Depths of Society

by Rasputen in Dark Ages

When a mundane ascends to his aislinghood his immediate thirst for knowledge is derived from the fortunes of his own greed. At one point in your life you must stop and think of what your purpose in Temuair really is. Some may wish to achieve a heightened sense of socialism, some will seek political domination, some will wish to be seekers of knowledge, and some shall continue on their immediate goal of fortune.

"The Path of Learning is Endless."
No matter what purpose you uphold in Temuair there will always be higher level. When you go out hunting to seek insight you only gain the ability to hunt better and gain more insight. When you start your first political campaign you learn how to gain clout, be it lawfully or not, how to achieve respect from those in higher offices, and so forth. When you make friends you learn how to become a better friend. In the process of completely work for mundane recognition one must study to perfect his work. No matter what path of learning you take you will always have a greater goal to achieve.

Every aisling has his own path to take in the cycle of learning, and henceforth should not be judged by a single aspect of his existence. As mentioned earlier, new aislings' immediate ideals are always of fortune, and thus judge you upon their ideals. When an aisling gains political status he may look down upon thee, for thou has not gained an equivalent status. However, of the many ideals, aislings of socialism tend to judge more accurately on your personality, sparing the conflict of hierarchy in society.

Societal Layers
Once ideals of fortune begin to fade and involvement sets in an aisling begins to learn much about Temuair he could never even dream of. An aislings perception on society is only what he has known it to be, which can also lead to false judgment. An aisling can read all he wants, and learn not the reality of society. When an aisling becomes involved in a guild, political office, faithful religion, events, teaching, and mundane recognition they gain a glimpse at something new. When they participate in further acts such as religious confrontations, court cases, crime, studying in-depth, etc. they then learn to a further their knowledge on society. The farthest layer reached is one of time spent, watching as society changes in its own depths.

The idea of my teaching was meant to allow the reader to open his mind to other opportunities and allow them to see the world in another aislings eyes, helping them see the truth of different paths of hierarchy and depth. These separations of advancement show a great importance in the conflict and socialism between aislings of Temuair.

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(Note: Usage of the term "his" representing any aisling for convenience of literature)