Treatise on the Elements
And Their Functions

A Philosophical Study Conducted by:
Wyrmo in Dark Ages

Theory I
Theory II
Theory III
Creag Study
Athar Study
Srad Study
Sal Study
Elements and Gods
Spell Glossary

    The elements of Temuair are considered the oldest known code for the ways and workings of Temuair. They form the buildling blocks, the four pillars of support for life, as we know it. Yet relatively few studies have been conducted about these elements. Most Aislings see a certain element as merely a method to further their political or social standings. Aisling knowledge of the elements seems to only go so far as the basic understanding that an element can be both a powerful ally and a terrible enemy. So, in order to increase the Aisling knowledge, I have conducted this study on the elements and their relationships to things and how this affects Aislings and their lives. This study is mostly pertinent to wizards, however, it is valuable to other Aislings as well.
 Side Note: The theories presented in this study are my ideas alone, and, although factual evidence is provided, most of these theories have never been proven and likely never will be.

Theory I:
    In my opinion, it is the wizard who had the greatest understanding of the elements. Wizards must learn to harness the power of the elements, but the must not only know basic facts concerning strengths of elements, they must know pertinent information such as the location of elemental nodes. In addition, as has been discovered, the cyclical nature of the four elements (fig. 1)
makes it easy to comprehend the relationship between one element and two others but as for the relationship to the last element, this is mysteriously vague. However, every element must have a relationship with all of the other three. It is my belief, therefore, that for elemental relationships, each element has an element greater, lesser, and equal (fig. 2).

This relationship helps to create a sense of symmetry among the elements. With this in mind we can begin to understand the oraganization of the elements and why they behave as they do.

Theory II:
    Another main theory that I propose is that all four elements were created seperately at different times rather than sumultaneously. In the chaos that followed the overthrow of the previous system of unity, I believe creag, element of earth, arose first and foremost. It was a solid beacon of hope in a chaotic time. But with one element, the world was not stable. So athar arose, feeding of creag and in time making creag very weak. Creag was almost entirely destroyed by these winds. However, creag was not destined to be destroyed, and so found an unlikely ally in srad. Srad, the fire, ate off of athar until athar was in a crippled form. Srad could not dominate with only three elements, though, so sal arose. These waters were the strongest element of all because while sal was taming srad, it also had to keep creag from destroying it. Creaag was able to return to a stabler state however and athar soon followed. And so our present order of elements came to be and it has been that way ever since.

Theory III:
    My third theory involves the wizards choice of an element for his or her specialization. My belief is that the wizard is not the true person making the choice. Inside every pesron, there is an essence of one of the four elements. This essence, I believe, generally appears around a wizard's (or other Aisling's) 11th insight when he starts to become more dedicated to wizardry. So, in this manner, I believe the element naturally chooses the wizard so to speak. What else could actually drive a wizard to pick the certain element that s\he does? This drive must be the essence of the element within him or her. This essence governs more than simply what element a wizard alligns with, however. It affects his or her thoughts as well. A wizard will be more prone to attack monsters with an element weak to theirs. For instance a sal wizard will feel more dislike to a srad scorpion then an athar one. Maybe an athar wizard would feel an athar student is more capable and be more inclined to mentor him or her. Also, Aislings tend to take on a personality from their elements. A creag wizard will be calm and thoughtful while a srad wizard will always be quick to anger. Through these studies, it can be shown that elements affect the lives of Aislings in many more ways than they know or realize.

Creag Study:
    I present creag first because I believe creag was created first of all elements. Specialization in creag for a wizard means being hardy and durable, able to withstand harsh environments. Creag followers tend to have a passion for nature and animals, being close to the earth. They tend to be careful thinkers, slow to speak and act but wisely doing so. Creag is concentrated most in the center of the pravat mountains. The veins of the earth are close to the surface here, and often creag wizards will come to the the heart of the mountains merely to feel the earth's energy radiating from them. It has often beed debated why the grimlok are the principal race embued with the creag element. I believe this is because the mountain loving grimloks have a passion for the earth and this is why they settled in pravat to begin with. Grimlok are kind and hardy as a creag creature should be. Creag is a fascinating element.

Athar Study:
    Athar is next in my sequence of elements. Athar, I think, is the least understood of the elements. Athar is weakest of all elements, yet it can travel huge distances without being diminished. Athar wizards are sly and cunning as well as being quick of foot. They are usually scheming on something and tend to only be talkative with good friends, who are "in on their plans". Athar can be found sailing over the Astrid plain. What makes athar an enigma is the fact that few Aislings are able to make the long hard journey to athar's source. Kobolds are rightly the keepers of athar as Konolds are sly an cunning, usually only attacking Aislings in planned ambushes. Kobolds often congregate on the astrid plain to feel the wind, essence of athar, rushing buy. Athar is my element though I don't think it necissarily better than the other three. It simply chose me so to speak.

