The Library of Loures is a shrine to the creativity of the Aisling spirit. Plagiarism devalues the hard work and inspiration of artists and scribes that put real time and effort into their creations. If you notice any instances of plagiarism inside the library please contact the Aisling "Library" in-game though pigeon mail or e-mail and bring our attention to the offending work. Also, for ease, please include a description or link to the original work that was plagiarized.


By submitting works into the DarkAges artistic contests, the submitter grants Kru the unrevokable rights to use such work in conjunction with Dark Ages. However, this library is currently not affiliated with Kru or any of its employees, nor is the library hosted on a Kru related server. This library exists for the express purpose of preserving past and future artistic work created by the players of Dark Ages. If for some reason your work is being hosted here and would like it to be taken down, please contact the Aisling "Library" in-game or e-mail


Please direct any erroneous links, text, or attributions to the Aisling "Library" in-game or to