The Sgreataidh Helm
By Slothien in Dark Ages

All knowledge concerning the Sgreataidh Helm  is based on hearsay. At no point has this information been proven to be true. Please understand these scrolls do not speak truth, nor do they speak falsehood.

The following work has been recorded to spark interest in others on this plane of exsistance. And also to provide new ideas to dream about. Now that I have explained why am I inspired to write this, please read onward about the Sgreataidh Helm.

The Sgreataidh Helm is commonly described as 'a decrotive crown-like helmet embedded with gems.' Each gem holding intense power of Space, Time, Power, Mind, Reality and Soul. When brought together, the gems and helm, the wielder is said to be able to hold sway over all. As they can be used to do anything.

I have recorded what each gem is said to do below:
1. Mind
The Mind Gem is said to increase the power of the wielder's mind. Granting the average person power to do what is listed below,
Telepathy: The Mind Gem grants the wielder to converse with anyone via a direct mental link. Depending one the wielder's original mind power, distant limitations come into effect.
Mind Probe: The wielder has the power to search for any desired information in the target's mind.
Sensory Link: Rather than bluntly probing the mind, the wielder can simply 'listen' in on his or her target's mind. 'Hearing' all that they are thinking.
Mind Control: With this ability, the wielder can over-ride the will of others. Causing them to do things they normally would not do.
Telekinesis: Finally, the Mind Gem can grant the wielder power to move objects with his mind, without coming into physical contact. The wielder's original mind power determines how heavy of an object he or she can lift.

2. Space
This gem wields power over the very fabric of space itself. Powers of the space hem include,
Teleportation: One of the most obvious aspects of the space gem is the ability to teleport. The wielder may transport himself instantly between two points. The range is only limited to the imagination of it's wielder. It is said with enough concentration, the wielder may also teleport a number of others depending on this imagination level.
Space Altering: The wielder may simulate the gravity of the imediate area around him or her. The intensity of the alteration depends on the imagination level of the wielder.

3. Time

The Time Gem wields power over the dimensions of time.
Temperal Window: The gem can be used to peer into other times or timelines.  No temporal period is immune to this viewing, nor are any divergent or variant timelines.  The wielder must know what he is looking for.
Age-Shifting: The gem can be used to alter the age of either the wielder or another being, altering their age by a number of years equal to his own will.
Suspended Animation: The gem can halt biological functions completely, by placing a target in a null-time bubble, a bubble that will last until the target is released

4. Reality
This gem has control over reality itself.  Perhaps the most difficult gem to explain this powerful artifact allows one to alter, or even ignore, laws of physics as we know them.
Reality Manipulation:  this far reaching power allows the wielder of the reality gem to muck with the laws of reality themselves. The gem may modify or repeal aspects of a causality as he see fits, within the wielders will power. Any changes made will last for a maximum number of time equal to his or her will, unless the gem wielder is specifically concentrating on maintaining the alteration.  When the change is no longer maintained, normal reality will bounce back into place at once. However, if the reality gem is working harmoniously with its wielder, it may be convinced to make some small changes permanent. This will only be a change affecting a single person, object, or small location.

5. Power

This gem is a source of Power, truly infinite in scope.The gem has the ability to draw power from the totality of existence itself, and is the exception to the rules of how the other gems work.
Energy Generation: A source of infinite power, the power gem can be used to emit energy, of an intensity equal to the current power rank. This may energy may come in any form the gem wielder desires, but will be in a raw, unfocused state.
Energy Sponge: With his or her control over energy, the holder of the power gem is rarely affected by harmful energies.  The gem can be used to simply absorb any offending energy attack, up to a rank equal to the will power of the wielder.
Power Enhancement: By tapping the power of this gem, the wielder may increase anyones strength to the gem's current power. This enhancement lasts as long as the gem wielder can will it.

6. Soul
This gem wields power over the souls of all beings.
Internal Limbo: The soul gem itself either contains, or is the doorway to, a pocket dimension of the largest size. This reality can be used to store as many souls as the wielder likes, for an indefinite period of time.
Soul Absorption: The soul gem can be used to literally absorb the soul of another, storing it in the pocket dimension inside itself.  While so holding a soul, the wielder can make use of any talent said soul may have had knowledge of.
Linguistics: Using the soul gem, the wielder can understand the spoken languages of others, and communicate with others in their own tongues as well.
De-evolution: One of the stranger powers of the soul gem, this ability allows the wielder to reverse artificially induced evolution.  This doesn't seem to fit in the general class of powers this gem seems to hold, but has been mentioned many times.

