Thoughts on Temuairan Existence: Planar Theory  

  by Sophocles in Dark Ages

Temuair, it is the world we live in and yet so few know the true nature of its existence.  Everyone wanders about happily each day, all the while being oblivious to the intricate piece of a complex structure that surrounds them.  Of course many scholars have their own theories about the make up of our world and the energy that surrounds us but do none have explained the very root of Temuair's existence.  Upon countless hours of experimentation and study I have now compiled a theory as to how Temuair fits into the larger scheme of existence.  Many of you may be startled to hear of any such larger existence then Temuair itself, but I assert and truly believe that there is a much larger existence then this small world that we know.  

  I have a certain advantage in studying the nature of Temuair's existence because as a wizard I have studied and worked closely with the craft the provides the most time for the study of the nature of Temuairian existence.  That which we know as magic has provided much to me in the way of experimentation for my studies.  My studies have led me to the conclusion that Temuair is in fact one of countless planes that lies between what I will now explain to be the "elemental planes".  

  Many people practice magical arts in Temuair but many fewer are versed in it origin.  (If you have not yet done so it may be helpful to read "Principles of the Beag Magical Arts" which I compiled in the 5th Deoch).  Those who have studied it know that raw mana energy lies dormant in the air around us.  However, now if we take it one step further, we must ask ourselves how we are able to create physical manifestations of this energy and why they take on different forms.  The study of the elements from ancient times shows that there are six elements that exist in Temuair, Sal, Srad, Athar, Creag, Light, and Darkness.  All forms of magic use charged mana energies and manifest themselves in a form of these elements.  If the energy is all the same then why do they take on different manifestations?  

  Now we shall take on that question that has led me to my startling assertion.  Practicing wizards no doubt know that each form of magic appears to have a varying range of which in can be successfully cast.  Sal and Creag must be cast at a much closer range while Athar and Srad seem to successfully manifest at much larger distances.  Yet no one has seemed to have explained why.  I will assert on the basis of my observations and thoughts exactly what accounts for the range difference.  Mana energy must be charged in order for it to manifest itself.  The elements are thought to be pure forms so the charged mana manifestation of these forms is an imperfect manifestation of the elements.  The pure forms do not exist naturally in Temuair so how then can wizards direct manifestations of these forms?  The elements must in fact be drawn from a source outside Temuair.  Therefore, in order to make use of the elements the Wizard, whether he or she knows it or not, is in fact creating a planar distortion and drawing the elements from a source outside of Temuair  (For speculation on the existence of a natural such occurrence read "Farashyid: The Isle of Fog" written by Dryst Ravenshroud). 

Knowing this we can get then begin to roughly picture where these elemental planes lie in relation to Temuair which must be of a separate plane.  The greater range of both Srad and Athar manifestation would seem to indicate that they are more closely related to Temuair, which I too assumed at first but further observation led me to the exact opposite conclusion.  My final analysis leads me to believe that the greater range is caused because a much larger planar disturbance must be caused because these planes are actually farther away.  The final piece of evidence leading me to this conclusion was simply observation of Temuair in its natural state.  Take a look around sometime, you will notice that both earth and water exist naturally in Temuair, although I do assert that what we see are not the pure forms of the elements.  However, we must artificially create fire, and no one to date has observed any type of natural disturbances of the Athar element (although history books show records that weather patterns in Temuiar actually did have what they referred to as "storms", which I have yet to account for being that I have never observed anything as such in Temuair).  This has led me to the final conclusion that the Creag and Sal planes are closer in proximity to Temuair then the Srad and Athar planes.

I do not have conclusive evidence to diagram their exact locations unfortunately.  

There are two other assertions to my theory that I am afraid I have been able to gather little support for though.  The first assertion is that light and darkness are in fact different from other four elemental planes.  I also have not been able to exact a proximate location for either plane.  Second, is that there are other planes like Temuair that are not elemental planes, that exist and are able to sustain life similar to the Aislings and mundanes that occupy Temuair.  Although the assertion that the life is in fact similar would depend very much on their location in relation to the elemental planes.  

  It is unfortunate that I must report that after many years much of my research has been lost in fire due to the fact that many Temuairian's have branded me a liar for these studies and have destroyed my lodgings and my belongings among which my research existed.  I have taken up in a an attempt to write plays instead but if any are interested they may feel free to attempt to contact me concerning legitimate research concerning the above subject.

Compiled by Sophocles Tsiari
Iscasclius Spring, Deoch 7