Srad Study:
    The fiery element is popular for use by young wizards, as they still have a fiery spirit in thier hearts. Srad wizards, whatever the age, always have a fiery spirit and are quick to anger. They are strong fighters and they are strong willed; when other Aislings have long given up, srads wizards have merely only just begun to fight. This strong will can sometimes make these wizards appear igonorant but they are not. It is merely their nature. The creature associated with srad most often is the goblin. The goblin represents all the character traits of srad. Srad wizards are the only element that will accept the goblins as friends. It is my belief that srad doesn't have a specified location as staying in one location is too dull for srad and no location fiery enough exists for it. Srad usually follows the goblins and exists wherever there are strong wills and fiery spirits.

Sal Study:
    Sal is a strange element. It is extremely powerful but cannot travel over large distances. Sal wizards tend to be rare because sal, I believe, is the hardest element to master. But a powerful sal wizards is a match for anything alive. Sal wizards are very wise, and are very honest. But they can also be a powerful enemy. Ally or enemy, they are firm and decisive. Sal is concentrated in the water lands of the mehadi swamp. The essence of sal is strong as one walks through the marshlands and by the rivers criscrossing the wetlands. Sal wizards can sometimes be seen congregating in the heart of the swamp for deep meditation. The mehadi are affiliated with sal because of their affinity with water. They are also wise creatures, even though they will not often ally with Aislings. Sal, in my belief, was the final element created.

Elements and Gods:
    The finaly section of my study deals with the rarely explored idea that the gods of Temuair are each embied with the essence of an element. This parallels the way Aislings are affiliated with elements, yet I believe that the gods are more of a physical interpretation of elements, meaning they display what the element is like physically. My theory states that for each element there is a god that is entirely descriptive of that element and then one that is only slightly descriptive. This theory helps to explain why there are so many gods in Temuair.

    Major: Cail
    Cail represents everything that is creag. He is the perfect essence of creag.
    Minor: Glioca
    Glioca, while in harmony with the earth is not especially concerned with animals and other natural objects

    Major: Fiosachd
    Again, he represents all the traits of athar and what athar is physically.
    Minor: Sgrios
    Sgrios has many of the athar traits as well, except that athar is not naturally evil like Sgrios.

    Major: Ceannladir
    Ceannladir's fiery spirit and strong will show he is the essence of srad.
    Minor: Deoch
    Deoch has the characteristics of srad, just not to such a high degree.

    Major: Grammail
    Grammail is a living image of sal as he is wise but at the same time firm.
    Minor: Luathas
    Luathas tends to be kind and sal, in my opinion. is not characteristically kind.

    These relationships studied between elements and gods in conjuction with the other theories presented helps us to gain a better understanding of the four cornerstones of our lives, the elements. Without elements the world would not have order as we know it. So by understanding elements, we are beginning to understand are lives, and so see a greater meaning within ourselves. Studies like this one must keep being conducted in order to furthur Aisling knowledge. For without the drive for knowledge, we Aislings merely become mundanes.

Spell Glossary:
    This is merely provide for wizard reference.

beag creag
beag creag lamh
creag lamh
mor creag
creag meall
ard creag
creag gar
leasiach creag
sal nadur
mor sal nadur
ard sal nadur
beag leasiach creag
mor leasiach creag
ard leasiach creag

beag athar
beag athar lamh
athar lamh
mor athar
athar meall
ard athar
athar gar
leasiach arthar
creag nadur
mor creag nadur
ard creag nadur
beag leasiach athar
mor leasiach athar
ard leasiach athar

beag srad
beag srad lamh
srad lamh
mor srad
srad meall
ard srad
srad gar
leasiach srad
athar nadur
mor athar nadur
ard athar nadur
beag leasiach srad
mor leasiach srad
ard leasiach srad

beag sal
beag sal lamh
sal lamh
mor sal
sal meall
ard sal
sal gar
leasiach sal
srad nadur
mor srad nadur
ard srad nadur
beag leasiach sal
mor leasiach sal
ard leasiach sal

Other Elemental Spells:
beag fas nadur
fas nadur
mor fas nadur

Study Conducted by Wyrmo
Research completed using Library of Loures and other works by respectable Aislings.