The complete Sgreataidh Helm allows their wielder power over all.  However, the wielder of the Helm must know he is able to do so, otherwise the gems will work independently of one another. The gem's arangment is commonly thought of as this:
Sgreataidh Gems
The main piece of the Sgreataidh Helm is the headband, a thing metalalic band that wraps around the forehead area. It holds the Power, Mind, and Reality gems in place. The Helm has two more bands of alloy, that extend down from the temple area to the cheek area. The Time and Space gem are placed on the bottom. In the center of the forehead, a small fin extends out to hold the Soul gem. The Helm is said to shrink and expand to fit it's current wielder's head. The exact alloy in which the Sgreataidh Helm is composed is unknown, but in many accounts the Helm is mentioned to be an orange color, with small vine-like lines carved in. It is said to be very durable, and could even be classified as invincable. Perhaps even older and more durable than Hy-brasyl.

The quantity of the Gems vary from account to account. Many say that there are only one of each gem in exsistance, but many others say there are numerous gems spread out across the land. I have included in this, two accounts from two seperate people:

'Later this day,
As I stepped into the sunlight, Zhocryon, better known as the
godly gemsmith, had a large colorful gem before him.
There were six statues surrounding him, not
of people, but objects. Two of which I have singled out
to represent Space and Time. Zhocryon lifted his
great hammer, which seemed to emit an aura of
unknown power. The Great Smith tensed his arm, and
struck the Gem hard. Swirls of light and darkness
enclosed the gem, and slowly it began to
break apart, into six pieces. As I looked upon the
gems, I noticed they were giving off strange
relections, of everything, but yet or nothing. I tore my eyes away
for they were too much for my mind to handle...'

The author of this account will not be told to public. He speaks of Zhocryon, an ancient gem smith, smashing a gem into six parts. And also sees six statues, two of which represent Time and Space.

'I have been lost too long to remember this day's date.
The once trusted spell, nis no longer seems to tell me.
I stumbled upon a group of travellers, they were
cloaked in brown robes. No more than six of them.
They were like no Priest or Wizard I have seen.
I asked them for assistance, but they replied that
they had more important events to take care of.
They allowed me to follow them, and said they
would be making their way back to a town soon.
We walked into a stange cave, about a few hours later,
Torches lit even the darkess corners. In the
Center of the room, there was a large flat
disk of stone, with erire carvings on it. Mayhap
these strange people were holding a religous event.
The six of them posistioned themselves directly
behind each of the carvings. They extended their
arms, holding  small rocks in their palms. After
uttering some bug-like language, the stones
became alive with power. They glowed of colors
and almost seemed to float above their hands...'

In this second account, she had bumped into a group of people after being lost for days. These travellers seemed to enchant mere rocks into the Sgreataidh Gems. Meaning their could be many of these gems across Temuair. My personal thought, is that there are only one of each gem. To attain such power, you must seek out the seven pieces, the six gems, and the Helm itself.

Many people have said you can use each Gem alone. But more say they must be used in unison, to unlock their powers. Frankly, I too agree that they must be together, even though it is possible to use each one seperatly. You could consider the Sgreataigh Helm a weapon, but I would rather it be considered an artifact. It can be used as a weapon, it could alter this very world so much, that we would not even reconize it. Infact, it could very well cease our exsistance. But could also be used as a tool of learning.

Is the Sgreataidh Helm dangerous? is a question I have been asked many a time. The answer I give is Yes, and No. If the wielder has evil intentions, the Helm will too become evil, but if it's wielder is of good heart, the Helm will work to help better lives. The Sgreataidh Helm is a tool, and will do what it's wielder commands to a ceratin extent.

I have seen many accounts proclaiming that the Helm has a mind of it's own. And once placed on someone's head, gains control of him or her. The Helm does have the power to do so, and might even retain thoughts and intentions of previous owners. This theory is untested, and I hope to one day write about it.

The word 'Sgreataidh' is a word from the old tongue. It roughly translates to 'Horrible' or 'Terrible.' I would not consider this artifact horrible at all. Although I suppose it could be used for evil purposes. I reffered to the Helm and titled this write up Sgreataidh since more than ninty percent of the information I have gathered use that word to describe the Helm.

So ends my write up of the Sgreataidh Helm, I hope this leaves you inspired by it's wonder. In the future, I hope to write about the Sgreataidh Helm's myths. Meaning about the information that doesn't appear to be repeated in serveral other accounts.