Arena Behavior

I am Relg and I write about the behavior of those in the arena because so many aislings frequent the battle grounds there and do combat. There are distinct types of aislings in the arena: the ones who lust for blood and battle any they see, those who battle only those they dislike, those who stand back and watch, and those who aid others. Those four types of aislings make up the whole community of the arena visitors. Let me proceed to enlighten ye about these four groups of brave aislings.

The most glorious of all is the one who triumphs over his foe and stands in victory. Ye will find many monks and warriors who have honed there skills so that they can defeat there opponents in the arena. Many of whom can send an aisling whimpering in pain with a single deadly kick or a ferocious swing of their blade. I've stood and watched as a band of monk's from the guild Yakuza challenged all who stood in the arena, merely by being present. They crave the sensation of defeating there opponent and proclaiming themselves the victor. Many aislings seek this glory and travel to the arena in hopes to make a name for themselves by defeating others in combat.

It is not just the monks or warriors who have sought combat though, often ye will see a rogue who is able to hold his own using the various cunning traps available to him. Ye can also find wizards who wield the strongest of elemental magics to do combat with, and those priests who are able to use the power of light to blast there opponents with.

It's my reasoning that those who fight any all seek glory and a name for themselves, and this is how they wish to do it, by proving there valor in combat. It is a great way to earn the respect of others, but it seems it earns disrespect in the eyes of a few. There are always those who are against this kind of combat, as they see it as senseless fighting. Also it is true that there are many disputes that arise on the arena grounds over who is better, and they are usually settled with a duel. Duels are quite common amongst the aislings who frequent the arena, as it is a fair way to test one's skills against another, without worry of another aiding your opponent. This brings us to another kind of arena aisling, the combatant who fights only those he dislikes.

We all know arguments arise outside of the arena as well, and some aislings are disliked by others, often these aislings are remembered, and if seen in the arena, they will be attacked! This is one way that they may have there final laugh, and it seems this is as if to say "Ha, see, I am the better one after all." Many ongoing 'feuds' exist in the arena, and strong feelings arise in the hatred that can grow between those who constantly do battle with ones they truly despise.

With all of this going on, there are always fights to watch in the arena, and there are many who are drawn in simply to watch others. It is quite a spectacle to view two masters duel it out, and many become inspired by their battles to become as strong as them! It's my thoughts that the arena itself sparks the desire and will to become better, and encourages all who visit it to better themselves and hone there skills more and more so that they may do better.

Finally, there are those who aid others in the arena. Usually this means a priest to heal injured fighters and to cast sanctuary spells upon them. Then there are wizards who enhance the elements within others, making the fighters magically enhanced. Many of those who visit the arena to fight are glad to see a priest or wizard as they know this means they can receive their aid.

Those are the four main types you will see in the arena and together they form a balance that causes the arena to strive and remain ever popular. Some of ye may be thinking this to be more of an explanation, but ye must understand, it was imperative that I explain these things so you can understand my thoughts and reasoning. The arena is a source of inspiration for many in my eyes, it's very existence causes all who visit there or plan to visit to seek out more strength, this in turn relates to better hunters in Temuair. With these better hunters, the monsters themselves seek new ways to strengthen themselves so that they may prevail. The dark ways that empower them serve to bring about new technology to empower the evil monsters. With this idea in mind we can see how newer, stronger beasts will arise, ones that will show to be a challenge to even the strongest group of monsters.

I know this is a little off topic from the arena, but is the arena I believe that is the foundation for the stronger monsters that will arise. Of course, new beasts also means new things to find out about them, their origins and powers and such. Also it seems these creatures often carry new items for us to obtain and benefit from. It is the arena we have to thank for new strains of monster types that appear. This is my theory, which also covers a little of the sociological behavior of those in the arena.