Theory of Energy Balance

I - Preface
II - Natural Elemental Energies
II.a - Srad
II.b - Creag
II.c - Athar
II.d - Sal
III - Metaphysical Forces
III.a - Light
III.b - Evening
III.c - Dark
III.d - Morning
IV - The Octagram Reviewed
V - Conclusion

In the paths of magic, for reference, within this writ, these are both the wizard and the priest, 6 different magical elements have been known to effect the casters. For the wizard these are the elemental forces of Srad, Athar, Creag, and Sal, certain powerful wizards also control the dark elements. For the priest these energies are either of Light, and in Deo Saighead, or Dark, as in Cradh.
Now, it is accepted that these energies are opposing each other, yet opposing forces will, for the most part hold a balance. It is my proposal that, the energies form not a hexagram, but an octagram, as shown below.

Author's Note: Looking back on this drawing after i finished my theory it seems i must have accidently set some of my mulled wine on the diagram, this would account for the stains.

Let me start by explaining how I have set up the wizardry elements before I move on to the more controversial priest energies.

The 'Natural Elementals', as I have labled them, include Srad, Creag, Athar, and Sal. These are forces which we can see, or feel in nature. Each one, as you go around the octagram, skipping every other point, dominates the one immediately clockwise from itself. Thus Srad dominates Creag, Creag dominates Athar, and so on.
It is accepted that water will put out a fire, fire will scorch earth, earth prevents wind from moving more freely, and, well, if your in water when lightning strikes you'll have the need of either a good priest or an even better coffin-maker.
I'll discuss each element and its place on the octagram in further detail below.

The elemental force of fire is seen as a source of destruction, yet creation as well (see Baking). Its place at the top of the octagram is due to its universal role as both destroyer and creator. Directly opposite of it is the element of Athar, or wind, this is its nuetral element, one which it does not harm and yet doesn't get over-powered by.

The elemental force of earth is seen mainly as a source of creation and nurturing. It can be destructive as well though. Its possition on the side of the octagram is symbolic of its wanning destructive powers. Directly opposite of it is the element of Sal, or water, this is its nuetral element. Earth can be washed away by water, yet earth also shapes water's course, thus they stand in a nuetral relationship.

The elemental force of wind is the thing that gives us the ability to keep on going. Without wind or air we would surely die. Its possition on the bottom of the octagram symbolizes its lessened powers of destruction. Directly opposite of it is the element of Srad, or fire, this is its nuetral element.

The elemental force of water is another life giving thing, yet floods and drought are two of many ways water can do harm. Its possition on the side of the octagram symbolizes its waxing power of destruction. Directly opposite of it is the element of Creag, or earth, this is its nuetral element.

The 'Metaphysical forces' are ones that we cannot truly feel, some may believe that they feel the light or the dark, but this isn't a physical feeling, it is a mental feeling. The forces at play in these forces are much more difficult to understand. Each is nuetral to the one clockwise to it, dominating over the one across from it, and yet overpowering as well to the force counter-clockwise from it. The Light will be overcome by Evening, Evening will fade into Darkness, Darkness will be overthrown by Morning, and Morning will brighten into Light. At the same time, Light can never exist where Darkness is, while Morning can never be brought to remain where Evening resides.

The powers of Light are felt throughout the day, it is always Light, save for the occasional cloud cover. Light brings us hope and we feel protected by the light.
(Example: Deo Saighead, Armachd)

Evening is a comforting force, willing us to put away the Light and sleep. Evening brings on tiredness and lethargy.
(Example: Pramh)

The Dark is felt throughout nightime, we stay mainly in our homes, or the occasional inn, so that we can stay away from the Darkness outside. Darkness is a terrible force that makes us fearful and un-protected.
(Example: Cradh)

The time of morning is one that we all wake up to, unless of course like me you care to sleep in till mid afternoon. Morning brings us energy and vigor.
(Example: Beannaich)


The octagram set-up of energies provides us with balance, all the forces must remain in balance or else one will overcome the other.
Srad would conquer creag, Creag would dominate Athar, Athar would electrify Sal, and Sal would put-out Srad.
Evening would blot out the Light, Darkness would overcome Evening, Morning would lighten Darkness, and Light would brush away morning.

It is my conclusion that we have, not six, but eight elemental forces at play in Temauir. We must realize that it is vastly imperitive that we keep all the energies in balance lest utter chaos should happen. Should one of the forces of the sets overpower the other, we should find ourselves forever blanketed by darkness, constantly awakened because it is morning outside, our fields flooded, or burned down by fire.
This must never happen, though I do believe that nature will take care of it should it ever happen.

-Wintermoon d'Winter