The Malformed Spark Manifesto

By Synnovea of Dark Ages

I write this parchment with a hint of fear, fear of the truths that I speak, and fear of the reactions of my fellow aislings. For some time, we have hidden from a truth that is so fearsome that we are not even able to address it properly, but instead push it into the incorrect category of religiously oriented. We close our eyes, hoping that the truth can be altered by a mass belief.

My brothers and sisters touched by the spark, it is time we faced the reality that idea of those who run around speaking gibberish and nonsense are not heretics. They are not heretics at all.

A heretic is a person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of a realms organized religion. A true heretic is one who creates a schism, or division in the church, on points of faith, discipline, practice, etc., usually for the sake of personal aggrandizement.

What I ask of you to consider is frightening, but I feel that it is necessary that we begin to open our eyes to the truth of an aislings spirit. When touched by the spark, we are whisked into a world where every sensation is heightened, every emotion intensified tenfold. Our minds are riddled with a myriad of dreams and thoughts that we never thought could exist in our mundane lives. And sometimes, as terrifying as the thought may be, our spark is twisted by this process and becomes malformed.

I believe I can say with conviction, that for all of us, this concept is terrifying. We are gifted with this spark, suddenly able to understand and physically act in manners we never thought possible as mundanes. And when confronted with these aislings whose sparks are malformed, our spirits rebel, desperately hoping to hide from the possibility that our spark might have some hidden malformed as well. And the majority of us do have a hint of a malformation - their are few perfect aislings. We see it every day, the far away look as all go silent, yet the feeling of thoughts fill the air that are otherworldly and confused (ooc talk) - and we feel it in ourselves as we are sometimes overwhelmed with these thoughts, yet most dare not speak of it for fear of our fellow aislings shunning us or turning away in disgust at these confusing moments.

Of course not every malformity in an aisling spark is the same in size, some are touched only slightly, the aisling speaking with all appearance of sanity but they demand that others refer to them by some garbled and confused name that nearly pulses with the deformity in their otherwise normal sparks. I have three dear friends of mine that are examples of this sort of insanity and deformation, for they indeed are exceptional aislings, but their malformity in the spark appeared that. I wince when I speak their 'name', but out of respect for them, I choose to not push the issue until they are ready. I've often thought that I might one day be able to convince them to go with me to the mundanes, and perhaps seek to repair their spark with their admission, and their willingness to let this obsession with an insane name end. Perhaps that day will come, perhaps it won't.

The most common form of this insanity seeps through in the use of slurred, almost drunken sounding words and sounds - lol, thx, plz - the list goes on and on, but sadly, it seems to be more prevalent in the younger aislings, as if somehow the process of being infused with the spark has changed and causing this common side-effect. More severe cases are those that slip into casual conversation odd gibberish or words that don't even exist. For several Deoch's I believed that Korea Lvl 99 was a secret password or language used by spies in our lands. I later learned that they are a group of malformed spark aislings that are nomads who live in the outskirts of Temuair, and sometimes in their confusion, wander in and in their fear and desperation begin to glom on to us, desperately seeking our help and understanding of their deformed nature. The most severe cases are the aislings that only occasionally are lucid, and we see them most often choosing hunting as a method to likely beat out their frustrations and insane thoughts on the creatures that fill our lands.

With this being said, I ask of you all to open your eyes to this serious 'illness' that afflicts our brethren. Pity them as you would a mundane who was born without a leg, or with a hump on their back. Their insanity, though sometimes able to be mended is something we all face from time to time. If we can direct our thoughts to put aside the fear and be more charitable, pitying them and guiding them towards making sense of their spark, it might one day provide the answer to a cure for the malformed spark. When you see them struggling with their confusion, give them a nod that shows you understand that they are struggling with insanity, offer your pity and try to explain to them as you would a child that they are giving in to the malformed area of their spark which might lead to total insanity.

Ultimately, banishing them is sometimes the answer, when they become intent on causing confusion in other aislings, which threatens to cause all out delusion within our ranks, but for the most part, this insanity should be handled with a gentle touch.

I appeal to you now, let us begin to acknowledge that which we no longer can deny. Acknowledging the deformities within the fragile spark and the insanity it sometimes leads to. Let us not confuse it with religion any longer - they are not heretics, they are the sadly afflicted of aislingkind.