The Overlooked Class

by Naze of Dark Ages

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is the light Deoch bestows upon Aislings.  The ability to choose your own path, to create your own legend is no small thing.  The paths offered to new Aislings seem boundless.  They can learn to harvest the elements. Harvesting holy power to aid their fellows is an option.  They might learn the cunning secrets of trapping.  Some paths teach ways to fight the evils of the world with fist or blade.  Yet there is one choice that is oft ignored.  Most Aislings do not even consider it a path.  Herein we shall look at the most basic of all choices:  The decision to not choose.

Every Aisling in Temuair owes something to the Peasant class.  Not just for their early insights, but for their very freedom.  You cannot say you entered a path freely if you did not have the option to not enter it, or any other path.  Without the ability to not choose, you have merely the illusion of free will.  You would be forced into a path, whether you wanted to go or not.  A cage with five walls is still a cage.  If you cannot choose to not enter the cage, you cannot truly consider yourself to be free.

Armor and weapons for this choice of  life are neither fancy nor powerful.  Peasants must face the challenges of the world with naught but the simplest of clothes and the most basic of weapons, which they inexpertly wield.  Yet there is no obstacle that one cannot overcome while walking this path.  Make no mistake, as a peasant you are an Aisling, and the light you posses can enable you to achieve your heart's desire.  Peasants must be brave and fight all the harder to achieve their goals.  Yet for those who walk it, the challenge of the journey is its own reward.

Some Aislings scoff at those who choose to fight with all their heart, despite the bravery in so doing.  The downright hostile reaction of a few towards those who choose the peasant way is frightening.   It must surely be fear and ignorance that fuels this hatred.  All Aislings were peasants once, so why do some Aislings despise peasants so?  Does the courage that burns in the soul possessed by those who walk this path pain them so?  Do they fear the free spirit that refuses to bind itself to their way of life?  These Aislings must not be aware that nothing precedes everything, that zero is the most important number of all.  Without the peasant class, their lives would have had no beginning, yet they treat their origins with spite.  Let these foolish Aislings scoff, then, for they are surely lost.

Aoife tells us that an Aisling need no longer toil as the mundanes do.  But one who remains a peasant enjoys the toil, the challenge of overcoming the darkness with nothing more than the light bestowed upon them in Riona's Inn.   The other mundanes do not aid peasants as they do others.  No higgler will tailor nor dye your clothes.  Only a few arcane secrets will be divulged to the humble peasant.  Mundanes will only grant peasants a boon when they perform some service for them or complete one of their quests. Only then do mundanes recognize the peasant as a true Aisling, worthy of fighting to better their world.  Luckily those who choose to remain the salt of the earth are fully capable of helping the mundanes, despite their lack of support.

Noble is the class of remaining free.  Peasants rely solely upon their own brute strength, not the power of some tricks and conjurings.  They do not lay traps hidden in darkness.  Peasants do not conjure the elements to do their work for them.  No fancy sword tricks or techniques acquired through meditation aid those who walk the oft ignored path.  When a creature of the dark falls to the might of the peasant Aisling, they fall from fair and honorable combat.  Some might think that this makes a peasant's victories a bit sweeter.

The mundanes will tell you that you lack knowledge of  yourself, but peasants are the only Aislings who truly know themselves.  Being a peasant brings with it the absolute knowledge of who and what you are.  One must be dedicated to the path to ascend to higher circles.  There always remains the lure of the other paths, with their tricks and fancy armors.  Only one who is sure of their own abilities will be able to resist temptation and fight to better Temuair with only the simple skills and weapons allotted them.

So, in conclusion, we can see that the path of peasant not only exists, but requires a very special kind of Aisling to tread its humble trail.   The truly brave and dedicated among Deoch's chosen have the option to fight the noblest fight of all against the Dubhaimd.  Any one whose soul yearns to be free can choose to not follow in the footsteps of countless Aislings that have tread before them and instead take the path less traveled by.  And that will make all the difference.