In Depth with the Cthonic Disciple

By Skar Defallen in Dark Ages


The Cthonic Disciple was first heard of when a priest stumbled across the remains of one. He then took its robes and hood and donned them. The priest then became the Cthonic Disciple of either Dawn or Decay. Then male wizards found out they too could don the robes of a lost Cthonic Disciple.

The Cthonic Disciple, referring to the original creature, was a creature that followed Chadul in most hideous ways. It would make sacrifices according the moon, and would chant accordingly. These creatures traveled and performed their rituals in large groups of twenty to fifty. They followed the ways of Chadul and Sgrios so strictly, that they believed they could awaken Chadul from his slumber, and reign over Temuair for all eternity.

The Cthonic Disciple took refuge in crypts all over the world. They would worship and perform their rituals in the Temple of Sgrios, located in the Dubhaim Castle. They had the ability to control Dubhaim at will, and produce succubi from thin air. Some believe that the Sgrios Followers of modern times are decendents of these Cthonic Disciples, whether they are priests or not.

They believed it to be absolutely necessary to exterminate every other living creature before the awakened Chadul. The Cthonic Disciple thought that he or she should cleanse the world for their master. Aislings of today can only barely comprehend the powers of the Cthonic Disciple.

The Cthonic Disciple was strong in all types of learning, especially literature. Here is an excerpt from an ancient writing of a Cthonic Disciple:

"…I met with Dal’ud today. He was speaking as if he had grown old over the Danaans. I hate the name of this cursed measurement of time, so I will now refer to collection of moons as Chaduls. A new class of Cthonic Disciple is coming into being, but it requires intense training of the mind and body, and can easily destroy any of us at any time. The name of the new class is a Chadulite, because we refer to ourselves as lesser Chaduls. That is all I have to say, and I now encase this parchment in a chest, for any future disciple to find and read…"

That excerpt shows that the mind of a Cthonic Disciple was bent on only serving Chadul, and Chadul alone. Some claim that the insane are descendents of the Cthonic Disciples.

When a Cthonic Disciple died, they placed the creature’s body in a tomb near the bottom of what was to become the Mileth Crypt. They dug the crypt out for that use, and put many floors of traps and evil creatures to guard to tombs well. They placed an enchantment on the tombs, so that only a wizard or priest of a high insight could access the robes of a lost Cthonic Disciple. Once accessed at the Mileth Crypt tomb, the wandering priest or wizard would be transported to a dream world, where he would be told where to go. Depending on if the day was a day of Luathas or Sgrios, the Aisling would either go to the crypt in Piet, which means it is a day of Sgrios, or to a room far into the Dubhaim Castle, which means it is a day of Luathas. Once there, they must return to the Mileth crypt, where they will gain their well earned robes and hood, and become a Cthonic Disciple at heart and mind.

The Cthonic Disciple was an odd creature indeed, and there is still much to be researched on it. The priests and wizards of today, who have become Cthonic Disciples, show no signs of their ancient ancestors, or at least for the time being. The Cthonic Disciples that walk Temauir today can actually be kind of heart and generous, but most are of the Sgrios Fellowship and follow the ways of Chadul.