Upon a woodland path, you follow alongside infinite plants of all nature. On the northern side, beyond the farthest reaches of the path, you glimpse a set of stepping stones embedded into the ground as if to make entrance to a peaceful sanctuary. A small clearing in front of you reveals seven aged and weatherworn pillars arranged in a circle. Slightly overwhelmed with the power of the atmosphere of the very setting within which you stand, you sit upon a rounded stone, hoping to learn more about this ancient wonder. A bit startled, you jump up to gain stance as you view a muscular humanoid figure dressed in a kilt of robes tied just below the belt. A gemmed eyepatch gleams at you from under his ebony hair, and you look into his dark, bearded face; he begins to speak with a deep voice, his accent foreign to your Aisling culture.

The Prophecy of Imbalance
          The words of the Druid known as Coibhi explain that the teachers of Necromancy have been trying to give power to the path of darkness by spreading their knowledge in a slow manner. However, Aislings have gone forth and learned the path of necromancy, summoning hordes of skeleton warriors across the land. The result of these summons has created an Imbalance between the elements of Light and Darkness.

The Druid Revelation
          Druids, also known as the Draoi or Druidh come from an ancient order that has followed closely by the laws of nature and the elements. Practicioners of divination, magic, and sacraficial rituals these non-Aisling beings consist of three classes. The Druids 'Proper' is the priest equivalent of the Druid which study nature's usage of healing, while the Bard is the Druid that helps spread knowledge by word of mouth as well as teach the young. The Druid Coibhi found at the stone circle beyond the garden is of the Vates class, commonly known as a prophet.
          The Druids have kept themselves invisible to all Aislings until they realized our capabilities of destruction upon ourselves. Recognizing our lack of knowledge for the balance of elements they feel that it is their duty to keep us well informed on events in which Aislings need guidance for balance in all aspects of nature and the elements.

The Stone Circle
          The rough pillars of stone found in the formation of a circle have been studied and found to be made of gray sandstone by Druidic settlements. These pillars in theory were moved from their quarries either from the Druids' ancient magical abilities or from their technology which varies greatly from that of the Aislings, being based entirely of nature. A primary spot for their rituals, these stone circles may also have been used to tell time based off of the sky either by the sun, moon, or possibly even the stars.
          Studying the stone circle I noted that there were exactly seven stone pillars. Now this could all mean nothing, but given the symbolism and value of these pillars to the Druids I have come to think of two separate theories based off of this number seven. We currently know that there are six well proven elements, and we also know of the eight gods of Temuair. I beleive that of all the stone formations created by the Druids this one was most likely created not long ago as it is located just outside of the Garden where Aislings have ventured most often for hunting, making red potions, mixing herbs, and even for joining one another at the Lover's Glade. If this is the newest stone circle it may help us to prophecize what is to come in the near future.

Theories & Prophecies           Six is the number of elements we have proven to ourselves time and time again. The four primary elements as well as the elements of dark and light which we know are currently imbalanced. I asked myself, What could this last stone pillar be for? After venturing across Temuair to the Library of Loures I spent a good day reading through endless scrolls in search of the answer. At last I had found it, a scroll written by the priest Chaltier, writing about his analysis of darkness, light, and...Soul! Now I'm not going to waste your time writing about something that already has been, so take a look at it yourself. I feel that if this number of seven indicated by the Druids is representing seven elements that we as in Aislings are one step forward in the discovery of the soul element. I attatched a drawing based off of my memory of the druid circle below including the placement of the seven elements in their possible positions.

          Before leaving the stone circles for my evening nap I decided to take one more look around the area to see if I thought there was any more symbolism out of the formation of stone pillars. I did not find much, except that there was one pillar that was just barely exceeding the circle formation. Now thinking of the eight gods and the fact that darkness is brought out through the god Sgrios and light from the goddess Glioca, I begin to realize the correlation between the imbalance and the separated god. The stone outside the circle could either represent the power in Sgrios growing beyond the others, or it may represent a fall back in the light side of religion.

          I beleive that if either of the theories are true, we must seek out the culture and guidance of the Druids in order to keep ourselves thriving and balanced. We know that druids have close ties with the elements, but what we do not know is whether or not they share the same fellowship with our gods, or whether or not they would use them to send us this prophecy. Either way I believe that something will happen in the near future, its just a matter of our recognition of it as well as our preparation for it.

          I would like to thank my editor Alaranth for helping me complete this writing, those that were kind enough to show me the Druidic Circle, and I also thank the Aislings that took the time to read this document.