-This is a lecture that has been scribed by request of and for Xilan Horidre, professor at Mileth University and student of the realm. To those that are willing to listen, he teaches, explains, and interjects a bit of his own views here and there. I am Dresden Kjaan.. and I have recorded the lesson onto scrolls so that others may experience what I have.. these are Xilan’s views only, I’m just a messenger. The rigid order is my own work, however.. but it is just a means of organization, still all Xilan’s words.-

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. General Patterns
  3. Aislinghood
  4. Numerological Approach
  5. Pravat Caves and the Astrid Sacrificial Grounds
  6. The Pact of Loures and the Dark Trinity
  7. Conclusion

I. Preface

Welcome students of Temuair, t’day we’re in fer a bit of a touchy subject.. somethin’ we all need ta’ be aware of as it will affect each and every one of us if indeed the prophecy is proved true.. Ye know me, Xilan, teacher and all that.. but all the titles and ego aside.. the seriousness of this discussion supersedes anythin’ and everythin’ else that could possibly be goin’ on in Temuair at the moment.. Oft, I roam through the realm of Temuair, running into heretic after heretic.. seeing arguments abound over things such as insight, clothing.. all having selfish and jealous origins. If these were singular occurances, I would understand.. but as time goes by.. and more and more things happen.. it leads me to only one conclusion.. Chadul.. will soon return.

-Here, we all sit in front of the Fae’s tree in the middle of the enchanted garden.. where Xilan prefers to teach when he feels there is more to learn than a bit of simple lore and the classroom does not fulfill his requirements..-

Table of Contents

II. General Patterns

There are many patterns that I have discovered in my studies. Firstly, there is the pattern of the aeons. In the 1st through 6th aeons, there was discovery and purity primarily. In the 7th through 10th, there has been much despair... Many wars, many risings, and many deaths. There seems to be a cycle, and if this cycle holds true, there are 2 more aeons of darkness that we have to look forward to. As evident by the use of numerology, it is obvious that this is the case. Then there is the Aislin’? What ‘as become of us, what are we changin’ inta’? Uninspired bein’s? No one can tell fer sure, but time will. Then ye ‘ave the gateways and paths that are bein’ formed. When paths are formed, they are used strategically, to ease attack and defense. Anyone can see there are ways bein’ made and roads bein’ laid.. now the question is, why? Lastly, what if the Pact of Anaman resurfaces? As of today a new motley ‘as been formed, named ‘Anaman’s Pact’.. maybe with the ‘opes of awakenin’ Chadul.. ignorantly I suppose, maybe thinkin’ their lives will be spared.. ‘owever I doubt that Chadul ‘as that idea. Prepare ta’ think students, we’re in fer a long day.

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III. Aislinghood

I’m not quite sure what is goin’ on with Aislin’s as of late.. there seems ta’ be a change in their behavioral patterns over periods of time.. This is not to say that this is true fer all the new Aislings, but for the predominant half that erroneously received the spark of Deoch as they were intended t’be mundanelings, ye see this. Many who are so used to the terms level, computer, and the like.. are all too oft bein’ allowed ta’ use these heretical terms and gettin’ away with it. At times, the ‘eretics are glorified because of their ability ta’ slaughter things fer days on end ((Temuairan days, although that doesn’t always hold true either)), and ta’ gain "level" after "level" leavin’ insight in the dust. With some, the ‘unt is a part of their life, therefore I canna generalize everyone inta’ a class that does nothin’ more.. but, long ago, when there was less ta’ kill and less ta’ do.. the Aislin’s spark shone brighter, as their minds were more of a channel than their biceps.. I canna be certain but am rather sure that this chaos is all inspired by Chadul, or at least his dubhaimid and servants. At the rate we are goin’, Temuair is in for somewhat of a fall.

Chadul was held at bay at the darkness. Not without casualties. The mortal world was ravaged by hail, earthquakes, floods, fire, and the fingers of the dubhaimid.

