monks, carry a certain degree of aggression, but cannot be classified as the best fighter to obtain while in need. Monks are good to relax with, for they like wine.


Wizards are unique in that they can manipulate the elements, beasts and their fellow Aislings to suit their needs. They can cast spells that allow them to change a beasts elemental attack, can aid in the defense of Aislings that have certain "dark" items, and can command nature and the elements to work in making their spells stronger against a beast. Like monks, wizards can create potions and elixirs to help their fellow aislings, but must be magnanimous to make certain types. Like, priests, they can bless certain armaments to make an Aisling stronger.

Although they cannot wield weapons in hand to hand combat, due to mana drainage, Wizards are necessary during a hunt. Their spells can harm from a distance to weaken enemies. Although wizards can become very powerful, their armor does not protect them much in combat. They easily perish. Wizards, also, must be careful in the allocation of their attributes. That is why most wizards choose one element to conquer. Those elements are srad - fire, athar - air, sal - water, and creag-earth. Sal wizards seem to have it the hardest for their point allocations are completely unequivalent those of the other elements, but it is in my humble opinion that they are probably the strongest.


Rogues are generally loners. They can hunt alone safely and do not need much aid offensively. Although Rogues can hunt hand to hand, it is not their strong points. They can throw weapons called Surigams and set dangerous traps and snares that cannot be seen by Aisling or beast. Rogues are most sought in town and away from the hunt for they possess certain skills that most aislings do not possess. They can tailor armor which is shared by other classes, however, they can polish gems, style hair and higgle various items where others cannot. Because rogues are stealth in their offense as well as defense, it is not recommended to anger them. They can become invisible leaving you to perish (although murder is against the laws of Temuair, it has happened).

When rogues gain insight, their traps become more powerful. But as they get to mid 30's to mid 40th insight, it becomes difficult for them to gain insight as quickly as they like. The traps are harder to obtain and they cannot fight in certain areas that Aislings of their same insight can. As mentioned earlier, Rogues can hide, which helps them when their health becomes low, or their mana is drained. It allows them to rest in dangerous areas where others would depend on a priest for healing. The sly rogue class is suited for Aislings that do not like to socialize in a hunt setting for they hunt better alone. It is also a class better suited for Aislings that are tactical and quick thinking for many a rogue has perished due to a poorly set trap.


Warriors are the brawlers of Temuair. They do not have to rely much on wit and can ascend easily from insight to insight by assaulting their victims. It is the easiest class to conquer. They have more armor than all of the classes and as they grow stronger can wield powerful weaponry. Warriors are essential to priests trying to gain insight as priests are essential to warriors. Although warriors are the strongest of classes, they cannot do much else than fight. They do not possess special skills that require the use of mana. This class is probably the most sociable of all classes, for warriors hunt in groups.

They tend to be the most egomanical of the classes. Because they are given so much armor, some tend to believe that they are invincible and superior to the other classes. They soon realize that this is not the case. Like monks, the hunting of this class, is very montonous.


Note to All

Regardless of the class that an Aisling chooses, there is one thing to consider. All classes create a perfect balance in Temuairian society. It is good to keep in mind that common courteousy is a must, for you never know which race you will have to call upon when you are in need.