Mannerisms of the Greater Temuarian Insects"
The Development & Mannerisms of the Greater Temuairian Insects

By Velious Darksbane, Deoch 17

The insects of Temuair have often become the topic of many Aislings, mostly hunters, which brings to focus the greater breeds of insects that inhabit the numerous forests, streams, and caverns of our landscape. Many Aislings stumble upon their first Mantis or Centipede at a very young age, and either quickly learn how best to stomp them, or run in fear from the more fierce variety. The following studies have been conducted so that one may find their next picnic in the woods a more tolerable one.

First of all, where do such creatures come from? Many think of monsters and beasts to be enemies of higher intelligence and physical make-up, like a Goblin, or Wolf for example. Such 'Evolved' creatures are born from parents, live in rudimentary communities, and communicate with one another, much like Aislings and Mundanes. The insects, while for the most part communal, lack distinguishable personality or sentience, nor do they possess any parental care for their young. An infant insect, for lack of a better term, until our Mundanes research them further, it grown inside of an egg, where upon it hatches, and seems to live out it's live instinctively, foraging for food and the like. It will mature, ((This time period is different for all species of insect)), and reproduce to continue it's blood-line. After asking Dar, Mileth's Resident Wizard about the events of an insects life after that, it was discovered that most insects perish shortly after reproduction. ((I thought that that was quite interesting...Dar thought it was humorous. *Blinks and pauses for breath*))

Next, we will discuss the differentt types of insects, and lastly, what you can do to defend yourself against the occasional angry wasp, or hungry mantis. Please try to remain still if ye see an insect, and always treat one as a potential threat. NEVER, mind ye, pick a fight with one unless ye are a trained fighter, as some wounds are hard for a priest to heal. *Smiles, and hands you a parchment* This is a list of sorts on all of the insects that I've researched, so make good use of it.

Mantis The Mantis is a rather assertive insect, and likes to examine it's surroundings with it's large, powerful eyes. Being able to see great distances, it will openly attack anyone or anything that it deems weaker that it is. Warriors, Monks, and Rogues should attack it, and all insects, from behind, just as the bug decides to move. I've hunted many insects with great success using this technique. *Grins* Wizards should use Srad or Athar spells on these, and bugs seem to have a tendency to cook rather well.
Centipede Centipedes are as dangerous as Manti and should be avoided, unless ye have a nice sharp sword with ye. They often have a temper that rivals any disgruntled goblin. Follow the same attack methods for a Centipede as ye would a Mantis.
Wasp Wasps are one of the most interesting species of insect. While by far not the strongest creature ye will come across, these winged beings pose significant threat to the unwary Aisling. While docile until attacked, their anger can surface without notice. Again, attacking from behind and getting the jump on a wasp is key to victory. I have found that Srad spell work quite well on these creatures.
Wasp A spider is basically a crawling version of a wasp, in sorts. Spiders are reclusive, and will not attack unless ye poke it with a stick or something. They can spit a burning liquid from their mouths, and have quick reflexes. Mostly, they inhabit the caves and dank crypts. Most of the time, just give a spider a good stomp to kill it. Srad, Creag, and Sal spells will also help to end household infestation. *Smiles*
Scorpions The scorpions are dark creatures, for every inch of their body is covered in shell-like armor, and their tails are equipped with a large stinger, about the size of a dirk. They can be identified by their red, glossy bodies, and a clicking noise that serves as a form of warning. Unless ye are looking for a fast way to Sgrios, don't go looking for these things. ALWAYS attack from behind the creature, as it must have time to turn around to face you to attack. It is unknown what spells work the best on Scorpions, but I assume that a few, well-placed Srad, or Creag spells will work just fine.

Perhaps now that ye understand our overlooked friends a little better, ye can wander in the woods, or go on an exploration trip in Pravat Cave without worrying so much about the crawling thing in a corner, or a buzzing sound in a sunny vale. Know your insects, and ye will always have an enjoyable trip outdoors.

~ Velious Darksbane
Deoch 17, Spring