The beings realized what was done and wept for mortality. Mortal spirits wandered the land, and slipped into the darkness of Chadul's realm. Darkness spread

As I’m noticin’, this process of Aislin’ spirits dyin’ is not far from over. On a Temuairan daily basis, we lose Aislin’s ta’ mundanehood, sometimes.. e’en death. Chadul was not pushed inta’ the depths of darkness, ‘e is only on the edge of it. Therefore, ‘e is not far at all from us in Temuair. Oft do we see Aislin’ after Aislin’ arguin’ aimlessly, selfishly, ignorantly. Sometimes o’er things which dinna involve them, but they take it upon themselves in a Gramailian nature ta’ judge another, oft with the wrong mindset, but they do so nonetheless. Many Aislin’s become discouraged and give up, fallin’ inta’ the darkness themselves.. becomin’ mundane. Some just assimilate, turn inta’ ‘untin’ maniacs, fergettin’ that the spark was given ta’ them fer more than just the ‘unt.

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IV. Numerological Approach

It is believed that numbers play a huge role in the nature of all things. It is apparent t’me that this ‘olds true within the occurances of Temuair. Let us examine these examples. The League of Darkness.. had 8 members: Tenes, 6 other lords, and Chadul. The number 8, often lacks feeling for those who stand in the way of goals. Also, the number 8 is representative of the desire to strive higher, take control, seek power, status. Also, notice the birth of Chadul was in the eighth aeon, once again following with the pattern of the number 8. Chadul’s ultimate desire is no doubt to control Temuair, and ta’ ‘ave every Aislin’ and mundane alike, at ‘is feet. The number 3 is also common in the history of Temuair in regards to Chadul. Chadul controls the third realm, the underworld. He was also defeated in 3 days by Danaan. The number 3 is representative of one who fears routine, may lack self-discipline, accomplish little. It also means energies and ideas in action. The action taken was by Danaan in her swift defeat of Chadul. On the other hand, Chadul represents chaos, the epitome of lack of "self-discipline." Chadul is never able to make things happen himself, as he had the dubhaimid and the League of Darkness to enact such things for him. This would show his lack of the ability to accomplish things on his own. There is a pattern to this, as is it seems. Coupled with the number 11, which would be the next aeon, is enlightenment and discovery. This would also mean the return of Chadul as he would return to submit all of his to his extreme darkness, and without Danaan’s return, we would succumb to it indefinitely.

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V. Pravat Caves and Astrid Sacrificial Grounds

I see that everyone is interested in the insight that is to be gained, and the legend of their involvement to be recorded fer all their fellow Aislin’s t’see, ‘ardly do Aislin’s consider the ramificaitons of these lands, and their origins. Astrid is obviously a sacrificial ground, as Lethalia made evident in ‘er piece "Philosophy of Caroun".. Sacrifices are usually made ta’ gods, ‘opin’ fer their blessin’s. There was one place where Aislin’s could sacrafice themselves fer the ‘elp of dubhaimid familiars. This sacrafice took the faith that the Aislin’ ‘ad in the god they worshipped. The faith that is expended, was directed ta’ Chadul, who is in ‘is evil slumber. This sacrafice of self could be used to aid Chadul in his awakening. The kobolds.. the goblins.. e’en the nobles of Loures.. are the ones that are attemptin’ ta’ awake the embodiment of evil ‘imself. Many times, Cyril ‘as told the Aislin’ population of the disapproval of our involvement in said events, speaking on behalf of Loures. Why would they disapprove? A pattern seems t’ be developin’.. somethin’ of Aislin’ defiance if ye will. As we ‘elp in these events, savin’ children, collectin’ conix fragments, and the like.. we ‘ave been openin’ up gateway after gateway.. from Mileth ta’ Piet and possibly a more divine gateway.. from the third realm, the underworld.. directly inta’ Suomi. Aislin’ nature is curious, as we are inspired by Deoch and ‘tis our spark that deems our nature so. More often than not did we defy the mundane authority of Cyril. Cyril may ‘ave known all along that we as Aislin’s would probably rush inta’ these assorted situations, not considerin’ exactly what their "true" purpose was. Reverse psychology is quite possibly the most ingenious and deviant way of gettin’ someone ta’ do what ye want, without them knowin’ your true intentions. This could be true with Cyril, as ‘e is in league with Chadul. ‘is ‘elp in the openin’ of the gateways ta’ the underworld are what ‘e ‘ad in mind all along. Now.. the question is, what are the possible consequences of the placement of the Astridian sacrificial grounds? Notice where it lies, directly next ta’ the temple of Deoch. Deoch, is responsible fer the spark within every Aislin’ in Temuair. ‘e gives us our lives. This spark is all that we ‘ave that seperates us from the other races of Temuair, the more mundane of these in their processes, at least the ones we see. Dubhaimid ‘ave the spark of Chadul, I’d like t’say, which makes them as evil as they are. Why would they want the spark of the Aislin’? No one can explain what exactly it is, but we all know it ta’ be the most important thing ta’ an Aislin’. If Chadul manages ta’ acquire the spark ‘imself.. ‘e may be able ta’ instill it in ‘is evil army, weakenin’ us e’en more so ‘gainst ‘is power.

