Peace of Mind , A study of Aisling nature in faith

By Somae Alea of Dark Ages

As a Gliocan Priestess since Deoch 7, many fellow worshipers know that I am a avid student of Aisling nature and often use what I see in my liturgies. 8 Deochs have since passed, and what I've learned is this.. We are who we worship, to a certain extent of course.

Each priest/ess of every faith when asked to intiate a new worshipper into their faith often ask why the probate wishes to join their particular faith. Often the questions are who are their allies..enemies, but what actually is sought in answer to these queries are "What inside you makes you wish to worship this faith?" "What part of yourself do you see in this deity you wish to worshipper?"

Even follower's of Sgrios, the deity of destruction will often respond with, "He represents death, or destruction" Not so much as the evil of his nature, but in the fact that many Sgrios believers feel that without death there can be no life.

Monks, so embodied with the natural ease and movement drift towards Cail, the deity of Nature to find their inner balance. Cail followers are often steadfast, easy going and down to earth type people. They tend not to be rash in their decisions, and will reflect before acting.

Followers of Luathas, often tend to be Wizards. Luathas the deity of Gnois, is one of the wisest of Temuiars dietys. He places knowledge and learning above all. This faith tends to be perfect for those that study the elements. They are intelligent, studious and often tend to drift to their fellow breathren. To sit among these worshippers is to learn something new each time.

Worshippers of Ceannlaidr, are some of Temuair most glorious warriors. They find divinity in the art and graces of war. They are often boastful, and quite gargarious in nature. Some must be taken with a grain of salt, for their pride is sometimes hard to swallow. But to spend the afternoon with a warrior is quite insightfull into whom they worship. They find much honor in the hunt, and demise of those wicked enough to cross their path.

Gramail followers too often tend to be warriors, but of a different sort. Gramail followers believe in structure, and rules. These warriors and followers, govern themselves with inbeded beliefs that all that they do must be dignified and structured. These aislings tend to be determind, yet follow rules they have set silently for themselves to achieve their goals. They can occasionally be obstainent in their beliefs, and are almost always unbeatable in a debate for their opinions cannot be swayed. They make wonderful politicians and mediators for their understanding of structure and rules.

Undeniably Rogues are some of Temuairs swiftest and quick-witted aislings. They are naturally drawn to Fiosachd, the deity of wealth and fame. Clever beyond compare, rogues are hard to pin point. They fit easily within a group, but yet can maintain themselves without aide from anyone. A rogue within a group of hunters can easily keep a group entertained. They are festive sorts, their teasing sometimes light but always with a undercurrent of truth to make one wonder if they've been teased or insulted. As does Fiosachd, the rogue often seeks the fame and attention from his/her peers and usually gets it.

Inspiration and passion, the doctrines of Deoch fit well with those aislings whom feel first then rationalize. Followers of Deoch, occasionally do first..then ask questions later. They are creative to a point of brilliance. Many followers of Deoch, are some of Temuair's best lorekeepers, philosphers, and historians. They are wonderful speakers, and can inspire a group to great heights.

Being Gliocan I know we are often viewed as "wishy-washy" for our views of love and compassion above all, but yet that simply isnt true. We are carry with us the same feelings as our fellow aislings. We get angry, remorseful and spiteful. But we simply try our best not to pass forth those feelings onto our fellow aislings. By practicing compassion, its our hope..or mine at least in this way to show others that I respect them, value their views even if I dont often agree with how they express themselves.

Aislings follow and worship whom they wish. This was a gift given to us by Daanan when we recieved the spark. But next time you spend time with a fellow aisling, see if you can ascertain which deity they follow by getting to know them. Not only will you find out whom they worship, but maybe you'll learn more about yourself as well.