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VI. The Pact of Loures and the Dark Trinity

Loures formed a pact with the Rishi Mukul, the druids of the Mehadi swamp. I have personally visited the Rishi. We have come to an agreement that will allow us to harvest their sacred flower, the Tulsi, in exchange for an offering at a ceremony of their dread god, to appease It from anger of the massive disturbance of Its sacred ground; from harvesting the flower that has been sacrificed to It; to prevent It from awakening.

Just recently, the pact which was formed by Cyril the counselor was apparently broken. It was promised that the people of Loures would make a sacrafice to Natesh, to appease the dread god of the Rishi. Apparently, this did not take place considerin’ the shadow that is slowly overtakin’ the realm of Temuair. Quite possibly, ‘twas a plan of Cyril all along. ‘e knew, in the askin’ of Aislin’s ta’ fetch the flower ta’ save ‘is daughter, ‘e would be angerin’ the dread god. It seemed ta’ be ‘is desire all along which I can understand. The dread god did not receive ‘is offerin’ and ‘as now sent ‘is minions upon us. It is quite possible that Natesh is in league with Chadul. It may e’en be Chadul, as there could possibly be a trinity: Chadul, Natesh, and.. Cyril. Holy trinities aren’t awkward ideas.. and they are usually formed by: the divine, the ‘uman, and the "spiritual." Chadul would serve as the divine god, Cyril the ‘uman, and Natesh the spiritual. With Cyril’s death, ‘e was sent ta’ Chadul’s realm, bringin’ 2 of the members of the trinity t’gether. Now, with the awakenin’ of Natesh, the trinity may be approachin’ completion. Who’s ta’ say what will ‘appen after the completion of their sinister bond.. only they know.

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VII. Conclusion

Chadul’s awakenin’ may not be swift, as it ‘as taken aeons ta’ come ‘bout.. but ‘tis comin’ and ‘tis comin’ sooner than ever. Bein’ the mage that I am, the study is me forte and as ye can see, I come across more and more proof of me beliefs every Temuairan day. I dinna know what ta’ say anymore, I dread the arrival of this forsaken entity. I ‘ope that ye all ‘eed me words, and e’en if there is nothin’ ye can do ta’ stop it.. at least know that ‘e is descendin’ upon us, and descendin’ upon us soon. ‘opefully, I pray ta’ Deoch, that Danaan will awake ta’ accompany the rise of this foul bein’. No one ever said she should ‘owever, but we can at least ‘ope. Deoch be with ye all.

~ Xilan Horidre

- A thank you to Talshaya Purehurst for her rendition of Chadul above. -

-Some awaken from their sleep.. others applaud.. but I.. I.. sit and wonder.. what if it’s true.. what if it’s all coming to an end.. only time will tell.. farewell my brothers and sisters.. may Cail be .. with you. ~Dresden Kjaan -

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